“I don’t like the taste of healthy”


Believe it or not, this excuse happens a lot. It happens because we like what we like and things we don’t like, we won’t eat. It’s simple. If I don’t like something, then I won’t eat it.  For example I don’t like sweet potatoes or peas and I don’t like them no matter how they are cooked nor will I eat it mixed with anything else. I can understand how someone may not like something & I can definitely understand that normally we aren’t exploring different foods if we think it doesn’t look appealing or if we had a bad experience BUT we shouldn’t let that get in the way of eating healthier.  Now I stand by the fact, we shouldn’t restrict but use moderation (which I will discuss in a later date/time), when it comes to not eating healthy foods because we don’t like the taste, we need to be more open minded to the different types of healthy foods that are available because you are bound to find at least one and more so many that you do like. Since I don’t eat sweet potatoes or peas, I choose to eat other foods that I can get the same nutrients/benefits from that I do enjoy eating.  

  • Explore different recipes
  • use a variety of foods
  • try something at least once
  • cook the food in various ways 
  • if you don’t like the way it taste when it is being eaten, make into a drink and try it that way
  • find alternatives to the foods you do not like
  • balance your plate, you don’t have to eat all greens and fruits all the time, mix it up a bit
  • talk with peers about the type of foods that they enjoy, it may give you ideas. 
  • experiment 
  • make a dressing for the foods, if you don’t like eating something, add something to it that will help improve the taste
  • research the different types of foods available
  • if all else fails, you may need to take supplement pills for certain things if eating certain foods that provide the health benefits don’t taste good to you
  • make the food not just for yourself but maybe for a spouse, a friend, family member, your children, ect to receive feedback; this can be helpful because they might be able to share their ideas with you and not to mention then you won’t have to eat alone 🙂

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be nasty, it can be fun, adventurous, simple, and quite benefiting to our bodies.  No one said you have to eat a salad everyday, there are other ways to eat healthy, all you have to do is explore and branch out your comfort zone.  I think eating healthy is a huge step and it takes time and patience, taking smaller steps will do much more for you than jumping right in.  Thank you for reading, follow, share, reblog, like and comment. 



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“Nothing is convenient all the time” excuse #2 physical activity


When people talk about convenience, normally it means nothing that keeps them active or could help keep them active is near them, within reason or they want something to be a quick fix,  Not in all cases is this excuse used, normally used when someone also uses the excuse about time.  I think most of you will agree with some the answers I have share about how convenience is what you make it.  Nothing in life is that convenient where we can just sit on a chair and wish on star to be healthy and it happens; so if that is your idea of convenience.. then no wonder you don’t find things to be convenient. Before I start on this list, some of these things will be solutions to time as well (previous post) and a lot of the solutions will be more of a “food for thought” to keep you thinking on your feet when this situation happens.

  • Stop looking for quick fixes. Convenience can’t always be a hop, skip and a jump
  • if you don’t live near a gym, then find other means.. ( I made a blog about this)
  • challenge yourself to stay active no matter the situation..  there are a lot of people with illnesses, and handicaps who still manage to stay on the move because they don’t allow their conditions to keep them from things.. so if you have the ability to stay moving without worrying about an illness or handicap then do it. 
  • if time management is the problem; read my blog that helps manage that issue
  • if you do live close to a gym, then that is called convenience and you should take advantage of that

The list was short and it was a bit less in depth but it gives you somewhat of an idea of how convenience is something we make of it.  If convenience is what you want then find it.  No one said you have to drive to a gym, maybe that comes with the territory because most of us own cars we believe that we have to be within driving distance to want to go, when in all reality exercise can happen outside the gym. I think when people use this excuse it all adds up to be .. time… and that in itself is solved by making time and doing things that keep you moving. If anyone has anything they want to add to this, please feel free in doing so.  Comment, like, share and reblog. Thanks for reading.



