Budgeting your money for healthy food

“You can eat healthier on a budget”

So in my previous blog about obesity I vaguely hit on some reasons of why people sometimes allow their child to become obese.  The main feedback I received back was “some parents/guardians cannot afford to buy healthy foods because the price of eating healthier is more expensive”.

I decided to hit on this particular topic because I wanted to make sure in my last post I didn’t come off as arrogant and not sympathetic towards those of us who may struggle financially. 


I can honestly admit to the fact that yes, healthier food tends to be more expensive in the stores versus the processed foods.  It’s actually a sad fact and unfortunately it is one reason as to why some people have a bad habit of eating “not so healthy” of foods.  I suppose I am here to today to suggest some things that one can do if they are in the same boat as many of us where they cannot afford to eat healthier.

  • Find replacement foods for what you do eat, if you like pizza, eat pizza but find alternative sauces and eat pizzas with more veggies as toppings.  That is just an example.
  • drink more water, drink less sugaring drinks; this will be cost saving and a healthier option as well, if you will drink sugary drinks, then pick something with less preservatives
  • take it slow, don’t go cold turkey on anything necessarily,
  • limit your additives (someone else gave me this particular idea) additives would include: ranch, bbq sauce, mayo, ect.  Saves you money & allows you to eat healthier
  • eat smaller portions, you will be amazed on how much this can help
  • stay active 
  • read labels on the products before buying, decide if there is a “better” alternative 
  • as far as carbs go, this is never easy and trust me.. I am working on this as well.  First off, start with one carb at a time don’t just cut them all off at the same time.  If you want to eat less bread, then choose better breads & heartier breads and make it a goal to use this bread for healthy eatings
  • you don’t have to buy “fresh” food to eat healthy if you cannot afford it.  As a matter of fact fresher foods in the produce section tend to go bad much quicker so they need eaten at quicker rates.  Instead look in the frozen veggie section, and sometimes canned veggies can be decent (just watch the sodium)
  • meat section, eat a variety of meats. you don’t have to eat “top quality” meats, just eat what you can afford and base your meals off of that.
  • Look into different recipes, nothing crazy, simple quick meals, something that your family or yourself would like and foods you normally buy but find variety in what you eat
  • snack often but not large; snacks can be simple : fruits and nuts are a good snack food; plus it will hold your appetite.
  • Dairy products are okay but just again watch the portion and keep in mind how you are using them 
  • use healthier cooking oils, Oil can be expensive but it’s important to use oils that are “better” for you if you can
  • budget and stick to it; however much you can afford, stick to it. Do what you can
  • oatmeal can be inexpensive vs a box of cereal; and it’s healthier
  • if you drink coffee, that is fine. Drink coffee but don’t add stuff to it to make it sweeter. Black coffee is supposed to be a healthier way of drinking coffee. 
  • As far as sweets go, try to keep from buying so much candy, cupcakes, cookies if you can.  It will save you money & substitute them with applesauce, gluten free cookies, chips that aren’t as sodium filled and even popcorn that doesn’t have so much butter and salt. 
  • the way you cook your foods make a difference too, for example instead of cooking fried chicken, make it baked.. ect
  • the amount of protein (grams) you consume should be more than the amount of carbohydrates (grams) for starters
  • Make enough to have for leftovers, so you can pack it for work, eat it the next night.
  • Shop at bigger stores, I usually would say some place like whole foods would be ideal for healthier eating but they are priced much higher than a walmart, so if you are on a budget; look at the ads, online , and shop at bigger stores that offer more

So these are some things to consider when you are shopping around for food and cooking & the majority of things on the lists will save you money and keep you on track for healthier eating. If you are someone who has to watch what you eat because of allergies, ailments, health risk, amongst other things,  please take those into consideration when shopping for groceries.  (hint: why the label is important)  There may be other ways to eat healthier and if you are someone who has any ideas or tips please share with me and I will post it.  Again, I hope this list comes handy & thank for reading.  Please comment, share, like and follow me



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