Jump rope and jumping jacks


Hello! hello! today I am off to a late start with a post but decided I would talk about another two exercises. I am sure you have all witnessed them; jump rope and jumping jacks. Personally I have not done neither in quite a while, someone had asked me which I preferred and it was a tough call because honestly I am no pro at either one. I would probably choose jump rope just because it is a bit more fun and comes with different moves; although I could probably do more jumping jacks than jump rope. Anyhow, I thought this would be a fun discussion since they are both cardio based exercises. I am going to tell you a bit about them both and I want to hear from all you which you prefer and why. 

Jump rope

  • great calorie burner
  • good for the heart
  • strengthen the upper and lower body
  • you are putting direct stress on knees, ankles and hips
  • useful for “fit” individuals
  • do not jump rope on carpet, grass, concrete or asphalt, instead use wood floor or impact mat made for exercise
  • you shouldnt come more than 1 inch off the ground
  • lower impact than jogging or running if done properly
  • stay on your toes
  • improves coordination
  • portable
  • improves muscular endurance
  • improves bone density
  • 10 minutes of jump rope does more than 30 minutes of jogging
Jumping jacks
  • promotes weight loss
  • elevates the heart rate
  • full body workout
  • does well with interval training sessions
  • increases metabolism
  • enhance flexibility and tones
  • cardio exercise
  • makes for a good warm up exercise
Now it might seem at first glance that jump rope has more benefits but it doesn’t mean you won’t reap the same benefits when you do jumping jacks, just means you reap one before the other depending on the exercise and the amount of time you do it in. Both of these exercises serve as great cardio exercises and if someone has a hard time with jogging or running, these make for great substitutions. If you suffer from any lower body injuries, make sure to speak with your Dr, before participating. Would love to hear from you guys, let me know what you think of these two exercises!
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xxx

Did someone say Avocados?

Alright, today we are going to talk about AVOCADOS! I know you know what an avocado is, or maybe you don’t and if not refer to the pictures above. Between instagram and pinterest and tumlbr; avocados are like a HUGE deal to people. I don’t think many pictures go by where I don’t see someone eating something that has avocados in it.  I will be honest with you, I am not a huge fan of guacamole (had a bad experience) but if someone was to make it, I would give it go again as long as they promised me it tasted amazing this time round. Since my bad experience, I have been missing out on something that serves as one of the “healthiest” foods.  I have decided to share with all of you what I have been missing out on and give you the scoop on what all there is to know about avocados and why people are going crazy for them. I will mention, that I at some point will be making my own guacamole or will eat an avocado for the first time in many, many, many years.  I have not given up on them, yet. 

The Avocado legend

  • An avocado is a tree native to South Central Mexico
  • It is a fruit
  • There are a variety of avocados that exist, depending on your location
  • Contain more potassium than bananas
  • Loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids
  • have tons of fiber
  • Eating avocados have been said to lower cholesterol 
  • contains lutein (good for your eyes)
  • good source of vitamin B (help you fight off disease and infection)
  • low in sugar
  • Are high in fat (good fats) as long as you eat them in moderation
  • Avocados have a lot of calories (serving size is usually 1/5 of a medium avocado)
  • store avocados at room temperature (take 4-5 days to ripen)
  • when the outside skin is black or dark purple & yield to gentle pressure; they are ready to eat or refrigerate
Ways to eat avocados
  • cut it in half and eat half of the avocado with seasonings
  • as a spread
  • guacamole/avocado dip
  • avocado salad
  • avocado sandwiches and burgers
Everyone probably knows this, but make sure to always wash your avocados when they are being used, even if you plan on peeling off the skin.  There is a certain way to cut/peel/take out the seed,
Also if it is your first time buying avocados, you need to know what to look for, so that you pick out a ripe one, unless you are planning an event and need one that is not ripe. Here is a link to give people like myself who have never had to shop for one: https://www.avocadocentral.com/how-to/how-to-pick-how-to-buy-avocados
Finally, for those of you who may not know how to make guacamole and want a recipe, I found one for you & one that I may be using myself when I decide to make my first guacamole: https://www.avocadocentral.com/how-to/how-to-make-guacamole
If there is anyone else who is not a fan of guacamole, let me know. If you love guacamole, share some recipes with us, and tips/tricks.  I would love to hear from you. 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Video discussing replacement of body shaming

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUZHvVTFGQQ <—– My youtube video

