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Its the industry they work in that enforces being skinny & looking like someone. other people want to be like.  If it wasn’t for out coward way of thinking, I think our models walking the runway, spreading on magazines, bedroom posters and billboards would have a better sense of reality and probably would not feel so obligated to be underweight to make money.  It’s this type of thinking that has got people running around trying every diet possible to get down to size 00 & soon finding themselves in a hospital from lack of proper nourishment.  I used the links above to give everyone an idea of what some of these models look like and the problems surrounding the modeling industry & don’t you worry I’ll target the “big and beautiful modeling” world as well in another post.  You can’t deem this necessary and yet we find it totally sexy and erotic to have less skin showing and more bones revealed.

I decided to make this a side post, because I definitely plan on making it a “something to think about” topic for people entering this field of work, studying this, are a model themselves and believe what they see is what “perfect” looks like.  I hate to sound negative but this is not a sign of perfect this is a sign of destroying your health.  Which I am solely against. Yes, cigs, alcohol, and multiple other things destroy your health as well & probably seem more important; but guess what.. I am not here to preach about all that stuff.. I am here to open your eyes to things that go “under the radar” such as this. I can almost guarantee most of you already know every drug that could kill you & know that an abundance of alcohol can turn one into an alcoholic if they aren’t aware of their drinking habits, but I am willing to bet half of of the world probably has no idea that striving for this type of “unhealthy body” can kill someone and take away their life and future.   This isn’t to say models aren’t beautiful, this is to say their beauty is based on their weight and how they look… which is a poor way of judging someones beauty in my opinion; sure I like eye candy too.. but what’s eye candy if they look like they are suffering.

Most models don’t make it their business to tell people what a day to day eating, exercise regimen consist of because most of us would not be able to keep up with it anyways (it’s hard work and extremely difficult) I would have to guess the majority of today’s models who are “skinny” are on a strict diet for starters and probably have a some type of exercise regiment they have to stick to because if it changes it could change how they look in a split second which means less chances of getting work.   Feel the pressure yet? I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to be perfect, most of them grew up having parents who were models, or thought the modeling world just consisted of being pretty and looking good while having their pictures taken; they probably were not given a heads up on how hard it would be to compete against other women who who are “skinnier”, “taller”, and “prettier”.  If they had known this before taking this industry so seriously..some of them may have decided another career choice or maybe would have fought to make sure other women did not have to meet these standards.  I am not sure if it would have changed anything at all, who knows.  I just think to myself how beautiful these women are but none of them know this.  None of them go to bed feeling this way, none of them ever feel good enough, and yet we keep pushing the bar higher and higher; to the point where one day someone is going to be modeling on their deathbed.

Anyways, I think this gives people and idea of what this world is made of.  It also can open some eyes and make some people rethink some things about this industry and probably will cause a ruckus because I am not model myself but I can read between the lines.  I will stand behind this topic because I want others to know the pain of being “picture perfect” sucks and it doesn’t go away when people expect it out of you.  To all my models out there, you are beautiful, you are sexy, and you are trying and all of us can see it.. don’t ever feel like we expect more out of you then what you can deliver, hell none of us can do your job better than you can.. we want you to all be healthy and happy and if you aren’t either of those or both of those things, you need to put your foot down! we got your back!

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