Stretch for days

Why doesn’t anyone like to stretch before or after their workouts? but complain about not being flexible? That is because they were like me before I knew why stretching was important. They assumed flexibility wasn’t important and probably didn’t want to take 10 minutes to do it, not to mention no one informed them of the importance.  So I am here to give you some big information on stretching and help you understand why it has some importance in our fitness world.

Static stretching before a workout isn’t necessary because it has proven to tire the muscles and if you are a runner, you especially do not want that to happen.  Before starting an exercise you should consider doing a “dynamic stretch” which isn’t the “holding the stretching” exercise, dynamic stretch is active moving pretty much and once finished with it, you should look into doing a warmup which will warm your body temperature and loosen your muscles. You can stretch at any point of the day, doesn’t have to be before or after regular exercise. You should stretch frequently, at least 2X a week if not daily.. for at least 60 seconds-2 minutes at a time. With age it is good to stretch to help you move better.  Different stretches are good at different times and for different workouts, so not every stretch is for every exercise; keep this mind. If you are doing leg day, then stretching your arms probably isn’t necessary and vice versa, not to mention if you don’t know how to properly stretch then it can cause injury so do your research and make sure you are cautious.  Those of you who are injured, it is good to talk with the Dr, about the extent of your injury.

Dynamic stretching:

  • Uses speed of movement, momentum and active muscular effort.
  • The end position is not held
  • avoids bouncing motions, and tends to be more sport specific movements
  • reduces muscle tightness
  • better done before starting your workout
  • 10 minutes at most normally
  • examples: walking lunges, frankies, scorpions, walking hamstring stretch.. ect

Static stretching:

  • Stretch muscles while body is at rest
  • held up to 30 seconds-2 minutes
  • shouldn’t be done before working out
  • better done after your workout for best results
  • example: sitting hamstring stretch, butterflies, ect

Ballistic stretching:

  • bouncing motion
  • not recommended, can cause injury
  • not controlled movement
  • examples: butterflies (uncontrolled)

PNF stretching:

  • Enhances both passive and active range of motion muscles
  • aids rehabilitation
  • for short term changes
  • done in mostly clinical settings
  • someone is stretching you out
  • have to know what you are doing otherwise could cause harm to the muscles
  • one of the most effective forms of stretching
  • examples: (Hold/relax and contract/relax)

So the next time you are at the gym, or before a competition, take some time to stretch, in the end if you do the right stretch you will enhance your flexibility.

P.S for those of you who are hypermobile (extremely flexible) that is not necessarily good either, because it can cause injury to your body and holds other issues that can weaken your muscle and tissues, definitely look into this.


Your blogger Shay-lon Moss


Good morning & Good night Exercise

“Morning vs night time exercise”

“tough decision? not really.”

I had this conversation with my mom about exercise at one point and I have even brought this same topic up with a roommate or two.  The question of “when you do prefer to workout, in the morning or at night”.  This question doesn’t seem like a huge deal but nearly everyone I know always feels the need to choose one or the other, and it becomes a discussion of why would one be better than the other.  Well that is the point, it really doesn’t matter when you exercise, just do it.  I think I wanted to bring this topic to everyone’s attention in case anyone had questions.  For the most part I think it’s obvious that working out should be a routine you get into, but it shouldn’t be the same exact workouts for a long period of time, and the when you exercise depends on the when you have time throughout your day.  

When choosing what part of the day to exercise, think about these:

  • Your body is on a circadian rhythm so when we start exercising in the morning, we are training out bodies and mind to be able to wake up each day at the same time and start, when one stays in this rhythm for a long time then decide to change it to evening exercise, it can be hard and you may feel not as strong willed to exercise at your best & vice versa.
  • base it off of preference, if you are a “morning person” then workout in the morning, if you aren’t a morning person then workout in the evening. 
  • you may have to change your workout times due to work and other commitments, that is fine. just know, it will take time before your body is used to this change, so try to give it a month to adjust.
So basically with all this being said, it doesn’t necessarily matter what part of the day you workout, as long as you workout. Yes, there have been studies that proved one MAY be better than other but nothing is set in stone.  You have to adjust your workout around what works for you.  Fitness should be a lifestyle change, you should be able to do it daily & make a routine of it.  
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Don’t settle.Grow

growth 1

“Change promotes growth”

