“I don’t like the taste of healthy”


Believe it or not, this excuse happens a lot. It happens because we like what we like and things we don’t like, we won’t eat. It’s simple. If I don’t like something, then I won’t eat it.  For example I don’t like sweet potatoes or peas and I don’t like them no matter how they are cooked nor will I eat it mixed with anything else. I can understand how someone may not like something & I can definitely understand that normally we aren’t exploring different foods if we think it doesn’t look appealing or if we had a bad experience BUT we shouldn’t let that get in the way of eating healthier.  Now I stand by the fact, we shouldn’t restrict but use moderation (which I will discuss in a later date/time), when it comes to not eating healthy foods because we don’t like the taste, we need to be more open minded to the different types of healthy foods that are available because you are bound to find at least one and more so many that you do like. Since I don’t eat sweet potatoes or peas, I choose to eat other foods that I can get the same nutrients/benefits from that I do enjoy eating.  

  • Explore different recipes
  • use a variety of foods
  • try something at least once
  • cook the food in various ways 
  • if you don’t like the way it taste when it is being eaten, make into a drink and try it that way
  • find alternatives to the foods you do not like
  • balance your plate, you don’t have to eat all greens and fruits all the time, mix it up a bit
  • talk with peers about the type of foods that they enjoy, it may give you ideas. 
  • experiment 
  • make a dressing for the foods, if you don’t like eating something, add something to it that will help improve the taste
  • research the different types of foods available
  • if all else fails, you may need to take supplement pills for certain things if eating certain foods that provide the health benefits don’t taste good to you
  • make the food not just for yourself but maybe for a spouse, a friend, family member, your children, ect to receive feedback; this can be helpful because they might be able to share their ideas with you and not to mention then you won’t have to eat alone 🙂

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be nasty, it can be fun, adventurous, simple, and quite benefiting to our bodies.  No one said you have to eat a salad everyday, there are other ways to eat healthy, all you have to do is explore and branch out your comfort zone.  I think eating healthy is a huge step and it takes time and patience, taking smaller steps will do much more for you than jumping right in.  Thank you for reading, follow, share, reblog, like and comment. 



Your blogger Shay-lon


One thought on ““I don’t like the taste of healthy”

  1. When I started eating clean, I thought I’d miss bread and several other things. I don’t. It became easier once I felt how good my body felt eating clean. Now I crave chicken. Great posts!


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