The word Diet.


In a later post, I am going to go more in depth about specific diets out there, I might not ever hit them all, since everyday someone has made up a new one, but I will go over the more popular ones! I have read some blogs on my wordpress account where the topic of discussion is “Diets do not work” & to my surprise it seems like the percentage of people who are on diets are the usually the same percentage of people who say they do not work. Now I am not a nutritionist or dietician by any means, but I know a little something and I want to share my take on “diets”.

Let me begin by saying, the whole “I am on a diet”, “I am trying this new diet out”, “have you heard of the _____ diet”, “dieting will help me get back on the right path”, “there are so many diets, how do I know which one to go with”, “This diet doesn’t work”, “I have done so many different diets”, “my diet consist of _____”, “I can’t eat this/that because I am on a strict diet”, “what diet are you on”, “my friend/family member told me to try this diet”, “I wish more places served foods that went along with my diet”, “I have a horrible diet”, ect, the list goes on and on and on.. I could literally list 20 plus things that people say when they mention the word diet.  The problem isn’t the word, or the definition, the problem is people don’t know what dieting means and how come it is important, people don’t realize that dieting has little to do with restricting and more to do with the types of food you eat.  Dieting has negativity behind it instead of anything positive and that bothers me! Why does dieting have to be a “bad” thing, “negative”, elimination, restricting, narrowing down, and fads? Why has society got so comfortable with the word dieting to the point that everyone wants to be a apart of this new epidemic and why is it a constant race to see how many diets someone can do that work!?

We constantly critique different diets and pick and choose which ones are affordable, in style, popular, weight losing diets, and we look less at the short term and long term effects of each of these diets; that is the problem people! The problem isn’t that diets don’t work, it is we don’t know what we are doing and when we change our diets so often based on other people’s reviews and not our own.  Now, I’ll be the first person to say.. I am not for “diets” and those new fads. I really am not a huge fan of dieting.. but not the kind of dieting where you eat clean and live a healthy life, I am against the diets that refer to the sayings/phrases, terms I listed up above in the first paragraph.  Want to know why I am against those sayings, because I used to be one of those people who used one of those sayings and guess what? it got me nowhere fast other than stressed out and unforgiving. I think the diets people refer to now, are the ones that say eat less and try to survive, eat less because if you starve yourself long enough you won’t notice, eat this because you will lose 5 pounds in one week (that is totally healthy right?!); it is frightening to think about how many people fall for these things and don’t ever stop to think about the pros and cons of the particular diet of their choosing.  The world would be a better place if we all decided to hop on the same boat and just simply eat clean and exercise & do this for the rest of our lives and be happy.  But, since we can’t because people love popping diet pills, diet drinks, diet food, diet anything that means they will look like the female and/or male figure in the magazine.   I have come to realize no matter what you tell people about dieting; EVERYONE BELIEVES THEY EAT HEALTHY!!!!!! You wouldn’t believe how many people I encounter on a daily basis who claims they eat “healthy” and yet, they tell you what they eat and how much and often and I am just thinking to myself “are you kidding me, this isn’t healthy” but I keep my opinion to myself because I have to understand their way of thinking before I criticise their way of eating. 

I have to wonder to myself what made this person choose this way of eating and who told them what they were doing was healthy, does this person truly understand what dieting means and how rewarding and easy it is if we focused less on the elimination part and more on the types of food parts and the amount and time we consume these foods. Then I have to say to self “this is why you are in the industry, to teach, to learn and to explore” I want to know how people go about choosing diets but then again I have an idea of how, I want to know what is “healthy” eating and why can’t everyone be on the same level.  Does being a vegan or vegetarian make one more healthier than the rest of us? If you eat gluten free foods, are you living a much healthier lifestyle than those who could careless? If I eat grass fed and organic foods, does this mean I am eating healthier or is this another fad? Does being paleo make me more stronger and less fat?  If I follow the myplate exactly how it is created, will I lose weight and does this mean it works? Should I eat less carbs or no carbs? skip breakfast or eat breakfast? if I starve myself will I lose weight at a faster pace? ect.. the list of questions go on and on and on.  The sad part is more and more people have questions but no one is answering them fast enough before someone decides to take a huge risk and risk killing themselves because they didn’t know any better.  Sure we have the internet, but let’s be real.. the internet doesn’t help when you have over millions of people saying something different about each and everything and you are bound to find someone who will say anything to get a decent amount of followers. So let me break this down for you:

  • Dieting shouldn’t be a new fad each week
  • Stop starving yourself during your diets, it is not fair to your body or mind
  • keep away from people who have no idea what they are talking about when they speak on nutrition
  • not everyone’s body is the same, stop following others and make your own meal plan
  • Instead of changing your diets every week, change your mentality
  • find what works for you
  • consider the amount of food and the type of foods when you diet
  • can you afford to stay on the “diet” long term or is this a short term diet
  • consider the time of day you eat the food
  • If you research diets online, ask questions, and don’t believe everything you read
  • stop complaining about diets & eat clean
  • your body, your rules
  • celebrities are bullshitting you, lol. Do your own research
  • seek a nutritionist or dietician
  • do what works for you and what you can afford to do, don’t go broke jumping on the diet train
  • keep in mind you have a metabolism and it needs time
  • take accountability for your own actions when you fail to follow through
  • Eat clean and be happy

Here are some questions for everyone else to answer:

  1. Do you currently diet?
  2. What diets have your tried, did they work; why or why not?
  3. why did you start dieting?
  4. what does dieting mean to you?
  5. are diets meant to be long term or short term investments?
  6. have you spoken with a nutritionist?
  7. do you exercise?
  8. are you vegan or vegetarian?
  9. do you aim to eat organic/grass fed? & why or why not?
  10. how important is dieting to you?

Instead of dieting, everyone should hop on the meal plan bus with me! I call my dieting meal planning and I hardly ever use the word diet/diets unless I have to.  It comes with the fact that I am not a huge fan of the word diet anymore & because meal planning has a more realistic meaning in my opinion.  Thank you for reading! Follow, comment, share, like and reblog this. You contact me through facebook, email, tumblr, wordpress, google blogger, instagram and twitter.. whatever works for you, works for me too! 



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