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Personal trainer speaks – Alcohol and fitness

Don’t run from this post, I know most of you are already dreading having to read this because you believe I will give a lesson on drinking alcohol and tell you how bad it is for your body because you probably believe I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.   Well guess what!? You are right! Just kidding. I drink alcohol on New Year’s Eve just like the next person & drink it on rare occasions.  I don’t believe in telling people “quit” because I don’t believe in making your choices for you. I just believe in teaching everyone things they might not know. and reminding people of what to keep in mind before getting “drunk”.  

While we all celebrate for a new year, lets all take time to think about how health and alcohol work hand in hand but not so much in a good way.  Here are some quick things you may or may not know and hopefully if anything you will enjoy your alcoholic beverages with all of this in mind.

  • You don’t have to quit drinking alcohol to stay fit, just drink it in moderations and limit yourself
  • Read the links above & do some friendly research on your own 
  • Alcohol hinders cognitive thinking and coordination
  • Decreases muscle growth
  • Weight gain
  • Heart health

Plus many more things to keep in mind (negative).  I am a firm believer that if you want to stay healthy & fit, sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices for the better.  I think limiting one’s alcohol consumption is one of those sacrifices, mainly due to the fact that more then often people don’t put a limit on their intake.  If you choose to drink on rare occasions or what have , just do some research and find alcoholic beverages that are “better” for you and less calories perhaps . Red wine is supposed to be good for you to a certain degree so, try different things and figure out what works. Just always consider the impact it can make.  With all this being said, enjoy your holiday! Feel free to comment, like, follow and share. Thank you for reading.


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Behind the scenes


” Sometimes being invisible feels like the only cure” -Shay-lon Moss



   Today someone told me to write about “how I felt being transparent”.  I had to think about this quite a bit, because yesterday was hard for me to write about my personal battle with weight/body shaming & I wasn’t sure how well it would go over.  I found out, it has really touched many people’s hearts and I am so honored to have done this.  You will have to excuse me, if my mind slips into sadness while I type because this isn’t easy opening up to people who only know me by my words.  


For a moment in my life, being transparent was an “American Dream”, to know everyone knows you, sees you, deems you somewhat important & perceives you as model citizen.  It was a small town so being transparent was important if you wanted to be liked.  For most people, this is what we live for: being loved, liked, watched, applauded, idoled, and glorified in front of many.  It almost seems unreal how I went from being the only black girl in my class/sport to the girl who was skinny, athletic, well liked, deemed smart and very good friends with some of the towns more elite class. Now race doesn’t seem necessary to mention but in my case I want to make sure everyone understands my background. I didn’t hide behind walls when people praised me, I didn’t run from demons when people laughed, I didn’t cry when people judged. I didn’t do this in front of people, I did this when I was alone. Sometimes my appearance slipped and people noticed & people made comments.  I had no idea how much I hated being transparent until I realized how much I hated myself. 


I perceived all this attention as a good thing, as a way to keep my popularity and make people like me, I assumed it worked; only because I seen how other people handled this same pressure and they smiled everyday the same smile.  My arrogance got the best of me some days..when I felt on the up and up.. I made sure I looked down on others, when I felt closed off & beaten down.. I made sure to ignore anyone and everyone. I was a kid, I was lost and all I wanted was to be just like them, them meaning the pretty, the perfect body, the frilly hair, the devious smile, the talk of the school, and the meaningless relationships just so I could be accepted amongst my peers.  What did it feel like being transparent? Hell. For every time I messed up, someone was there to remind me. I was a mistake in the making; my body kept me safe because it was the only thing “I thought was perfect” but then, then someone had to take away my safe place & I was left with nothing but tears. Being skinny was supposed to be everyone’s goal, everyone was supposed to envy me because I made sure I looked like all the others but instead everyone found a flaw, a reason to take away my smile, a reason to walk all over me, and way to make me feel less beautiful.   


Do you suppose it was because they were insecure? I don’t know. I can’t answer that, because I never got the chance to ask.  Middle school bullying at its making, I tell ya.  People are assholes for no reason sometimes.. we may never know why for sure.  High school was just a way for girls to put other girls on a pedestal and break the hearts of the ones who only had a small bit of self esteem left. Technically, high school was just a remake of middle school for me but older.  I could tell you all my horror stories but it won’t help you, strengthen you, empower you or make you feel better about yourself.  I still battle with my inner demons sometimes.  


