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People have been writing blogs and the news have been blaring with the new barbie dolls that are going to be released soon (if they haven’t already). I have heard good and bad responses and mostly due to the fact parents feel some type of way.  Now after hearing both sides of the argument, one being “barbies weren’t made to be plus size, they are trademarked as every girls fantasy to be beautiful” and “I think this is a good idea because now every race and body type is a trademark of what it means to be beautiful”.  I have came to my own opinion and conclusion: Barbie is a doll, a doll doesn’t represent you or me, a doll is only a doll and if this doll bothers you so much because of its shape, weight or color then maybe you need help. Now don’t call me an asshole because I am not one, let me explain my point.  Firstly I will say that I am happy we are expanding our minds and becoming more open minded with different body types and races of dolls, I do think it’s wonderful and I believe it will go a long way in our history books. 2ndly, I am all for variety and changes in this particular situation, and 3rdly I never played with dolls to care much about them in the first place. 


Now let me explain why I feel like this whole Barbie transformation idea shouldn’t get people’s panties in a bunch and shouldn’t be your smile for the week. First off, If you have a problem with a barbie doll being plus size, then I already know your issue, you have a simple mind & you should fix that narrow mind of yours because this is 2016 and people don’t aim to please you. Sorry. Not sorry. If you are extremely happy about this commotion and it somehow made you feel better about yourself (unless you are a child) you should probably begin to wonder why and then figure out how you can feel good about yourself without Barbies help. I understand this is no different then having “plus size” models, but lets be honest about this; we should be happy but we shouldn’t be celebrating this because guess what? kids are going to ask why and guess what? most kids didn’t play with barbie because of her size they just liked her for her.  At some point when you go to the store to choose a barbie doll for your child, and you ask them what barbie they want and they still choose the “skinnier” one, for some reason I feel like parents will then and only then explain to their children that size doesn’t define beauty; then somehow pressure their child to getting the new barbie instead because your belief system is saying “I want her to play with the new one because it looks more like mommy or he/she needs this new one because the skinny ones are no longer the cool ones” whatever it takes so you can feel good about yourself as a guardian/parent.  By all means please continue to treat this newsflash as a beginning to something new but don’t have such high expectations just because you believe the “plus size” one is “better”.


Barbie shouldn’t be your example of beauty. Beauty should be taught from the inside out, not be a superficial, materialistic way of thinking. If this new barbie transformation has you preaching to friends, family, your kids, ect about how amazing this is, then you need to rethink your reasons as to why because  if saying “she is no longer a stick figure” or “the plus size ones are prettier” or “the skinny ones don’t look like you or me” are your reasons, then you are choosing the wrong reasons to be proud of this new addition. Don’t forget, body shaming comes from both sides of the spectrum and it’s not fair to make such statements about one size over the other because no one is the same. Again, I will state I am happy about this Barbie transformation but I am happy because it shows me how the world is evolving and getting away from standards and allowing children to recognize the good in all types of people. I don’t think it has anything to do with the weight, I look beyond that and recognize the good that can come from being different. You should too.

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