“The slightest wave can cause the biggest movement”


So I haven’t blogged in a while, sorry. I have been terribly busy.  Anyways I decided my blog posts were going to take a new direction.  They still will talk about fitness and health but I also want to include some other things, like just me, my life and how it all ties into fitness and health.  Generally speaking it will almost be like you live here with me. With this all being said, Today’s topic is about change. This is a settle way to say it because really it’s about me telling you to change your habits and change your no into a yes. 


I have come to realize over the course of a few days, I have been using “nos” and less “yes’s” and I am setting a bad example for you guys.  My no’s have been mostly due to the fact I am overwhelmed with stuff each and every day and have this thought in mind that I should just give up and call it a day.  Now I don’t act on my “nos” because I am not a quitter, and I want to accomplish so much this year that no just isn’t the answer.  So.. I want to know 

  • Do you have days where you just say no to work, school, hobbies, friends, family. ect? you just don’t want to do it because you are completely and utterly exhausted & decided I need a break.
  • Do you have days where you find yourself falling back on bad habits? 
  • Do you have days where exercise is 10% effort and 90% fuck this?
  • Have you had days where you make plans but decide to call it a night? because you just aren’t feeling in the mood?
  • Do you ever fall down and cry.. & don’t understand why? 
  • Do you ever tell yourself “I can’t do this, I suck at this, I hate this, I am not good at this”? 

If you fall into any of these categories then you need to read this blog.  Simple as that. (which I will assume will be a bunch of people) because I am almost sure everyone has these days at least ONCE. 


Take note of all this I am about to tell you because if this doesn’t help you, then you have chosen to not accept the help and if you choose to not accept the help, then fine by me. Lets begin by saying, you aren’t a quitter because you have these days, you aren’t a failure, you aren’t a loser, you aren’t a bum, you don’t belong in a bin where people throw shit at you, and you aren’t the world’s biggest slacker. You are HUMAN and LIFE HAPPENS.  <——- Never forget this. I am going to also add that if this happens you like it has me these past few days, then we are going to work on this together. All of us. 1 team and a huge dream! <———–Remember this as well.

  • Write down a list of all the goals you want to accomplish within 2016, I want you to literally write these down, or if you rather input them on a computer doc or tablet or phone. Where ever you are going to remember it. (WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN) goals, dreams, to do list, ect
  • Take a 5 minute break from this list
  • come back to the list and circle the top 3 things on the list that are most important to you (don’t think about it, just choose)
  • for each one of these things write down a how to list (how are you going to accomplish it, what do you need, what are the order of operation and how do you propose you will get there?) think about this.
  • start today on the list, take the first step to the first goal, work toward completing the first step. check off whatever you have accomplished already and move on to the next step… and continue this until that goal has been reached. it might take months or it might take the whole year that is okay. 

This is the process of change. ^^

  • Write down everything you said “I can’t, I won’t, I am not good enough, it’s too hard”; take note of all these things (for the week)
  • Next to this list write down why you “can’t, why you aren’t good enough, why it’s too hard, and why you won’t”
  • Then I want you to change all of these things to I can, I will, nothing is too hard, I am good enough..

This is the will power of change^^

  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Strive
  • dedication
  • prove yourself wrong
  • reward
  • control
  • discipline
  • mentally & physically satisfied
  • remember & make memories

This is the outcome of change ^^


Now at first this will come off as a chore, but really its not a chore. It’s a guardian angel telling you to get your shit together, be productive, stop with self pity and get with the program. This is a simple list and simple steps.  Now will it solve world hunger, no but it will give you a running start in your life. 

This list is meant to help you decide what is important to you and give you a general path on getting their, and how much it really means to you to accomplish these goals you might have.

You need the process, the willpower and know the outcome before you start anything in life. If you don’t know the process of crossing the street you are at risk of getting hit by a car, if you don’t have the willpower to cross the street you may never get home and if you don’t know the outcome of crossing the street, you won’t care. Don’t settle. Grow. 