This video is to promote the use of words that mean the same thing but shouldn’t be used to discriminate, put down or make light of someone but to instead give an honest opinion about yourself and the ones you love without “beating behind the bush”.  These words should be used my fitness professionals and general population.  I know there is no “right” way to talk about weight, but if you keep the focus on health and not about physique; I think people will feel more comfortable talking about weight. We tend to associate health with body and that shouldn’t be the case. I promote good health and better bodies. I do not promote have a nice body and screw your health. LOL. One day people will get on board and worry less about their abs and more about the long term effects of medicines, exercises, foods, ect on their health. I think having a nice body is a bonus to having a great health. I want people to feel confident with themselves and not shun fitness because they believe everyone has to have a gold standard body. Nobody said the journey would be easy, but I am here to help when things get rocky. 

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P.S the use of these words doesn’t solve our problems 100 percent, but they are a start and might lead to even  better ways of expressing body weight. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion! thank you!

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

I got offered a “job” to blog for a new upcoming website company

Hello everyone, 

I wanted to share with all of you the good news I had received a couple of weeks ago (now hearing back from them yesterday night and this morning). As all of you know, I have been blogging about fitness/health. I started blogging in December of 2015 because of a professor who gave me the idea to share what I know with others, network, get my name out there and make the difference that I hope to make once I start working in the fitness industry.  After graduating college in exercise science, I decided to take my blogging a lot more seriously because I had seen that people actually took notice to it and liked what they had read. I had spoken with quite a few bloggers who have been blogging for 10 plus years and all of them have success stories; revenue, followers, worldwide recognition, etc. I was new to all of this and no idea what all blogging entailed, how to catch an audience, how to write in a way that didn’t come off “boring” and plain, the use of pictures and videos, how to make revenue, and what it takes to become a “good” blogger in the industry. I am still learning and enjoy every bit of blogging and sharing my opinions and facts with all of you.  Blogging has helped me to better network and has taught me a valuable lesson in dedicating myself to something to get more out of it. I normally try to blog once a day, and sometimes if I am lucky I will find time to write two blogs in one day but since starting video blogging, I have become very busy and not to mention I still have a life outside of the computer screen.  However, I still manage to find time in my day to at least write something and when I do not write for a day or two or three; I try to make it up to my audience with giving them good topics of discussion. 

Here I am sharing my blog post with social media and giving my all to people who do not know me, but are willing to learn and ask questions. A few weeks ago today, I was sent a message on Facebook from a company of sorts who explained to me how they have been reading my blog post on my blogging sites and enjoyed them greatly, they thought I would be a good asset to their team of bloggers and added that they would love to hear from me.  I didn’t know what to think because with all the scams going on in the worldwide web, I didn’t want to believe it was true that someone found my blogs to be of use and wanted to offer me to blog for them.  I knew I had been trying to find websites and sites that would allow me to be a blogger on their site but had no luck.  I decided to send them an email back because I had decided I would rather take the risk and ask questions then to never know and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.  It had been about a week later and yesterday night they had emailed me back with all my answers to my questions plus other bits of information.  They explained to me that they are a new upcoming blogging site (stationed in NYC) and have a team of bloggers who share different topics, they told me all of what they had to offer as far as benefiting me as a writer (they will be hiring an editor, and will have a mentor to help me better my skills at being an influential blogger).  The company sent me multiple messages explaining how things work and what to expect and gave me information on wanting to make revenue, gain more follower base and having my post shared worldwide, among other things. I decided to take the “job” offer and invest in writing for this company; hoping to attract affiliates who will want me to write for their site as well.  Basically, I can write about any topics- but mine will be about fitness/health obviously, I will have the chance to win prizes, I will have a chance to make revenue, I will be able to talk with other bloggers, I will have a mentor and once they hire an editor; I can choose to use that to my disposal as well.  They ask that if I am not going to be blogging for a long period of time (i.e a month) that I will need to let them know. My blogs can be as long or as short as I want them to be, I can choose to blog however much in a weeks time (most they said blog 2-3 times a week), I am able to share my blogging sites, I will soon be able to share on social media (i.e facebook, twitter, etc), I am allowed to do videos, they will have weekly newsletters, and non mandatory bi weekly conference calls where I can discuss with the writing crew. There is so much that they are going to offer me as a writer and I hope this turns out to be great! 

There are other things I had not mentioned, but just wanted to give everyone a gist of what I will be expecting now that I have accepted this job offer as a blogger.   I do not know where this will take me, but I am hoping for the best. I appreciate all of you who have supported my blog post, those of you who have helped me to become a better writer, and everyone who has taken time to get to know me, it is because of you guys that I am able to write about my passions and it is because of you guys that I have learned so much about blogging (and still have much more to learn). Thank you. 

