Day 1 Macros

Day one

Sorry for the late midnight post, I was working on my last bit of homework for my exercise science class, I had to write a report on a topic that interested me and I chose to write about CrossFit, since I had my first experience and have been interested in wanting to do CrossFit for awhile. Anyways, it had to be 4-5 pages long and I took forever and a day because I was slow walking the dog but I know it was a good paper because I took my time on it.  Anywho, I plugged in my results into my Livestrong App and here is what I got for today (because it is so late and I have to wake up early for class, I am going to try to keep this post straight to the point and short) and If I need to, I’ll add more tomorrow because I am tired and I still have to print out a sheet of workouts for a client I have tomorrow. Long week ahead of me. 


Tonight I didn’t eat as many calories as I “normally” would, I guess I have been caught up with homework all day I didn’t meet my calorie goal, but that is fine because this isn’t something I make a habit of.

Calories: 674/1658 recommended. 

  • Breakfast:
  1. 100% liquid egg whites
  2. Red potatoes
  3. coconut oil
  4. clover honey
  5. RedHot hot sauce
  6. Butterball Turkey bacon

I’ll add the amount tomorrow possibly, if I remember since tomorrow will be another busy day, just remind me and I will 🙂

  • Lunch:
  1. Nothing 
  • Dinner:
  1. USDA choice beef Ribeye steak (boneless)
  2. Frozen broccoli cuts ( I steamed them)
  3. Colby jack shredded cheese
  4. baby red potatoes
  • Snack:
  1. I had a reese cup flurrie but I couldn’t add it because there was no way to track it since it didn’t recognize the place I bought it from.  This was a medium size in a cup, probably had at least 300 calories at the very least is my best guess.

Now to the other stuff that also matters

  • Carbohydates: 45g/out of the 90 g goal (technically 137g goal, the app doesn’t allow me to go that high without adjusting the rest of them.. ugh)
  • Protein: 31g/135g goal (technically 155g goal)
  • Fat: 58g/33g goal (technically 54g goal, again the app doesn’t allow me to adjust it)
  • Sodium: 809mg/1440mg goal
  • cholesterol: 81mg/180mg goal
  • Sugars: 35g/24g goal
  • Dietary Fiber: 4g/15g goal

One 8oz glass of water. 


I have to admit today wasn’t a bad day, it was a good day with eating as far as I am concerned just need less sugars and eat more fiber and I need to work on drinking more water. 

  • Exercise : I did a hour workout at the gym this morning and had some aminos during the workout. Strength training, upper body and abs.  

Feel free to share comments. 


Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo


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