Thank you for reading, please feel free to share, comment and like.  Ask me questions! this is not only for fitness but your everyday life; but for those of you on a path to a healthier and fit you, this is going to help you do great things! 

Liebster Award


I was nominated by  Thank you for this beautiful nomination. I appreciate it greatly.


11 Random Facts about me:

  1. I had a scholarship in basketball
  2. I graduate in May for exercise science
  3. My favorite color is blue
  4. I am a lesbian; I came out when I was 18 as bisexual, then realized sometime this week that I think I am lesbian.. so I am working on my self confidence with my sexuality. 
  5. I have two younger brothers (21 and 7)
  6. I have been accepted in my honors program
  7. I was nominated by the Dean of my current college for outstanding work/example for my major
  8. I love music- its my sweet escape from life
  9. I was choir for a decent amount of time in my life
  10. I want to have a career in helping people in Fitness/health
  11. I have lived in Colorado and Texas previous to Ohio

Don’t forget to let me know when you’re done answering your questions! I’d love to see your answers!


Here are the Rules:

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Blogs I nominated:

My Answers:

  1. What morals do i stand by? Quite honestly, I might have a list but to sum it up, “one must see the beauty in what one has”. Take this how you want to, but I like this.
  2. What are who is most important to you? I would have to say my mind, my mind is important to me, because it holds my thoughts, ideas, my thinking. It may get on my nerves sometimes, but it holds what I need to be able to grow and prosper.  I would also like to mention, of course my mom & siblings.
  3. What is wrong with the world? where do I start, our beliefs, morals and values & attitudes.
  4. Who do you look up to? I look up to anyone who has managed to make a name for themselves and used in a positive light. People that work hard on a daily basis, people who see the good in everyone, those that have fought for my rights, and all who are still working to strive for better.
  5. If i had a time machine, where would I go? Well for starters, I would go back to 6th grade and apologize to my fellow classmate about how immature and rude I was, and how thankful I was that she treated me like a friend even though I made her feel like crap because she was different.
  6. What part of your body are you please with? I am pleased with my whole body, I mean it’s not perfect but I love myself for who I am and whatever I don’t like I work on to make better
  7. Which actress/or actor do you like most? I don’t really have a favorite, I have a list full.
  8. When were you last wrong? I am always wrong, especially when I lose confidence in myself. I was wrong yesterday night. 
  9. Why did I follow your blog? I followed your blog because I found a blog post I enjoyed and I wanted to see what all you talked about and your purpose.
  10. Where would you live in this world, other than the country you do now and why? I would live someplace like canada or maybe an island of sorts, because I want to be near the water just because I have never lived near an ocean; it would be a different experience for me.
  11. What makes you feel free? Music.

Questions for you?

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What would you change about the judicial system if you could?
  3. what makes you feel beautiful?
  4. what are your flaws? 
  5. what type of faith do you have if any, and why have you stood by it?
  6. What would be your last words to loved ones if you knew you would die today?
  7. What are you doing to make a change  in the world, your community?
  8. When you look in the mirror what do you see? 
  9. Where would you rate the united states on a scale of 1-10? and why?
  10. Do you believe one can truly forgive someone?
  11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? career? life?


Pick a Gym for you


“If you are going to choose a gym, then choose the one that fits you”

Choosing a gym 1

Choosing a gym 2

Choosing a gym 3

Choosing a Gym tips 4

Choosing the right gym can be somewhat difficult because there are so many gyms to choose from but all of them are a bit different inside, pricing, offers, the types of people that flock to it, the size, the equipment, the hours of operation and the customer service.  It’s especially harder for those who have never been to a gym, have anxiety working out in front of others, live in a smaller town, and don’t know what to look for in a gym. I have decided to provide a list of things that I believe are important when you go to choose the right gym for you, and of course this doesn’t mean you have to stick to just one gym, I know plenty of people who are members of multiple gyms and still workout at home so it doesn’t have to be the one and only place you exercise; and even myself included is considering joining a second gym that offers something different. Do this with an open mind.