P,S I will still be blogging on my google blogger, wordpress and tumblr site. I just have more work to do, now that I have another site to blog on & I will continue to do youtube videos 🙂

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

Sit ups vs Crunches

Ab workouts. Two exercises used for the wrong reasons because people are misinformed. People believe that by doing sit ups and crunches everyday, you will get abs. Well truth is you have to first worry about getting rid of the fat that is covering your abs, because sit ups and crunches are used to strengthen the abdominal area not lose weight there. Now that you know that tid bit of information, I wanted to talk about about these two exercises; how they differ and how they should be done correctly. 

Sit ups:

  • Works multiple muscles (chest, hip flexors, lower back, neck) 
  • do not specifically target stomach fat
  • high risk of lower back and neck injuries
  • more range of motion in use
  1. lay down on your back
  2. Bend legs, place feet firmly on the ground
  3. cross your hands to opposite shoulders (or behind the ears without pulling the neck)
  4. curl upper body all the way up towards your knees, exhale as you lift
  5. lower yourself down at a slow rate to the starting position, inhale as you lower.
  • Muscle isolation (work only the abdominal muscles)
  • Do not burn fat
  • strengthens the core (obliques and lower back included)
  • can cause back pain
  1. lay down on your back
  2. bend legs and stabilize lower body
  3. cross hands to opposite shoulders or hands behind ears without pulling the neck
  4. lift your head and shoulder blades from the ground, exhale as your rise
  5. lower, returning to start point. Inhale as your lower
Both of these exercises are useful in developing and strengthening core muscles. A strong core can help with posture and balance.   People whom have injuries to their neck, and lower back should not partake in neither of these exercises.  In the battle of which one is more beneficial, in my opinion, I like crunches better, because I feel like they do more work in my core and the risk of injury is less because I am not straining those areas. I would love to hear what you guys think, do you like either exercise, do you like one more than the other? 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xxxxx

Men’s bodybuilding

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t written in 3 days now, so I wanted to make sure I got a couple of post in for today.  I have been fairly busy in my real life, so I had to take a couple of days off from blogging. Hopefully no one missed me too much. LOL. Today’s topic of discussion is going to be about “men’s bodybuilding” and basically I am doing this this topic because this year was my first year at the Arnold classic in Columbus,OH and as some of you may know, it is huge for bodybuilding competitions and anything fitness oriented. While I did enjoy my time, I was amazed with all the competitions, these men literally had no oz of fat on their bodies (same with the women) and I knew there was a such thing as “lean, and “big muscles” but I had never actually seen it in real life (nor payed much attention to it) until that very moment. It seemed out of this world and didn’t seem possible how one could be that HUGE and have little to no fat.  Everything about the competitions made me question it because it blew my mind.  I never understood how this all worked and what everything meant in the competitions but I decided to do some research on the matter to give myself a better understanding of men’s bodybuilding and give me some insight on how it works, how they manage their bodies and what all it signifies.  I don’t think I am a professional in the matter obviously but I thought I would share my opinion on some things and maybe someone who competes will explain or share their insight (preferably men on this matter, because I will have a separate post about women’s competitions).  I also will share some things that maybe some of you may or may now know about the matter. 

  • Bodybuilders have to determine how many weeks they will need to train for 
So this means basically that they will have evaluate their physique and determine what part of their body needs the most work, how long they need to diet for and how much weight they need to lose per week (preparing for a contest)- from what I understand most bodybuilders will want to lose between .5-1.5 pounds a week if not more sometimes and while this seems possibly semi easy, I can imagine it having a mental strain on someone who isn’t used to it and doesn’t know better. I feel as though this part of bodybuilding could be dangerous if someone doesn’t understand how to properly go about this.  Although there is no proper way when you want to lose weight and compete, some will go the extra mile and do things out of desperation because it is the easier route. This in my opinion is how come so many end up taking steroids or enhancers, because some want to have quicker results; not everyone is patient. Something to think about.
  • Most if not all bodybuilders will at some point have to sacrifice their social lives so that they can focus on training and dieting. 

