Powerful words vs negativity

You can be the change or the reason why someone cries”


I nearly got ahead of myself when I decided to believe that people actually knew what I was talking about when I spoke about underweight, overweight, and obese and average/normal.  I wanted to make sure I clarified these terms. This will be a really short post for the most part because I don’t plan on talking about them in depth and individually just yet because I want to make sure before I start everyone is on the same page.

FYI, my spring semester starts tomorrow, So I won’t be as active as I have been as far as being able to post every single day on the mark. I might post twice a week or once a week or maybe if I am lucky you will see post everyday; but I am highly doubting that as I will be busy with school. Please do not delay following me or asking me questions, as I won’t ignore your messages & I will always make time to help all of you with your journey. With me being in school and working (I commute to school, and I will be doing clinicals & other classes) so this will delay my post but not delay my time answering questions and helping.  Although when I do make post they will be as adequate as they are now, no worries about that.

  • Overweight – Weighing too much, or more than is consider normal, proper
  • Underweight- Weighing less than is usual, required or proper
  • Obese- Very fat or overweight
  • Normal- Conforming to the standard or the common type, usual, not abnormal, regular, natural
  • Average- Quantity or rating

So as you can see one of these should probably not be used in describing someone.. hint : the last one. I think its important to understand these words before you describe someone or yourself using them.  I a lot of times people say words without thinking of the meaning, and many times I hear someone call themselves “fat” but they don’t even know what defines this word & how it’s a form of body shaming.  But I will not pretend everyone will follow the above vocab because I know people will stick with the body shaming words if it means its “cool” & everybody else is saying it. So to help those of you who will continue to use these particular words, I have decided to list definitions so there is no more confusion.

  • Fat- Having too much flabby tissue, corpulent, obese, plump, well fed.  Fat can also mean other things such as rich, prosperous and wealthy, big, broad, extended, thick
  •  Skinny- Very lean or thin, emaciated, narrow or slender, unusually low or reduces, meager, minimal
  • Twig- A slender shoot of a tree or other plant
  • Toothpick- Small pointed piece of wood or plastic for removing substances
  • Curvy- of a women, having a well shaped figure with voluptuous curves
  • Thick- Having relatively great extent from one surface or side to the opposite, not thin
  • Slim- Sized for the thinner than average person.

I do know people use much more vulgar terms : fat ass, lard ass, skinny bitch, cow, some people have even conformed to using illnesses as a way to describe people: anorexic , bulimic ..& these vulgar terms aren’t going to stop either because people can’t seem to expand their vocab.  So we can deal with it and teach & continue to teach and stand up for what we think is better and keep our hope alive that someday people will have more compassion but until this happens.. lets just ignore them & do what we do best, work on us & help others achieve internal and external happiness! That is my goal. I can preach all day about body shaming words but it doesn’t mean people will change, but it could open some eyes & that’s all I want; I want it to open your eyes & for you to share this with others and it open their eyes and so forth until we have gotten to the point where people can condition themselves to use positivity when describing the way someone looks. Especially since no one is perfect.

So for tonight, I want everyone to share this post with your friends, family.. coworkers, whoever and everywhere.. because I want you to help teach people what each of these words mean why these words are powerful.  Tomorrow If I have time, I will post another blog.  Please share, like, follow and comment! Thank you for reading


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