Below is a list a things to consider when searching for the right gym:

  1. look at the location, is it near where you work, live, a place where you wouldn’t have problems getting transportation to. This is important, because I have met people in my life who choose a gym on the other side of town, & will use that excuse for why they don’t go (to save gas, it’s too far away, ect) so be aware of the location.  I found that the closer the gym is to where someone works/lives the more often they will attend & the less excuses they will make.
  2. The price. Believe or not, the price can be a HUGE  reason as to whether to choose a certain gym, all gyms range in different membership prices/fees so make sure to research them and ask.  Gyms with newer equipment, more services, variety of equipment, classes, experienced staff and clean tend to be more pricey so take that into consideration.  The cheaper of the gyms may not offer the same unique experience, or not have as much equipment, older building with less cleanliness, no services or classes OR the cheapest gym could offer the same and be better  priced.  NEVER GO BROKE because of  gym membership. Choose something you can afford and feel comfortable paying but look at the pros & cons of each gym.
  3. Ask for second opinions; go online and search reviews, ask peers, look at magazines, talk to people that have worked there in the past, coworkers, Anyone!!, Tell them what you are looking for and match it up
  4. Take the free trial run, some gyms offer a 30 day or 15 day or even a 1 day event where you can come in and workout and visit the location, scope out the activities, the equipment, meet other people and see what they think, ask questions about the gym; hell go and workout for the day and see if you are comfortable. This is called “Test driving”, if you can do it, DO IT! it’s very important to take advantage of these events and offers because they are your help and can make a difference in your choices. Don’t be afraid to do this, it’s the one sure way of finding out if they gym fits your needs.
  5. General fitness vs specific workout area; This is important to consider; this is where you need to analyze your needs and wants.  If you are someone looking to do yoga, and the gym only offers treadmills and elliptical machines and you can’t see yourself doing that, then you know you should find a gym that offers yoga classes or a yoga studio gym instead.  If you are a bodybuilder or someone who prefers “free weights” and the gym has more machines and hardly any or none “free weights” then the gym obviously is not right for you and maybe you should find one with more “free weights”, if you are someone who doesn’t like “free weights” then find a gym with more machines involved. If you want to be a boxer and need to train, then find a gym that offers a boxing class or find a boxing studio dedicated to it.  The problem is so many people “settle” & end up not benefiting themselves whatsoever because they choose a gym that isn’t what fits their needs. If you want a gym where you come to just walk a treadmill, then you need to look for a gym that offers them.  If you are a swimmer and want a pool, then look at gyms that offer pools. It’s really not a hard concept but people overlook this when they choose a gym. Choose the gym based on what you need and want.
  6. Flexibility of cost; before signing up, ask them if this is a locked commitment membership or what their cancelling fees are, if the prices change monthly or yearly or if you get refunded.. ask questions like this because you don’t want any “unknown” fees. Not to mention this question can help make the pricing negotiations too; so that you are able to afford the gym. Most gym if they want to help you, will and with this knowledge it can help you decide what way to go. 
  7. Gym hours; This important for those of you, like myself who have variable schedules and work/go to school or have other obligations.  Make sure the gym hours correspond with your scheduling each week/month. If a gym isn’t going to be open on the days your available then that gym probably isn’t right for you. Having a routine can help you progress in the gym, if you want to go to the gym mon-friday and they aren’t open at the times you need then that will make it harder on you to get to the gym.  I normally like gyms that are open 24 hours, these work with my schedule since I am a full time college student and work and so no matter what my day is like I still have time to make it to the gym.  With these those, sometimes the gyms don’t have staff after certain hours; so if that would bother you, then I would ask and see.  My gym luckily has staff at all times during the 24 hours & I like that. So it’s important to find a gym that works around your schedule so you can get into routine. 
  8. Environment/surroundings; Again another important aspect to look at, for the reason being no one wants to feel uncomfortable working out in front of others. Different gyms have different types of people flocking to them.  If you surround people who make you feel comfortable, you will be in a much happier place.  I have heard of people saying they “hate gyms that have bigger guys grunting and moaning and throwing down equipment; showing off their muscles and boasting themselves.. ” which is understandable because it either intimidates them, angers them, whatever it might be and if that is you, then make sure you choose a gym where that isn’t allowed or where it doesn’t happen very often (rarely) so you can workout without feeling uncomfortable.  On the other hand I’ve heard people say “I don’t like gyms where people only come to walk the treadmill and listen to their headphones, the free weights only go up to a certain amount and they don’t allow me to wear cut off shirts.. or shorts.. “; then obviously someone like this person should find a gym that compliments what makes them feel comfortable.  If you have a family and want a family oriented gym, then look at gyms that welcome familie’s and have family memberships (like the YMCA) it gives both the adults and children something to do to stay active.  If you are married and want to be around other married couples, find out where they go and look into it.  The bottom line is, choose a gym where YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. If you aren’t comfortable, then you will find every excuse to not go. 
  9. Cleanliness of the gym; I promote health and wellness, so you should take into consideration how clean the gym is and what they offer/if they offer something to clean the equipment. It’s hard to be healthy if you are constantly sick. A clean gym is important when it comes to staying healthy & promoting healthiness. 
  10. Knowledgeable staff/good customer service. A gym should have staff that know how each machine works, can help identify which machine is used for certain exercises, if they have personal trainers ( preferably certified) then they should be able to help you get started & know stuff that can help you better understand what you need.  I plan on becoming a certified  personal trainer soon, so I know what it takes and know what they should know but not everyone does and if anything seems a bit “off” do your own research or ask another trainer. The staff should be friendly and willing to help and welcoming, if they look like they hate their job and want nothing to do with you, you should probably rethink your decision. 