It’s okay to feel ugly, to feel alone, to feel not wanted; because in the end you are challenging yourself to find out what makes you feel beautiful, loved, needed. I found out, my beauty stemmed from making others feel good about themselves; I was able to be happy with my body & never made anyone feel like theirs wasn’t “perfect” because in the end I knew there is no such thing.  I felt loved when I surrounded myself with those who encouraged me, motivated me, and supported me. I felt the most needed when someone needed a smile, a compliment, a good day… I felt needed when I started this major because I felt that there was not enough people who appreciated themselves. The skeletons in our closets that hold the remains of our past sometimes make our future more bright.  I didn’t know back then I would have such a love for fitness and health because of how people body shamed me, I never thought I would be so inclined to help mankind change their views on “fat” & “skinny”, who knew something so small could make people look differently in the mirror. It’s okay to have flaws, to be transparent means to shine, to stand out & to be who you are in front of everyone.  No more hiding, closing off, ignoring, pushing away; it’s time that you be transparent in your life.


If this post does nothing else but make you think for a couple of seconds of how you view yourself and others, I have done my duty for today.  “Only those who seek to be seen will shine” -Shay-lon Moss

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It’s Us

“Blame yourself for why people don’t like fitness, because we made it hard for them to like when we set the standards for another person’s body”

It never had to be this hard to stay healthy until one day someone decided healthy is determined by weight and someone else said skinny is the only way to be and someone else said well if I am not skinny then I am not pretty and someone else said If I am not skinny and I am not pretty then why should I even try. I quit.

We blame the media, we blame our neighbors, our upbringing, our environment and sometimes we even blame “God” but I have yet to hear anyone blame themselves for why fitness has gone this route. Why did we decide that fat means ugly and skinny means pretty, why did we decide that exercise and healthy eating is the only way to be healthy, why did we decide that healthy means looking the part and unhealthy is sloppy. Why did we set such high standards for everyone to reach when everyone is different. Why cause people to go into eating disorders to feel perfect, why did we use a model on a magazine to identify with.  Using “Plus size” models is our way of apologizing to everyone for how vain we are, unfortunately its a bit too late to apologize for the problems we have caused.  

Here we are, the problem & we use very small solutions to temporarily “fix” things. Here is how we managed to temporarily fix things in my opinion:

  • “plus size” models, while I believe we should have women of all sizes modeling, and have them be proud of who they are. I do not agree with the fact we make it so obvious that it’s still “2nd place loser” to be “fat”.
  • stores have a “plus size” section but only offered online. this makes me grumpy and I will discuss my feelings on this in another post. Why should someone have to go online to find their size.. because your store chooses to cater to the “petite”
  • organic foods/veggies/fruits, we push for people to eat healthier, but keep the prices on healthier foods higher

These are just a few things I have issues with, there are plenty more which I will make mention in future post. I find it disgusting how people walk around so vain because of how they look and shun anything that doesn’t fit the “bill”. Open your minds folks, everyone is going to look different from you and you can choose to be the reason we come together or you can be the reason why we fall further apart.  When we preach about fitness as personal trainers, we forget we come off intimidating and hard on people, we don’t take time to consider the actual person and their needs. People are why people aren’t comfortable with who they are.  Yes, I have mentioned the scale, the words, the media, but its US that create all of those things and use them to put down others. We are the problem & the solution is to work on US and work on SELF and create a positive foundation that will lead others on the right path to true health & happiness. Thank you for reading, comment, share, like, follow. 


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My Personal Battle

Sometimes you have to stop & think does it really matter what others think of you if you are okay with how you look…

Weight issues 1Weight issues 2Weight issues 3Women body image

Kids body image

“it is solely my responsibility to look as perfect as her, to be as good looking as her, to be just like her.. because being myself sucks”. I was young I didn’t know anything about health & fitness to the same extent as I do now.  I was active as a child, outside was my playground & my friends all looked like me; free, smiling and weird.  I never stopped to ask myself If I was happy being who I am because they were happy for me.  Middle school was innocent til 7th grade came around & everyone paid more attention to their outer appearance, but I was stuck with who I was. Girls were getting ready to wear make up by 8th grade & I had no clue what it was.  I knew it made them beautiful, made them popular, made them happier; my mom always told me “you don’t need to wear make-up you are pretty the way you are”.  No one seemed to notice I didn’t wear make up because no one made a big deal of it toward me.  I was an athlete, that is why I was liked by a lot of people; because I played sports well & people love people who play sports well. 