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“Nutrition problem #1”


I love when people scream “I don’t know how to eat healthy” or “I do eat healthy” and I ask them why and they say .. “I don’t know”. This reminds me of like a couple of people I know; more like at least 5-6 people.  Now people who say they eat healthy, will list everything under the sun as to why they want to eat healthy but NOT any one of them are saying ” I care about what goes into my body” and the people screaming I don’t know how to eat healthy, will tell me everything they have tried that they thought was healthy but NOT any one of them say “I look at the food labels”. Now I know I will get a lot of hell from those of you who will tell me “Food labels lie”, “food labels aren’t important if you are choosing to eat unhealthy” “I eat veggies and fruits, who cares about food labels”, “I don’t care about food labels because it takes too much time to look and read everything”, “I use common sense”, and my favorite one is “Food labels are pointless because everything we eat is essentially bad for you because we don’t know where it went before it hit the store”.  Here I am to tell you.. guess what? while all your reasons may be valid, they aren’t all true. BUT I am not here to argue with those of you who choose to ignore the fine print, I am simply on here to inform those of you who may not know where to start and why reading the food labels is important & if you choose to say screw reading food labels, by all means.. go on right ahead.


Only read down below if you truly care about your health & want to learn some really fun information:

  • food labels list the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, sugars, calories, fats, serving size, ect.. and these are all very important if you want to eat “healthier”.
  • food labels normally come with the list of ingredients and these are important if you are someone who is allergic
  • Food labels are going to do the measuring for you, you just choose how much of it you want to eat
  • when you eat out (fast food .. ) these will come handy
  • I live by the less ingredients is has, the better
  • I don’t know what certain ingredients are, I research them
  • If you are watching your calorie intake (Food labels help)
  • I need low sodium foods (the food label will help you)
  • need to eat less sugaring foods (the food label will help you)
  • watching your carbs (food label will help you)
  • never shopped a certain brand and don’t know what to expect (the food label will help you)
  • want to proportion your plate, the food label will help give you serving size
  • need to do comparisons on foods, read the food labels
  • if you care about what goes into your body, read the food labels
  • For those of you on a veggie and fruit only diet, reading the food label can be even more important for you

Now that I have helped you realize some of the importance of reading a food label, let me help you begin making a routine of it & give you hints as to what to look for when you are reading it:

  • Depending on whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, know how much protein and carbs you are putting into your body will come handy; look at this
  • knowing the type of vitamins you are going to be consuming is important because you may be surprised as to what you may or may not be getting enough of 
  • the amount of sugar is important because sugar can turn into fat and the more sugar something has the chances of it being unhealthy or not having “good sugar”
  • The serving size will help you choose how much to eat of something, definitely a good idea when you are someone who is trying to lose weight or gain weight
  • the ingredients most of the time are things we have no clue what they do to our bodies, so the less ingredients it has, the more I trust the product
  • the different fats labelled, are especially important because not all fat is bad fat
  • I will go as far as to saying, the company’s name is usually on the bag somewhere and researching that company can do wonders if you honestly want to know more about what goes on.
  • The calories is important because sometimes things we wouldn’t think would have a lot of calories usually have the most. Be careful when choosing
  • Have a genuine understanding of what you want to eat more of and less of & reading the food label will come in handy

These are just a small list of things compared to what others may say or want to add and I always welcome any and everybody to add to this list at any point because the more we know, the better! I might have skipped over a few things on a food label that is important and if so please make mention. I will say this, it’s not easy to do and it takes patience and somewhat consistency in order to do it on a more daily basis.  For some people, they have gotten to the point where they know right away what matters most to them and that is all they look for on the food label & that is awesome! for others, they are still learning and read everything & by all means that is awesome too! No matter your situation, a food label is important; it might not give you every insight possible but it helped to give you lead way and with the knowledge you can start to make better food decisions for yourself.


Add, comment, reblog, share and like. Thank you for reading!



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“1st excuse: I don’t have time”



If you are the type of person where I ask you “why don’t you go to the gym, or workout” and you reply with “I don’t have time”, this is the solution for you. This excuse comes up a lot and not to say people honestly aren’t busy but people also aren’t around the clock being productive otherwise we wouldn’t have people who are unhealthy. You might work 2 jobs and go to school but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active doing so and it doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym to be active.  Now, in a perfect little world, I would want all of us to be a member at a gym and use the facilities but in this not so perfect world called reality it doesn’t happen & when it does, it doesn’t happen to last very long. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to making time to stay active:

  • Park furthest away from your destination (school building, work parking lot, grocery store, dentist office, downtown, ect)
  • When you go grocery shopping, walk the whole store; no matter what you need, challenge yourself to walk the whole store
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • stretch in the morning, and before bed
  • walk to your destination if you are within walking distance (honestly walking distance depends on what you are willing to walk)
  • Ride a bike to your destination
  • If you have kids, take them to the park, walk the neighborhood, play some sports with them, be active with them
  • college students, take the longer of the routes to your classroom
  • If you are on break at work, or school; walk the perimeter of your building inside or outside 
  • stand more, and sit less
  • Join a club/sport 
  • do more chores around the house
  • use workout videos at home
  • sit on a stability ball versus a chair
  • shop inside the mall instead of online shopping
  • walk your downtown area
  • make vacations around being able to stay active (camping, hiking, skiing, swimming, ect)
  • do a charity event (marathon, 5K, 10K, ect)