The gym isn’t meant to be a “bully” it’s meant to be a helping hand, to be your extra push in the right direction and offer you a place to get away and think about your needs and wants in health/fitness & work on self.  If a gym is a place you avoid because you have had bad experiences, look into another one or find out what about that gym you didn’t like and when you are ready to find a new one if you choose then make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice and choose the same thing. If you are uncomfortable working out in front of others, that is understandable, not everyone likes being outside their comfort level with others potentially watching them but with that being said sometimes going outside your comfort level can actually make you stronger as a person. Just keep that in mind.  if you have no gyms around you, then consider exercising indoors at your house or go outside and exercise; a gym is not the ONLY means of staying active. If your job or school offers a gym, join that one and see if you like it, you might be surprised as to who all uses it and most likely it’s probably free of charge. If you don’t like working out at a gym alone, then find someone you know who would commit to being your workout partner, if you can’t afford a gym membership then again find another means of staying active. A gym can be a safe haven or a hell.. you get to choose the experience and how you use it. Choose wisely.

Thank you for reading, feel free to follow me, comment, like and share.



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P.E Classes

At some point, you need to take this class more seriously”

school gym 1

P.E classes WebMd

P.E (Physical education) is a class where children take part in activities, sports and learn the fundamentals and socialize with their peers. 

The problem: schools don’t want to give a grade for it, kids don’t want to participate, schools are trying to rid of it, P.E teachers aren’t doing a good job keeping kids involved, it is usually only needed 1 year out of the 4 in high school, P.E gets treated more like a socializing class than a class for keeping active, most kids are in a sport already who do participate and don’t take it very seriously,



The solution: Make it a grade instead of pass and fail, the kids who choose to not participate figure out why they don’t and see if you can change their minds, make it fun and a new learning experience, go to the school board and talk to them about why P.E class is important for the children, take your job more seriously as a P.E teacher and stop slacking because the children aren’t doing what you intend them to do, socializing is all good and gravy but allow socializing to occur while doing something not as a group of kids hanging out talking to their friends in a corner of the gym, the kids who participate in a sport shouldn’t have to take P.E classes in the first place but if you have a student who doesn’t get to play on the field, make it so he/she does play on the field.