Athletes were the school’s role models, I was proud to be an athlete.  It wasn’t until I realized what came with being an athlete at this age & after that made me decide what it meant to be “perfect” & “pretty”. The locker room was my least favorite place because that was place I felt the most vulnerable, the most hidden, the outsider looking in.  I hated getting undressed in front of others; I was what people called “skinny” but somehow I still felt fat, ugly, dissatisfied compared to my teammates.  They tried to not pay much attention to me, and I was sure to make sure I didn’t pay much attention to them either (If I had, they would make me out to be this weirdo).  There was this moment in time where we were all stretching on the floor in the gym, and everyone was in a big circle just talking; one of my fellow teammates made a comment to another fellow teammate “shay has stretch marks on her thighs, (with laughter)” It must have been quite funny because after that they would just smile at me and laugh between each other. I, however did not find it funny because I didn’t know what those meant.. but I wanted to find out.

I took a look at my thighs and seen some marks, but they weren’t all that scary, just some random marks that were hidden if I was standing.  I couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal to my teammates; after taking time to figure out what “stretch marks” meant, I realized they weren’t necessarily a good thing. Days after that, I always made sure my shorts were about knee length because I didn’t want others to see them and make fun of me.  Once high school started, 9th grade I was more confident so I thought; until once again I was in the locker room and all the anger from how I deceived my body came rushing back, reminding me of my past.  The girls in the locker room who were so called “bigger than me” never had anyone point out their flaws, but somehow everyone found a reason to pick on me & yet, everyday I was reminded how “skinny” I was.  Skinny was supposed to be a good thing and everyone wanted to be skinny, but everyone who was skinny had a problem with me being skinny. Sucks. Being that student/athlete who constantly has to look at themselves in the mirror to make sure her stomach is flat, her thighs are small, her boobs aren’t oversized, her hair was perfect, her acne was gone.  It was exhausting being that person.  

No one knew the battle I was fighting, because I kept my issues to myself.  10th grade-11th (Texas), I was “skinny with no ass, skinny with no body, skinny with so swag, skinny with small breast, and toothpick”.  Skinny was bad, skinny was funny, skinny was the new fat joke.  Being around women who had “ass” and “nice sized breasts” was hell, because they thought they were so much more superior than me.  Don’t let me forget to mention how the boys at the time didn’t make shit any easier.  Most of them made ignorant comments about what a girl had to have to meet his requirements.. and trust me.. I was far from those requirements.  Sure I made friends and had people hit on me, but it was aggravating because I was confused about what the perfect body should be.  I liked being skinny because I could fit my clothes, and I enjoyed being skinny because my family is skinny .. but no one knew this.. no one cared. I hated being skinny and having people make jokes about it, it wasn’t funny..because I felt ugly some days in my clothes.  

Weight wasn’t my only issue, during basketball season.. I got made fun of because of my limbs.  I have long arms, and long legs & in my opinion at the time it helped me to steal the ball during games but others found it funny because they said my arms weren’t proportionate with my body, & it didn’t stop there.. now my neck was “too thick” & that just made everyone’s day when I would be called “thick neck” every game or practice for their entertainment.  Life was turning upside down & my mom was still telling me “Shay you are pretty the way you are”, but I never felt pretty, I never was good enough for anyone at this point because my body was a problem to everybody else but my family. 12th grade (colorado), I was given a break, no harassment, no jokes, no laughter.  It was just me dealing with me without someone else directing me.  I was happy with my body finally, because being skinny was a good thing again and I felt so happy to fit in & be liked for me and not what I looked like.  