Now these are just some ideas to help get you started and I wasn’t going to make a novel of a list of things that one can do to stay active without attending a gym. It’s very obvious that the majority of these things you may already do and guess what? YOU HAVE TIME FOR THEM! so this means you actually do have time but you don’t realize it. The end result should be you moving more and sitting less. If you work 2 jobs and go to school full time, that means you have more leverage than the stay at home mom because you are constantly on the move; congrats! if you are a stay at home mom that means you have more leverage than the working college students because you have someone to watch over and keep up with; which means you should be constantly moving; congrats! (See how I did that). 


I welcome people to add more to this list, because I want to see it grow daily and be more of a 100+ ideas versus my very small list of ideas. The reason behind me not adding more, is because I don’t want to do all the thinking for you, be creative! life is what you make it, and if you know you are the type who never seems to have time for anything; then maybe you need to find time to read this and change that or maybe you are doing exactly what you should but don’t realize it and hopefully this motivates you to continue. I hate to seem too snarky, but these excuses become issues and issues become problems and problems are left as problems because no one wants to fix “their” problems, they want others too… stand up, adjust your pants and take some time evaluate your life choices and routines and add some movement to your life. 


Being productive = Staying active


Add me, comment, Share, like, reblog, whatever it might be. Hopefully this will help motivate the ones who need it and give clarity to others. I want to help you help yourself be the best you can be! If you ever have questions or comments, or concerns you are always welcome to contact me! Thanks for reading.



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Excuses can turn into solutions


So in one of my exercise science classes I am taking, we are going to have a booth where each of us in the class have to choose an issue with physical activity and nutrition within our campus (why students/faculty don’t stay active or eat healthy) We each have to choose a catchy headline that will sway the students/faculty to come to our booth and here some solutions we have to offer,  In my case I think I already know what topics I am choosing for each and the headline I want to use to reel people in, I thought maybe this would be a good blog post for no other reason then even though this is talking about college students and faculty, this really relates to anyone in the world- all their issues are the same issues people outside of the demographic have and I want to capitalize on the fact there are solutions to every excuse. For this blog post, I will give you all a look inside the topics our students came up with as to why people on campus choose to not stay active (gym, exercise..ect) and why they choose to not eat healthy.  Here are reasons my class came up with:

Physical activity:

  • Time (Don’t have time)
  • Convenience (not convenient to their schedule, location, transportation, ect)
  • no sweat (some people don’t like to sweat or think that when you workout you have to sweat)
  • Support (some people don’t have the support, motivation, friends, family, peers)
  • Money (they can’t afford a gym membership)
  • confidence (they feel intimidated inside a gym, don’t like how they look so don’t want others to notice, scared, low self esteem, ect)


  • Food labels (don’t pay attention to the food labels)
  • taste (don’t like the taste of healthy foods)
  • confusion (don’t understand what eating healthy means and lack knowledge about nutrition)
  • Money (believe healthier foods are more expensive)
  • myths (believe in these myths about what eating healthy entails)
  • diets (don’t like dieting because it doesn’t work, think they have to diet in order to eat healthy, ect)

Sleep/stress management:

  • Don’t get enough sleep (which makes them more stressed)
  • get stressed out (then they don’t want to sleep or eat)
  • get stressed out and then eat more
  • have sleeping issues they haven’t dealt with

All of these things I have listed are the things my class came up with it, now there may be other answers & by all means please feel free to add whatever you would like because I plan on sharing solutions to each one. I want people to be aware of the excuses they use when they say “I can’t” and I want them to know the solutions so they can make it a “I will”.  For my booth, I am going to talk about ways to stay active without having to go to a gym (which will help with time management for students/faculty both), for nutrition I am going to talk about how to eat healthy without dieting by using moderation & instead of restriction,/fad diets. So with this being said, I will make a post for each one of these excuses and give a solution. I want to make sure if anyone is in this situation, that I can help you and teach you and give you more to think about. If you are someone who has something to add to this list, leave it in comments, message me, whatever works so I can make sure that I talk about it.