This doesn’t have to mean they never see their family or friends but it means they will possibly have a different lifestyle and goals to meet and if their peers do not support their dreams of being this bodybuilder; sometimes friendships are lost- My opinion is, everyone has their own path in life, so no one should stop making their dreams come true to make someone else happy; if that someone else isn’t willing to support/motivate that person to keep working toward their goals/dreams then maybe that person doesn’t deserve to reap the benefits of your friendship.  As far as family goes, never forget where you came from. I think it is easy to get caught up in the hype once your name becomes known to people worldwide, you sometimes forget about the people who were there, I have seen people blow up into something amazing and totally act as if the people who stood by them no longer mattered & I have seen some who have blown up and never left the ones they cared for and loved.  

  • To become a bodybuilder is both mentally and physically draining. 

It can take a toll on your mindset and make incredible changes to your physique. I have heard of all the diets some of these men do and it drains them or makes them restless, they are in and out of the gym and sticking to a strict diet so that they are competition ready.  It isn’t easy to be lean, and make your body “competition perfect”.  Prepping can be stressful, especially if you also have other obligations. – My opinion is you will either love it and do this for the rest of your life, or you will be miserable and never do it again.  

  • Some competition organizations allow you to take supplements and others will not.  

Do your research (go to their site) and look into what all can be taken to qualify.  In some cases, even certain meds can not be taken depending on the circumstances. This is a good thing they regulate what supplements are allowed because it helps to hinder bodybuilders from being able to cheat.  I am not saying we don’t have bodybuilders who take things that are not legal, but if they have requirements to meet then it makes the chances a bit lower (I would think) but anything can happen and no matter what, you will always have ways to get things you want without people knowing; nothing is 100 percent. 

So basically this is what I kinda learned from researching, some things were a bit more in-depth and I didn’t decide to mention it because I don’t know a whole lot about it. I think it would be nice to get some input from bodybuilders who have competed and have you share tips, advice, information, the good and bad and give the audience something to think about for those who are interested in competing or want to know more just because.  Men’s bodybuilding is a serious sport that can cause long term positive and/or negative effects mentally and physically. For those who don’t understand the dieting portion of it, I would recommend finding guides, reading up on it, and talking to other people who have competed. There is plenty of information available, and you don’t have to follow or listen to one source, you have to find which way works for you and do it.  Bodybuilding in general is mind and body, taking leaps of faith, growth and transforming yourself on a daily basis.  I think this sport is becoming very popular but I see where things can be manipulated and where it can have people fooled.  Overall I think the journey could be worth it, depending on how you go about it and how dedicated you are and stay. I use to think I wanted to do it, but I realized it probably wasn’t for me, would be too much for me to handle and I feel like I am not mentally ready to take on something such as this yet in my life, maybe down the road and maybe not. I commend those who have done this and do well and excel and teach and continue to prosper. I did mention I would talk about women’s bodybuilding and I will eventually but keep all this same information in mind because they have some of the same things to go through just differently because our bodies are different. Hope you have enjoyed the read. 
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Powerade vs Gatorade

Alright, everyone place your bets in now; this is going to be a real good race between the two contenders and I think you all will enjoy the this topic. I decided to do a topic on sports drinks (specifically Powerade and Gatorade) because these two drinks are some of the most popular among athletes and fitness professionals (when they are not consuming water),  There are many other drinks that are also fairly popular but because I like these sports drinks, I choose to talk about these two today. I don’t know if any of you have had the chance to try either one of these drinks, but basically they are fruity in nature and there is a wide variety of flavors.  For the most part they look like the above pictures but they come in different sizes and sometimes rather different containers. Once a upon a time there was a time in my life where all I would drink was powerade or gatorade because I didn’t like the taste of water and I was trying to steer myself from consuming pop. For awhile I didn’t think nothing of it because it was tasted good and I thought they were “good” for me. Come to find out, they aren’t the best resources for your body unless you need sodium to replace the sodium that has left your body during sweat, electrolytes or because you need something with sugar.   Many people do not realize the effects that come from drinking these sports drinks beyond moderation, and in the long run they start to become a reason for weight gain, sickness, high blood sugar, etc.  Today, I am going to share with you information on these two sports drinks and give you guys a closer look into the both of them so that all of you are well aware of them. Btw, I still drink these but not often. 

