Mentality First

Lets hit on the questions I asked you from yesterday: here is my opinion & my thoughts & answers

  1. How can you change the way you think about health? You make it personal, you stop listening to your friends and listen to yourself.  Your friends might know you are overweight but ONLY you know whether or not if it’s important to you.  So for me, I had family telling me at one point how I was gaining weight & how I didn’t look good in what I was wearing.  At first, I was like some people, just ignoring it and feeling sorry for myself when I got home.  It wasn’t easy for me to look in the mirror and know they were correct and only trying to help but I felt confident enough to the point where I could pretend I was in shape & fit. It only finally hit me this isn’t what I want for myself when I changed my college major to Exercise Science.  I did research and I found out, if this is what I want to do & help people, I need to make fitness important to me.  Now keep in mind, I was an athlete and built all my life, I have never been obese but I know what it feels like to have been 15-20 lbs overweight and it was not a good feeling… & when I decided fitness is IMPORTANT TO ME, I also decided my health was important, my wellness is important and my inner happiness is important. I reflect on that often whenever I feel like “giving up” or “taking a break” .. because it reminds me of how I got to the point of overweight and helps me stay on the right path mentally.
  2. I am for health, I always have been but not to the same extent I am now.
  3. I have taken my health seriously for about the past 5 months I would say, because that is when I chose to make a mentality change.
  4. I support the people in my life battling with weight issues, but not as much as I possibly could, mostly because I am still in the learning process of things and want to make sure I support my peers in the right manner.  Supporting them does not mean allowing them to stay overweight or obese it means making sure they know you stand behind them and want them to take their own health as serious as you do. We shall talk about this more .. in further post.
  5. I am confident with myself sometimes.. this is something I work on .. and you should too if you have the same issue.
  6. I describe my body as 5’8, 150 pounds, smaller arm muscles, broad shoulders, strong calf muscles, flat stomach with small love handles, thighs aren’t huge but aren’t smaller, not much a JLo butt, lol but then again it’s not exactly my goal but I like it for the most part.
  7. The perfect body I wish I had, well I just want to rid of my love handles then .. Ill have the body I like after building muscle mass.  Emily schromm is a good example of someone who I aim to look like when it comes to my body.
  8. Do I look at a scale & hate myself? No.
  9. I have a positive mentality about health and wellness

This ends the questions from yesterday, so feel free to ask me any, or to share your answers with me as well! always up for comments! 



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