“Nutrition problem #1”


I love when people scream “I don’t know how to eat healthy” or “I do eat healthy” and I ask them why and they say .. “I don’t know”. This reminds me of like a couple of people I know; more like at least 5-6 people.  Now people who say they eat healthy, will list everything under the sun as to why they want to eat healthy but NOT any one of them are saying ” I care about what goes into my body” and the people screaming I don’t know how to eat healthy, will tell me everything they have tried that they thought was healthy but NOT any one of them say “I look at the food labels”. Now I know I will get a lot of hell from those of you who will tell me “Food labels lie”, “food labels aren’t important if you are choosing to eat unhealthy” “I eat veggies and fruits, who cares about food labels”, “I don’t care about food labels because it takes too much time to look and read everything”, “I use common sense”, and my favorite one is “Food labels are pointless because everything we eat is essentially bad for you because we don’t know where it went before it hit the store”.  Here I am to tell you.. guess what? while all your reasons may be valid, they aren’t all true. BUT I am not here to argue with those of you who choose to ignore the fine print, I am simply on here to inform those of you who may not know where to start and why reading the food labels is important & if you choose to say screw reading food labels, by all means.. go on right ahead.


Only read down below if you truly care about your health & want to learn some really fun information:

  • food labels list the carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, sugars, calories, fats, serving size, ect.. and these are all very important if you want to eat “healthier”.
  • food labels normally come with the list of ingredients and these are important if you are someone who is allergic
  • Food labels are going to do the measuring for you, you just choose how much of it you want to eat
  • when you eat out (fast food .. ) these will come handy
  • I live by the less ingredients is has, the better
  • I don’t know what certain ingredients are, I research them
  • If you are watching your calorie intake (Food labels help)
  • I need low sodium foods (the food label will help you)
  • need to eat less sugaring foods (the food label will help you)
  • watching your carbs (food label will help you)
  • never shopped a certain brand and don’t know what to expect (the food label will help you)
  • want to proportion your plate, the food label will help give you serving size
  • need to do comparisons on foods, read the food labels
  • if you care about what goes into your body, read the food labels
  • For those of you on a veggie and fruit only diet, reading the food label can be even more important for you

Now that I have helped you realize some of the importance of reading a food label, let me help you begin making a routine of it & give you hints as to what to look for when you are reading it:

  • Depending on whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, know how much protein and carbs you are putting into your body will come handy; look at this
  • knowing the type of vitamins you are going to be consuming is important because you may be surprised as to what you may or may not be getting enough of 
  • the amount of sugar is important because sugar can turn into fat and the more sugar something has the chances of it being unhealthy or not having “good sugar”
  • The serving size will help you choose how much to eat of something, definitely a good idea when you are someone who is trying to lose weight or gain weight
  • the ingredients most of the time are things we have no clue what they do to our bodies, so the less ingredients it has, the more I trust the product
  • the different fats labelled, are especially important because not all fat is bad fat
  • I will go as far as to saying, the company’s name is usually on the bag somewhere and researching that company can do wonders if you honestly want to know more about what goes on.
  • The calories is important because sometimes things we wouldn’t think would have a lot of calories usually have the most. Be careful when choosing
  • Have a genuine understanding of what you want to eat more of and less of & reading the food label will come in handy

These are just a small list of things compared to what others may say or want to add and I always welcome any and everybody to add to this list at any point because the more we know, the better! I might have skipped over a few things on a food label that is important and if so please make mention. I will say this, it’s not easy to do and it takes patience and somewhat consistency in order to do it on a more daily basis.  For some people, they have gotten to the point where they know right away what matters most to them and that is all they look for on the food label & that is awesome! for others, they are still learning and read everything & by all means that is awesome too! No matter your situation, a food label is important; it might not give you every insight possible but it helped to give you lead way and with the knowledge you can start to make better food decisions for yourself.


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