“Go hard or go home”

go hard or go home

So first off, I will apologize for my lack of post in the last 7 days. I allowed my mom to borrow my laptop and had no way of posting without using my phone and that annoyed me so I decided to wait until she returned my laptop.  Next time I will try to make sure I am more prompt at letting everyone know so that you don’t think I have disappeared. I will mention that I spent all weekend busy so I would not have had the chance to post this weekend, and the month of June is going to be busier so I will make post as much as possible whenever I can. Now while I was away, I had time to think about what my next post would be about and it came to me when I was in the car speaking with a friend of mine briefly about going to the gym.  This particular person, recently started working out (wanting to lose weight) and was working with a personal trainer in the beginning (they only started working out with the last couple of months, maybe?) Well as far as I knew, it was going fairly well and they were going twice a day everyday, and I was proud of them for making the effort. Now just recently, I asked this particular person how their sessions have been going and their reply was “I don’t use a personal trainer anymore, everything they did with me, I can do myself”. This response in itself lets me know they gave up or the personal trainer dropped them because they didn’t put any effort in because why else use this excuse.. if you wanted to lose weight.

With all that being said this post is about people and their excuses and lack of effort & how to downplay a personal trainer when really you are the problem not the trainer. Now let me just say this, There are horrible personal trainers out in the world who are not good at their job just like any other occupation. The problem with this particular situation isn’t the fact the personal trainer wasn’t good at their job (because they lost some weight) but the fact you weren’t committed enough to continue and you wanted to use an excuse for your actions.  With me becoming a personal trainer, I would drop a client who wasn’t serious and didn’t show up to their sessions as they should have with no notice, I honestly have a hard time believing they are doing the exact same workout as they were with the personal trainer when they spend 30 minutes on a treadmill going less then speed 3. lol. I also have a hard time accepting their attitude when it comes to this situation because with me being in the fitness industry my motto is go hard or go home and anything in between doesn’t exist to me. I can understand that the journey of losing weight is hard, I have been there and it sucks sometimes but if your trainer is giving you results, then you probably should continue; especially if you aren’t motivated or disciplined enough to do it on your own time and you go back to your old ways.

Now that is just an example of what I had to go through, I didn’t really tell this particular person anything because I didn’t want to allow myself to get that frustrated because it wasn’t my body and my life. I am happy with me but I could imagine that personal trainer’s frustrations and time wasted. I used this person’s story as a way to share with all of you the importance of putting in effort, giving the trainer respect, sharing with them your concerns, and stop making excuses for your actions. The most important part of working with a trainer is showing up and showing up on time and ready. If you aren’t ready to show up and show up on time with a positive attitude and an open mind then you are not taking yourself seriously enough. Everyone is allowed to have bad days, sick days, fuck my life days; I have those days too but guess what? the difference is, I endure the pain to get the results. one of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about wanting to lose weight and wanting to lose it by a certain time, they hire a personal trainer to help them, they lose weight (small amount) and drop the personal trainer because they think they know and have all the answers or do less than 50 percent of effort with the personal trainer then blame the trainer when they start to skip out on sessions.  I will always stand by this no matter if you are my friend, family member, peer, etc; you hire me because you trust me to get you the results you want in a certain amount of time and to help you feel confident and give you valuable information.  If I don’t give you want you want in a certain amount of time with no logical answer; I may agree that I am not doing my job well or at my fullest potential but if you don’t show up, try, go hard, and take your health as serious as I do; I will drop you or we will have a conversation discussing why you are not getting the results you want.  It all comes down to what you want and how badly you want it!

Luckily nothing like this has happened to me but I know that it could and if it does arise I will handle it appropriately.  I am patient with my clients, whether they are low functioning or high functioning, always have patience, the difference is no matter what, they come prepared to do something. Some days are harder but I know they want it; even when they don’t go 100 percent, they show up and are ready.  They are making a difference day by day no matter how slow or fast, not the person skipping out and making excuses. “YOU EITHER WANT THIS OR YOU DON’T, EITHER WAY IM NOT SWEATING IT” -Shay-lon

Sorry for this mini rant, but I want to know how others trainers feel about this and how clients if you are a client how you feel about this?  Do you think it is wrong to have a personal trainer expect these things out of you, such as myself? Are you the type to skip out when you make excuses? share with me and let me know how you feel and give some feedback.