  • Both Gatorade and Powerade contain carbohydrates in the form of sugar (replenishing energy during or after a workout)
  • The original :”thirst quencher” Gatorade and traditional Powerade contained 21 grams of sugar per 12 fl oz. 
  • Gatorade contains sucrose (table sugar) and dextrose (simple sugar); while Powerade contains high fructose corn syrup. Supposedly high fructose corn syrup has been associated with increased abdominal fat in excessive amounts.
  • Gatorade contains 160mg of sodium and 45mg of potassium, Powerade 150mg of sodium and 35mg of potassium.  This means that Gatorade does a better job at replenishing electrolytes. Powerade has the added vitmans: B-3, B-6 and B-12 for improved energy production
  • They both offer a lower calorie drink (Gatorade being 7g of sugar and Powerade being zero grams of sugar) & Gatorade offers specialty drinks for endurance athletes
So basically it comes down to this, in my opinion I prefer Gatorade because it does a better job replenishing sodium and electrolytes, but in the end this only matters if you plan on running for very long distances or you are an athlete who does a sport that you lose a lot of sodium due to a lot of sweat. For casual athletes and or recreational athletes, this doesn’t matter as much; stick with water, so it really comes down to preference.  I like the taste of Gatorade more.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consume either of these, but this means we need to be careful with our intake because it can have reverse complications on our bodies and health. Don’t stop drinking these all together, just drink them when necessary or in moderation.  
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

I cannot sit on my toilet in comfort after a lower body workout

lower body

Alright, so everyone I wanted to talk about today’s workout and aftermath results. By the way, I will make a “serious” topic after this one, and by serious, I mean something like my normal stuff where I have a topic of discussion and blow your brains up with information and set these high expectations that all of you will share feedback, Haha.  Yes, I realize what I do with you guys and I just can’t help myself because I am so passionate about fitness and health and I want all of you to love it like I do and feel the same way I do; no I am totally kidding, I just want all of you to appreciate it in some form or fashion and have a little bit of different outlook maybe.. and share your inner feelings with me about it, so I can handle those concerns and make you smile again when I make mention of the gym and working out. I really do love fitness and health though, so I thank all of you for putting up with me when I talk about it a whole lot and spread my wonderful knowledge and opinions and sweaty facts. 

As for today, I hated my lower body workout, not because I chose really lame exercises, or because I felt watched while doing my squats( although that did happen) but because IT HURTS so bad afterwards and during. Some of you are probably wondering what exercises I did; well I am going to tell you. I will also make mention it was a very high intensity day for me again on leg day.. I am sore.

  • Leg press- 200lbs 20 minutes, 6 reps, 1.5 minute break between sets. Now some of you are wondering why I did this for 20 minutes, and not just 3 sets of 6 reps. Well yes, I could have done the 3 sets of 6, but I like timing myself when I do high intensity workouts sometimes. So, technically I am just doing it for as long as I can with the proper breaks between, so that I am not fatiguing myself. On a more normal day, I probably would have done 180 lbs, 3 sets of 6-8 and called it a day and moved on to another exercise, but I am not always normal.
  • Russian twist using a 25 pound weight plate. This was my first time moving up to 25 pounds, normally I use 10 pounds but I felt like conquering the world and took the dive. my abs definitely felt the burn. I did 105 reps total, doing sets of 20 with a 30 second rest between. 
  • Split squats using two 10 pound weight plates. I did 6 reps instead of 8-10 because by this time, my legs were practically telling me to go fuck myself (excuse the harsh language) and I didn’t want to hurt myself, I did do 4 sets though each leg.
  • Planks. 3 sets of 1 minute planks, This wasn’t so bad today; 1 minute break between sets. 
  • single leg deadlifts- 4 sets of 10 reps each leg using 10 pound weight plates. You betcha, I was wiggly like worm doing these today, I have horrible balance when I am not focused.. and today I lost focus due to the many questions this guy was asking me.  Grr. I like this exercise though (heads up, I will talk about this exercise soon)
  • I failed using the cables today for a lower body exercise (looked like a dork) I totally know better and  I had a complete brain freeze and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to use cables for a lower body exercise (for my hamstrings).. yes… shame on me. I am going to look into videos to refresh my brain.  Even professionals such as myself forget things and embarrass themselves. Yes, I did have a couple of people watch me as I struggled to find the correct form and technique to my exercise with the cable. Talk about a nail to the ego, but I am okay, I will return and pretend nothing like that has ever happened to me & hope that somehow they forget all about watching me look like mental patient.
Everybody has learned quite a lesson for today from me, which is know what you are doing, before you do it, so that you don’t look like I did trying to figure things out. Prepare for soreness for a couple of days if you do a hard lower body workout. Nobody has to time themselves when working out, like I do, I do it for multiple reasons, but stick with what I taught you until I explain more about it or unless you are like me and have to keep track of time constantly. ugh. I wanted to do back squats today, but our smith machine was taken for the entire time I was at the gym (we don’t have a free weight bench area), so I had to skip back squats, but tonight before I leave for work, I will probably do 100 reps of standing squats with no weight. Basically I left the gym the same way I came in; sore. I felt like I had a good workout, but it is difficult to sit on my toilet in comfort because I am sore and walking; well I walk weird right now, due to throbbing of my thighs. None of this is bad pain, it is great pain, the type of pain that lets you know you are amazing at what you do. I just felt like I had to share all this with you guys, so go out and conquer the world with your lower body workout and make those legs feel the burn (in a good way). 
Your fitness blogger, 
Shay-lon xoxo

