My Gym results as of now

I just wanted to share a tidbit of information since I haven’t blogged in a few days. I wanted to let everyone know I am back squatting 200lbs now.. not a full 10 reps, but 2-3 good ones.  I am lat pulling at 140lbs right now, and this is also not 10 reps but 3-4 good ones.  I am low rowing at 120lbs 10 reps and 140lbs 3-4 reps. When I began squatting, I was no where near 200, and for a while I plateaued at 180lbs, but after be consistent and really working on it, I have manged to go up 20 pounds. My lat pulldowns started off at like 50lbs and then I worked my way up as time went on and my low rows were around 75lbs before reaching a goal of 100 then now pulling 140 comfortably for 3-4 reps. I would say I am doing pretty good, and I have more work to do in other areas, but I know that with continued determination and hard work ethic, I will accomplish more. 



Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon


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