I didn’t start becoming paranoid again until graduation,( I lived in CO for 4 years)  a couple of months before moving back to Ohio; a friend of the family decided to tell me I was a toothpick and needed more meat on my bones. She would ask my mom “Do your kids eat? What do you feed your feeds? Shay needs more meat on her bones” & of course I ate, I ate tons of food; semi healthy.  When I moved back, I said “Fuck it” I am done with being skinny and having people make snide comments and ask me if I eat, and give me shit because I don’t have an ass.. ect. I was finished with being me. Not intentionally, but my careless attitude brought on weight, I was eating & exercising none, eating unhealthy foods, eating out instead of cooking, eating when I was bored, eating beyond full sometimes just to finish my meal.  It was fun while it lasted, until my mom & other relatives took notice of my weight gain and started making comments on it.  I didn’t take them serious because I could careless what anyone thought anymore of me.. of how I looked because no matter  what.. I was never good enough to be me.  May 2015 (The path changed):

Ugh, I have gained so much weight from where I used to be (I went from 135 pounds to 176 pounds), what am I going to do”? 

  • I switched my major to exercise science
  • I got a gym membership
  • I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH MY BODY & I wouldn’t settle. 
  • I found people who enjoy working out & also got my mom into the gym to workout with me
  • I cooked 
  • I started a 21 day challenge to help get me started on this journey (after the 21 days, I took matters into my own hands)
  • I downloaded an app to help me count my calories & keep track of my exercise
  • I ran about 3-4 days a week. & hit the gym the opposite days or same day depending on my schedule.
  • I stayed positive & shared my goals/achievements with peers
  • I gained my confidence back & little by little worked on my self esteem

More or less I started doing things for myself, being strong for myself, thinking about my happiness & where I want to be.  I took my life seriously because I didn’t want to end up like some people; alone & angry. It was time for me to feel beautiful.   All-in-all I am doing great, I love my body & I enjoy exercising and healthy eating.  I want to keep others happy with how they look & feel.  I wrote this blog, in hopes it would give you an idea of how serious body shaming can be, how serious we should take our words.  If anyone has their own journey they would like to share, feel free to leave it in the comments or email me personally.  I am always open to hear all your stories as well. This journey I am on, has been the best life lesson. “Beauty isn’t how you look, it is how you feel” -Shay-lon

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When all else fails, Use these

Simple Creates less problems

When I think about how we spoke about “body shaming” and why it wasn’t a good thing, I had to stop and also think about what words can be used to describe a person’s body without intentionally being negative. It’s really hard to think of many words to talk about the body without being honest & so that is why I came up with just a few simple words that can be used but have a HUGE meaning behind them. Underweight, overweight, normal weight, obese, these are all the words I came up with to use when describing someone’s shape.  The reason I have chosen these words are because they are simple & get straight to the point. 

The problem with using these words are because only one of them is “good” & the rest are somewhat not so good but that is why I think this is a good start:

  • No one can tell you what “normal” should look like because normal is different for everyone. Ha!
  • If you are underweight, you most likely should gain some weight and if it is an illness then this needs to be addressed with a Doctor & someone close to you that you can trust
  • Overweight will mean you should lose weight
  • Obese means you need to lose weight, talk to a doctor about any ailments or conditions you might be facing or have because of your weight and decide how you want to lose this weight

Easy enough? I find that no matter how we say it, being overweight or obese is never going to be a “good” thing and so there is no real technical way of making someone happy by using these words but at least these words confront the problem instead of disguising it & that goes for underweight as well.  Sometimes “beating behind the bush” makes the circumstances worse than what they should be. If I was to be really honest with you, I would tell you to stay away from describing a person’s body but since that is not going to happen, how about we stay away from degrading people’s body.  Professionals use these words & I don’t see why we shouldn’t because they are FACTS, they aren’t meant to put people down, or make one body more superior than the other; these words are meant to guide you in the right direction and bring things to light.  

If society continues to use body shaming words, this field is doomed & people are going to start to not care about their health and wellness at all, which is what I don’t want to happen.  I want everyone to care about what goes into their bodies, their fitness level, being able to keep up with their everyday routines, mental health & how healthy they really are.  What you should do is reevaluate your bodies using these words I mentioned up top & decide if that is what you want for yourself; either “yes” or “no”.  Change what you don’t like but do it knowing that you want to be healthy and within normal range of weight. This is a baby step & as soon as we dig in deeper than we can jump into specifics. 

Are you healthy?

Overweight, underweight, obese, normal weight?

Are you okay with this?

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Christmas Fitness

Fitness Tips For XmasStaying fit during the Holidays is hard, but you can do it.

Tips & Motivation

Holiday Tips

If Christmas and the following holidays have you worrying about how to stay on track to a healthier new you, then worry no more because I have some great ideas I would like to share & a couple of links at the top that will get you started!