Body shaming video

Hey everyone, I posted this video about body shaming. This video is a bit longer than the last few because this is such a large topic discussion and I wanted to make sure I got my point across, and didn’t rush through it.  Body shaming is horrible and we need to learn to expand our vocab and find replacement words to describe ones self and others body.  I think it is safe to say that if someone is overweight or underweight, there is no “nice” way of telling them and they know this already, so to make light of their situation with negativity is wrong.   Hopefully all of you reading this will agree and will find other means of describing the way you look and others. I think if we push for words of encouragement we will get further.  Using words like obese, overweight, underweight, etc. are okay to use in my opinion, because it is what it is, those are ways to describe someone’s weight without having to call them a “fat ass” or “twig”.  Words of encouragement don’t have to be about someone’s body though, it can be about how they dress, what they smell like, etc. When you look in the mirror, it isn’t about saying “wow.. I look like a whale”, it is about turning that negative into a positive and saying “I love the way my hair falls to my shoulders” or “I have noticed I have lost some weight, awesome!” or “this outfit is super cute on me”.. etc. Fitness is not all about your body type, it goes beyond that in my opinion. I hope all of you enjoy my video, I was in my fitness apparel, ha. 

Please always feel free to share, comment, reblog, etc on all my videos 🙂

My video 🙂

Your fitness  blogger, 

Shay-lon xoxo

Liebster Award nomination :)

liebster award

I would like to thank PoojaG for nominating me for this award, I am very honored and pleased that you enjoy my blog post.  I will just do a small mention and say, that the blogger who nominated me is a high school graduate and has big things coming her way, so please take the time to send her a congrats and check her blog page out because she is going to be doing more blogs and I have a reason to believe you wouldn’t want to miss out. 

With this nomination comes 11 questions to answer, 11 blogs to nominate, and 11 questions to write!

Here are those 11 questions given to me:

1. What is your favourite book? Um, good question. I will be honest and say that I haven’t picked up a book and read in a very long time now. I actually don’t mind reading but I haven’t really had an urge to do so either, so maybe it will be something I will do in the next couple of months 🙂

2. What is your favourite pastime? Hm, I would say either watching movies or listening to music. 

3. What is the one song you love but are ashamed to admit you like? Haha, oh goodness, I would have to say “Wow I can get sexual too” by say anything. Good song but very embarrassing. lol

4. Who/What inspired you to start blogging? My college professor. 

5. Where do you want to travel to the most? I would say someplace warm. 

6. Who is your favourite Star Wars character? Haha, oh goodness, this is something my youngest brother would ask me because he loves Starwars. I am not a HUGE fan, so I don’t know very many characters. I will go with R2D2. 😛

7. Which book has really inspired you? N/a. Honestly nothing as of yet.

8. What is your favourite genre to read and why? Hmm, I don’t know what genre. Whatever interest me at the time. 

9. What is your favourite quote and why? These questions keep getting harder and harder. Favorite quote, I don’t even know where to start. I will just pick a random one; “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself”. I like this quote because seriously, I think soul searching or finding yourself is important and knowing who you are. 

10. What is your most cherished memory? Okay, I won’t single any one memory out, but I will any good memory is a cherished memory 🙂

11. What is your biggest goal in life? To be a fitness mogul 🙂

Here are the 11 bloggers I nominated in no particular order:












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If you choose to accept the award…

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions I gave you
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  • Provide those bloggers with 11 questions of your own for them to answer
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And here are the 11 questions for you!

  1. What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
  2. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
  3. who is your role model and why?
  4. if you could reset your life, would you?
  5. do you prefer books or movies more?
  6. coffee or tea?
  7. what is your favorite thing about blogging?
  8. why did you start blogging?
  9. if you change one thing in the world, what would it be?
  10. Favorite actress/actor? why?
  11. Do you think you have lived your life to the fullest?

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