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Shay-lon xoxo


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Hello! College graduate in exercise science and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. My blog has all kinds of fun topics, something for everyone who is anyone that involves themselves with fitness. I like to think of fitness as a confidence booster, something to make us feel good and look good & pushes us to do things that make us feel more productive, unstoppable and stronger mentally and physically. My blog focuses on building people, and helping people see their true potential, while also sharing my journey with workouts, competing with powerlifting, and sharing how to's on workouts, so you step inside the gym with more knowledge. I don't know everything but I am on a voyage to build my character, my strength and work on my weaknesses --- with awesome people in my corner who support me and my goals. I plan on being your cheerleader, friend, coach and trainer all-in-one and most of all, I want to be your listener, the person who can listen and gain more knowledge about you and learn what makes fitness important to you; what's your why! (Your why will carry you to the finish line). It's important to have purpose for something, because you will need that purpose when you start to give up on yourself or want to quit. "Don't let the fire that guides you, dim" - Shay-lon Besides the fitness stuff, I reside in Ohio, love dogs and love pizza. Typical 26 year old trying to build an empire that brings out the best in others and makes me the best person I can be in all aspects in my life. Before I die, I want a reason to live, and I was given that reason each day I am able to wake up --- I have learned to not take life for granted and to explore as much as possible because to live with zero regrets would be fantastic! "I've conquered many things, but I still have much to learn about life, because nobody can know everything. & every battle is different" - Shay-lon

10 thoughts on ““Go hard or go home””

  1. Thank you so much for your posts, it’s just that little more of a delightful motivational push to get to the gym. Only started recently and since I following, you’ve really helped me continue to where I’d like to be health & fitness wise! 🙂 Keep it up, I’m sure you’re making other peoples days too! 😀

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    1. Sovadea, I am very pleased that my post have helped you and keep you motivated, makes me quite smitten and honored. I had always hoped my blog would somehow help others and be something of an eye opener and get people up and moving. I always feel as though, people like yourself who need something like this are my motivation for writing besides the fact that I LOVE everything fitness and health and made it my occupation. I hope that you continue to read them and use them for however you would like to. Although, if you ever have questions, topics that you want me to go over or concerns about this fitness and or health.. you are always welcome to ask me anything:) I too, enjoy reading your blog page, continue to do great things with your writings!
      Hugs, Shay-lon 🙂

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    1. Are you against weight loss surgery? actually save this answer for my post about it:) I want your full opinion then, if you should have one. But share with me this, why do you believe people like taking the easy way out?


      1. Because people are lazy! Everything in life these days is done through quick fixes. People are not prepared to work and there are always easy portions. I think this idea runs through all things in society not just weight loss.

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      2. Lee,
        Hmm, I enjoy reading your perspective. It actually made me laugh because of the very first sentence. I love how honest and realistic you are when you give your feedback. I agree with you that this stems from all other aspects of life and not just weight loss or fitness. I mean think about it, give people a car and they would rather drive to the store across the street versus walk. lol (dramatic theory). I feel as though this topic could even go as far to say how people choose to not work but live off the government here in the states, hmm. I won’t take up your time with my thoughts but this makes for a good conversation.
        Hugs, Shay-lon 🙂


      3. People will use credit cards, put cars on finance, cosmetic surgery… it goes on and on. Football clubs will spend lots of money on players rather than wait and produce young talented footballers. Everything has to right now!

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      4. Hmm, those are GREAT examples. I had to think about the first two things, because it is funny how much sense that does make when you talk about “credit cards and putting cars on finance”; I suppose I am guilty of those things myself. Hmm, something to think about. In the meantime, I can see you writing about this Lee, you should. Not about the fitness aspect necessarily but the overall need to take the easy way out of things and the need for everything to be right now 🙂 would make for a good blog post possibly?

        Hugs, Shay-lon 🙂


  2. Human are by nature lazy. We naturally find ways to be efficient(lazy).Our body adapts to exercise so that we can in fact be more efficient(lazy). We get stronger to make things not so heavy. We design better technology to make our lives easier.
    So yes most people are lazy in someway because it human nature. Thank the lazy man who didn’t feel like walking for inventing the telephone.
    My point a lot of the fitness, weight loss industry has created this monster. We made it about instant results and six pack abs. We scared people away with all the sweating and workout that make up puke. There is always a pill to keep you alive so why bother with people who think you are extra lazy or being human. Why make people feel bad, when they are already emotional stress because they are overweight. Also by nature we really don’t like being told what to do, and personal trainer get the rap for telling people “to do this and don’t do that”.
    I am not disagreeing with your article. Yes I agree it is frustrating. You know me I got something for all the excuses. But that is because I know the reason or excuse is always fear. Fear not laziness.

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    1. Understandable, you made some valid points.Something that I will continue to keep in mind. Although in this particular person’s situation, it wasn’t fear, it was more so blaming the personal trainer to create an excuse so that he wouldn’t look bad in not continuing, how do I know? because this person is a friend of mine and they pull this stunt in other aspects of their life. We are all flawed and have weaknesses, nothing wrong with that & can totally respect someone for being honest but to lie and/or make an excuse to make yourself feel better, pisses me off to say the least. lol. Hints why I kept my opinion to myself this time when it came to his “explanation”; otherwise, we might not have continue to be friends. Lmao!


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