“I don’t like the feeling of sweating”


Okay, So I have been gone for a little bit but I have tons of blog post to post about today since the semi event is over now, I will post the rest of everything today. This is the third excuse “I don’t don’t like to sweat” and because of this excuse people think that in order to stay fit you have to sweat and perspire.  The truth of the matter is, that is false. Not everyone sweats and not everyone does exercise that enables their sweat glands to work. I know for a fact that there are many ways to stay fit and exercise without having to get all wet and stinky.  If this is one of your excuses, read below.

  • use a good deodorant 
  • do non-fatiguing exercises
  • do non-vigorous exercises
  • try doing yoga
  • don’t layer yourself in clothes when you want to exercise
  • don’t wear cotton when you exercise
  • workout in a cool environment 
  • instead of running, walk briskly
  • lift lighter weights and more reps
  • take a shower after your workout so you don’t have the feeling of being sweaty bothering you
  • drinks tons of liquids

Now this is a small list of things, but these are very important to consider when you exercise for those of you whom do not like to get sweaty.  I find that people also believe that because you sweat means you are losing weight and although that might be true, it normally is just water weight but its not enough to notice on a scale most of the time.  Working out doesn’t have to be a “dirty” job, there are classes you can take and exercises you can do without having to sweat. Thank you for reading, please follow, share, comment and like!



Your blogger Shay-lon


5 thoughts on ““I don’t like the feeling of sweating”

    1. HAHA, well it’s funny because I had someone tell me this why they don’t exercise and so I decided.. well why not talk about this a bit . I don’t always sweat myself when I workout but when I do I know I put in work but even when I don’t sweat .. I know I still did .. so maybe some people feel like they need to sweat in order to feel like they did something at the gym.


      1. I love the feeling of exercise particularly sports. I can’t do it as much as before and I’m much slower due to knee injury, but I like the challenge.


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