Sorry for being absent these past 7 plus days, I have been busy with school and clinicals but I promise I will try to make more time for blogging and start back up again on a schedule. Right now it’s a little hard because I am constantly busy but my goal is one blog a week or at least 2 blogs a week just to make sure my followers know I am still around. I appreciate all of you who continue to read my blogs, please feel free to share them, comment, follow, and like. Thank you.



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Barbie transformation



People have been writing blogs and the news have been blaring with the new barbie dolls that are going to be released soon (if they haven’t already). I have heard good and bad responses and mostly due to the fact parents feel some type of way.  Now after hearing both sides of the argument, one being “barbies weren’t made to be plus size, they are trademarked as every girls fantasy to be beautiful” and “I think this is a good idea because now every race and body type is a trademark of what it means to be beautiful”.  I have came to my own opinion and conclusion: Barbie is a doll, a doll doesn’t represent you or me, a doll is only a doll and if this doll bothers you so much because of its shape, weight or color then maybe you need help. Now don’t call me an asshole because I am not one, let me explain my point.  Firstly I will say that I am happy we are expanding our minds and becoming more open minded with different body types and races of dolls, I do think it’s wonderful and I believe it will go a long way in our history books. 2ndly, I am all for variety and changes in this particular situation, and 3rdly I never played with dolls to care much about them in the first place. 


Now let me explain why I feel like this whole Barbie transformation idea shouldn’t get people’s panties in a bunch and shouldn’t be your smile for the week. First off, If you have a problem with a barbie doll being plus size, then I already know your issue, you have a simple mind & you should fix that narrow mind of yours because this is 2016 and people don’t aim to please you. Sorry. Not sorry. If you are extremely happy about this commotion and it somehow made you feel better about yourself (unless you are a child) you should probably begin to wonder why and then figure out how you can feel good about yourself without Barbies help. I understand this is no different then having “plus size” models, but lets be honest about this; we should be happy but we shouldn’t be celebrating this because guess what? kids are going to ask why and guess what? most kids didn’t play with barbie because of her size they just liked her for her.  At some point when you go to the store to choose a barbie doll for your child, and you ask them what barbie they want and they still choose the “skinnier” one, for some reason I feel like parents will then and only then explain to their children that size doesn’t define beauty; then somehow pressure their child to getting the new barbie instead because your belief system is saying “I want her to play with the new one because it looks more like mommy or he/she needs this new one because the skinny ones are no longer the cool ones” whatever it takes so you can feel good about yourself as a guardian/parent.  By all means please continue to treat this newsflash as a beginning to something new but don’t have such high expectations just because you believe the “plus size” one is “better”.


Barbie shouldn’t be your example of beauty. Beauty should be taught from the inside out, not be a superficial, materialistic way of thinking. If this new barbie transformation has you preaching to friends, family, your kids, ect about how amazing this is, then you need to rethink your reasons as to why because  if saying “she is no longer a stick figure” or “the plus size ones are prettier” or “the skinny ones don’t look like you or me” are your reasons, then you are choosing the wrong reasons to be proud of this new addition. Don’t forget, body shaming comes from both sides of the spectrum and it’s not fair to make such statements about one size over the other because no one is the same. Again, I will state I am happy about this Barbie transformation but I am happy because it shows me how the world is evolving and getting away from standards and allowing children to recognize the good in all types of people. I don’t think it has anything to do with the weight, I look beyond that and recognize the good that can come from being different. You should too.

Thank you for reading, share. comment, follow and like. 



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College student Fitness





“Tips and tricks of staying fit and healthy as a college student”

I am a college student and currently this is my last semester, but I have a a huge load of homework and I am still considered full time. It almost seemed impossible for me to make it to the gym when I want to, because my book load is heavy and I have stresses beyond stresses (which will be a different blog post). Nonetheless, I have managed to still stay fit and healthy even when I don’t make it to the gym everyday. Right now, I am taking an exercise science class (which is my major) and we have a project on the 25th of February where we have to meet someplace where the campus is busy and set up stands (each student) and talk about the challenges of being able to stay in shape, eat healthy, ect while being a college student then we will give our tips and tricks.  Now I have chosen my own topic i will discuss at my stand, but I will expose this information after the fact and will keep you posted on how things went.  