  • Stay active & stay moving if possible.
  • proportion your plate, make sure you have a mix of everything
  • eat dessert; just keep in mind how much of it
  • gain some support and share your stories of your fitness goals and achievements
  • meet some likeminded people who also enjoy fitness
  • lessen the stress & smile; mental health is just as important

Share these ideas with your peers & make it something you do each holiday after the next! 

I will not be posting tomorrow because of it being Christmas, look forward to hearing from me again sometime after Christmas.  Enjoy this holiday with family, friends, and laughter.

If you are spending this Christmas/holiday alone, keep your head up and stay positive! Dedicate your time helping other families and volunteering at local churches, soup kitchens, or local places. It’s never easy to go through a holiday alone, but it can be done and sometimes it has to be done for whatever reason it may be.  I believe the beauty of a holiday comes from the person’s heart.  Presents, food, peers those are all something that goes into a holiday but it is the person’s heart that makes a holiday worthwhile.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday &Happy New Year! Please comment, share & continue to follow me.


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“Body Shaming” what is it?

body shaming 2body shaming 1  Fat, skinny, thick, twig, heavy set, bigger, huge, fat ass, bulimic, anorexic, tiny, slim, toothpick, plus-size, meat head, and ect.  All of these words have one thing in common.. describing the way someone looks. It has occurred to me recently that people are pushing to fight against using these words, & I agree! Especially since more so than none, they are used to talk “negatively” about someone. The use of these words are making people more self conscious, low self esteem, creating mental health issues along with body issues & bullying is at an all time high right now. For many adults some of these words mean “nothing” until they take a look in the mirror and decide they don’t like what they see. Guess what? This isn’t the way to handle health & wellness and this will only keep driving people to be negative.  I apologize beforehand if someone takes offense to some of the things I may add in this blog; but I want to be open and honest with everyone who reads this because I feel as though it is important to consider all sides of things.  In my opinion, this is why we use these words:

First of all, the reason society uses these words are because they start chaos & we love chaos. We love debatable topics, we love anything that can start an uproar. It’s sad.

Secondly, we have yet to expand our vocab- we have been programmed to use these body shaming words as the only means of describing a certain body type; some of you use them thinking they are positive forms of compliments- they are not.

We are judgemental beings, that is the main reason.. because everyone judges everyone & if we see something we don’t like we make a name for it & vice versa.

Lastly, we are really good at “following the leader”, if we hear someone on the T.V, radio, a friend/peer say something and we like it, we use it without thinking about the meaning.

The problem with body shaming is not only is it hurtful, it’s not the proper way of analyzing somebody’s health. Quite honestly there is no “good” way to describe someone who is “overweight” but to say he/she is overweight/obese because that is the truth. Instead of making excuses for your health, acknowledge it.  The fact we use “curvy” & “thick” to describe ourselves when we don’t want to acknowledge the truth.. is a problem. If you call someone “skinny” what you are saying is “she looks like she needs to eat a burger” when in reality she may or may not be healthy. We don’t know. The word skinny, is a huge issue in itself because people don’t know the difference between healthy & skinny/unhealthy & skinny; there is a huge difference in context.

We aim for body perfection to be accepted in society. What society wants is for us to all look like the female/male model in the magazine.  What society forgot is we all have different body types; and no body type is better than the other.  Being overweight is not healthy, and being anorexic/bulimic is not healthy either. So we ask ourselves what does the perfect body look like?

  1. It looks like someone who is healthy.

How do you know if you are healthy?

  1. you eat right
  2. stay active
  3. you’re confident
  4. ailments don’t keep you from being healthy; if you don’t let them.
  5. You have a good heart (take this how you wish)

This list is a cure to body shaming because if we took this list into consideration, I can imagine we could weed out who is unhealthy and who is healthy & then the ones who are unhealthy could seek the help needed and the ones who are healthy could stay on this right path.  I have told all of you, I plan on being a certified personal trainer soon & once we dig deeper into fitness (which we will) I will talk more on exercise & big muscles & abs.. and all the stuff everyone wants to hear about “perfect body” types.  But first I want to make sure people know what all goes into being “healthy” (the ingredients).  It is very important you can answer the question, “are you healthy” before you begin to change what you look like.  Thanks for reading!

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