When I was in school, P.E in elementary school was a learning experience, and while we talked to our peers we still were expected to follow the teachers rules and participate.  Middle school, I didn’t have to take P.E (forget the reason why), High school, P.E was mandated for 1 year and after that I didn’t have to take it any longer & it was worth one credit and a pass or fail class.  I can remember how many times I had shown up to P.E and the same kids not participating would just sit on the bleachers or stand off somewhere and the teacher never even tried to talk to them to see why they didn’t want to participate. Why not? because they probably didn’t care. That is the main problem right there, not caring.  If we are trying to push a healthier lifestyle in schools then why are we choosing to not care about whether someone participates or not and not taking these classes seriously. Hmm

Well I am going to hit on each solution individually so that we can break this down and maybe someone can offer me answers to some or even share their opinions. 

  1. Make it a grade instead of a pass/fail class.  Why? Well let me first just say this solution is for once they start middle school and high school; excludes elementary school and below. I think having P.E based on a grading scale would allow the student to take it more seriously, I mean a pass or fail grade is so cut and dry that one could pass and never even include his/her self in a activity; which allows this student to believe “Well fuck it, I don’t care”; you are getting paid to help and care not to forget about it and walk away.  Just my thought out loud. 
  2. Trying to figure out why the child never wants to participate in the class. This is quite important, if anything this may give feedback and help you become a better P.E teacher and it may open doors to other issues this particular person is having, you get to understand them on a more personal level and it shows you care about their wellbeing. 
  3. Make P.E fun and a learning experience, fun isn’t having them walking the whole gym for the entire period or telling them to find something to do that doesn’t involve any type of stimulating activity.  Having them do homework during the period isn’t fun and it’s not going to keep their attention.  Kids will grow bored. Get some team sports ready, have them choose different games to play that everyone would want to do, teach them something new; make things so that everyone can appreciate the time spent in class. 
  4. If you are a P.E teacher and your school is debating about taking away P.E classes or ridding them, then it’s your job to not only fight for your job (as I would hope for) but also fight to keep something that is benefiting the children, give the board something to ponder before they come to that solution, don’t think about you, think about the students who enjoyed it, benefited from it and fight for it. 
  5. P.E teachers need to take their job more seriously (more so high school P.E teachers) because at this point, if students notice you don’t give a fuck about your class neither will they and the lack of respect will start to happen both ways.  You obviously went to school to graduate in this particular field of work for some reason other than the pay and now you need to show that you take your job seriously and don’t allow yourself to become laxed because you notice a student don’t want to follow the rules; that should be more of a reason to take your job seriously so the students learn to respect you and your job.
  6. Socializing is GREAT for P.E, I am all for it, but I am not for more socializing than action. Why do some P.E teachers allow a group of girls talk the whole class period long without having to participate in any activities, why do you allow your students to make fun of other students during the class and why are you allowing students to come in and sit on the bleachers to only watch other students play.
  7. Students whom play a sport for the school should not have to take P.E because they already are staying active in other means, it should be optional for them but if a student is on a team and doesn’t get any time on the court, field, track then that coach needs to allow them to play or the coach needs to require them to take a P.E class (although, I am a firm believer even the bench warmers should play a game at some point) so no child is left behind in that aspect and so they get their regular exercise and feel part of the team too

All of these solutions aren’t perfect nor are they going to solve every problem that involves P.E but these solutions are just thoughts spoken out loud so that people are aware of different things that could help the school systems with P.E. I am not meaning to talk negatively about P.E teachers as I do realize there is only so much some of them can do and maybe not all of them like their jobs but I do find many of them don’t take their job seriously nor seem to care about the students in the class (besides the athletes) and that’s not really naturally fair when it comes down to it because every student deserves to stay active and want to feel involved in the class. I myself was an athlete and I know for a fact I was treated a lot differently than the students who were not. At the time it meant nothing to me, but now when I look back on it, I now see the problem in it sometimes.  I believe P.E classes are important in school systems, I think they are the only way for a child to stay active in school for the most part and it brings different kids together and allows for friendships and socialization, so I feel it can be a very BIG positive but it needs to improve.  Again this is just my opinion and hopefully someone else can share their opinions and thoughts, no matter.  

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment, like, follow, and share!



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