Client & the TRX update

Updated information on my TRX experience with the client


I am back to update everyone on the experience I had with the TRX a couple of days ago.  Also this has me wanting to talk about other things dealing with the personal training industry now that this situation occurred. Let me first start my by saying, my client was confused as to why were going to do a TRX exercise, because in her head she thought “I don’t have one, so why would I want to use this”, well I explained to her about why I chose this particular exercise and how it can replicate some of the exercises she does without it. We did chest press and the squat on the TRX, I of course demonstrated both of these exercises, and gave her options when it came to what stance to use for the chest press (since she doesn’t have upper body strength, we did the staggered to begin with and if she felt it was too easy, I had her do the wide leg stance); she ended up choosing the wide leg stance.  


This particular client is an older lady,  and she complained a lot about how unstable she felt while doing the chest press, I had to talk to her about the benefits and give her some motivation to continue through (for the day at least), the squats she didn’t mind as much with the TRX, because they were easy for her. At the end of the workout, she ended up liking the TRX chest press after getting used it to a bit more.  Due to her not owning a TRX at her house, she does not want to continue using it in any further exercises (except for warmups) so I agreed to establish a new form of exercises using weights for the upcoming week.  She also is having me come up with exercises for her to do when she works out at home, so I am in the process of doing this at some point as well, in fact she only owns 2lb weights, so this will be something I am going to talk to her about because the 2 pounds isn’t going to progress her much at all. Basically we did a circuit that day and it went fairly well, but I have learned something from this whole thing. 1) she doesn’t like trying new things if she has never done it before & 2) if they can find an excuses, they will use it.


This brings me to my point, I think this has opened my eyes to the types of people we have who want to be in shape and fit but don’t necessarily like what they have to do to get there, especially if it is out of their comfort zone.  She does cardio 45 minutes 5 times a week and while she is tiny in size, she has hardly any muscle and doesn’t want to work her upper body because it agitates her neck, but since she plays golf and want to have upper body strength, I decided we need to make an effort and work on these weaknesses if you ever want to become stronger. I thought the TRX would be helpful because of her neck agitation but obviously that idea is out now, so I am going to use weights and we will work on exercises that won’t put too much strain on her neck. I think the problem is people want to be able to do big things but hate having to start someplace small, and this is definitely the issue at hand.  Not to mention, she does not like to sweat.  I am looking forward to helping her complete her goals, and while we have a good relationship, I think this experience has given me ideas on how to handle her excuses and what to do to push her past her comfort zones. I want to be the best personal trainer I can be for anyone, and I am not perfect by any means, but I promise you and everyone else, I will succeed no matter the excuses you throw at me because I always have a plan B, C, D, ect.. when all those run out .. I will think up something so fast you won’t expect it. What she doesn’t know is .. I have resistance bands awaiting her, lol and hopefully she won’t throw away the idea because she can actually take some home with her.. (that cuts out I don’t own any) and I am excited to see what she will say or how she will react 🙂


All in all, I just wanted to share this experience with people, and see what everyone has to say about this situation. Like I have stated, I love working with my clients and learning and this situation has helped me a lot. I want to make the best choices for them and this goes to prove not everyone will like my ideas but excuses will not stop me from helping you, I can jump excuses like I can jump hurdles. please feel free to share, comment, and like, reblog and follow me. Thank you for reading. 



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