I for one, will be the first person to admit that staying fit and eating healthy while attending college is a struggle unless you are a current athlete or live at home possibly and/or just have good habits instilled in you; otherwise most of us college students are more focused on our grades and life after graduation. Which really, shouldn’t mean anything but when it comes down to it, between homework and the majority of students also work part-time and/or full-time jobs and some students even have children to raise; just don’t have time in their schedule to fit in “me time” & although those excuses may seem deemable, they are not! because guess what? there is ALWAYS a way to keep active when you least expect it.   This brings me to my next point, staying active is anything that keeps you moving & anything that keeps you moving or standing is a good thing when it comes to staying healthy. Below I will list some tips and ideas on ways us college students can continue down the road to better health and wellness as we progress through our majors. For some of you who may want to know a bit about my college life, I am going to share a tid bit so you can get to know me on my level. First off, I commute to my college campus (between 45 minutes to a hour depending on traffic and the weather), I graduate in May, my major is exercise science, I am taking 12 credit hours, I work part-time but sometimes it feels like full-time because I work long hours. I work tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday (different times) this is just for the month of Feb.  I am also doing clinical hours/interning on Monday’s and Friday’s, I have been elected to be in the honors program but declined due to the fact I already had a huge work load and didn’t want to make things any harder on myself, I have been nominated by my professor and my Dean to be part of an activity for the school and I will receive some great rewards from that both on my transcript and letters of recommendations, certificates (it is exciting to say the least), my least favorite subject that I am taking right now is math; I suck at math.  My favorite classes are my exercise science classes for obvious reasons.  I won’t give out my whole daily routine because i don’t want any stalkers but lets just say I normally try to be at the gym Mon-Thursday. 

My social life is usually on hold unless I am texting some friends, I have big plans normally on the weekends after work but I don’t really party because I don’t have tons of time to be able to.  I am single, so no relationship to manage and I have no kids so I am lucky to have a bit more “me time” lol. So that was a bit about me and my life currently, obviously boring and not much to it but at least everyone can understand that I am somewhat in the same boat when it comes to having a busy schedule.

  1. Manage your workload and “me time”- you need the me time, no matter how you can get, because it is essential that you are able to still have time to decompress so that your stress levels decrease
  2. park further from the school building, you can be that kid who wants to park the closest but you can imagine how much more exercise you can get when you park further
  3. ride your bike if you want to, if you live close enough where you can walk or ride a bicycle, why not do it, it will save you gas and you get to exercise
  4. find out if your school offers a gym and what their hours are and if you have time, use it because normally it is free for students to use
  5. part take in a school sport either NCAA, or intramural sports
  6. try packing your lunch instead of eating lunch on campus
  7. eat breakfast
  8. make leftovers so you have food that can least 3 days to a week
  9. eat a variety of fruits and veggies
  10. eat more protein than carbs
  11. bring snacks with you so you don’t have to stop someplace to buy some
  12. do some community service hours, both beneficial to you for school and gets you out more
  13. take the long route to class, don’t take short cuts, walk the longer route
  14. don’t avoid stairs (unless you have a health condition that prohibits you)
  15. take some exercise classes (yoga, kickboxing, karate, walking, weight lifting, ect) if you can fit in your schedule
  16. learn new recipes
  17. cook often instead of take out
  18. buy fresh or buy frozen veggies (caned veggies and fruits sometimes have higher sugar content and sodium and corn syrup.. ect) read the labels if you need to
  19. budget your account (be financially responsible)
  20. take your kids to places like parks, events, things that get both of you out of the house and doing something active together
  21. meet like-minded individuals who also want to start working out or currently do
  22. join clubs
  23. carry water with you to stay hydrated 
  24. pack your gym clothes, it will be a good reminder of what you planned on doing for the day/ or wear them
  25. sign up for 5K runs, 10Ks and more
  26. choose restaurants that offer a good menu of items (better choice of foods like salads, green beans, ect)
  27. do workout videos at home if you don’t have time for a gym
  28. get a good nights sleep
  29. use your textbooks as weights so you can lift at home, might not weigh much but no doubt they come handy for someone who doesn’t own dumbbells 
  30. wake up earlier if you need to; it might suck but sometimes I wake earlier to stretch, to have time to cook breakfast and to just get moving

So this is a large list and hopefully it will help the majority of you college students, as it has helped me. There is no excuses for why we can’t continue to stay fit and healthy, we just need to make time for it and do things that mean the same thing as going to the gym, use your surroundings. Thanks for reading, please share, like and comment if you wish!



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