Personal training family members

personal training my mom

I have yet to share with all of you, but I decided to take my mom on as a client to give me more practice, since I am not yet certified (hoping to be in July-August); she has really been on this whole wanting to lose weight and get toned gig.  She decided to indirectly ask me to help her lose weight and get her where she wants to be physically and I was happy because my mom isn’t overweight or anything but she wants to be more confident with her physique and healthier. 

Growing up my mom was the one who was outside playing football, basketball and softball with me and younger brother; she wasn’t always the first to run a sprint or even jog a mile but she still involved herself in our outdoor activities normally.  As time went on, my brother and I have gotten older and my mom doesn’t have the same amount of energy as she once had, not to mention I have a youngest brother who is 7 and he loves staying active when he is outside.  My mom tries to still engage in activity but I have noticed she does not have the same oxidation as she did before and it is because of multiple circumstances; one being her age, she is in her late 40s now.   It didn’t take much for her to sign up for a gym membership with me, she loves going to the gym (it helps give her time to herself and focus on her, and helps with her stress) and not to mention she stays pretty dedicated. I am proud of her, I really am.  I won’t go into much more detail, because she might get upset., but anyways… I just started helping her with her journey.  I make her workout plans and do my best to cater to her needs with modifications and of course encourage her.  

My mom is the type of person where she needs to know why we do each and every exercise; which is fine but she sometimes doubts me because I just recently graduated in exercise science and have yet to get certified but at the same time she knows I can help her because I lost my own weight, I helped 3 other people do things they wanted to do and I know my stuff and when I don’t, I will research it. She is in between “Okay Shay” and “Eh, I don’t think I need to do all that” and while I am patient with her, I am starting to think she enjoys being a rebel when it comes to listening to my best interest at heart. Luckily she has continue to stick in there and this is only week 2, I am trying to put her on a routine of days to workout with me and on her own when she isn’t at the gym but her schedule is busy and full of “if I have time”, and sometimes those are hard barriers, but I don’t allow it to stop me from focusing on her goals and doing my part. Hopefully by the 6 months we will either have hit her goal(s) or be half way there and that will give her more incentive to keep going. Like I said, she isn’t in the worse of shape and still enjoys being active as much as her body allows her and she especially loves playing softball with me when she has the time and playing baseball with my youngest brother. I think the first couple of weeks are always the hardest when you start a new client, especially family members because you have much more pressure and it is someone you care about and love and you don’t want to let them down. 

The moral of the story is, sometimes personal training family members can be of its own kind of challenge and gives you a different perspective.  Not saying that all family members will be hard or that your peers will be easier; but that training family members can have its perks and at the same time be a disaster depending on the circumstances. In my case, I know she will continue to stick it out, but I hope she continues to make the proper adjustments to receive the best results possible.  I don’t determine what she is happy with, I don’t get to decide what is “good enough” and I have no control on how much effort she gives, all I have control over is being the best daughter, sister and personal trainer I can be & continue to learn, teach and help.  I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on this matter, do you find personal training your family members to be challenging or easier? If you aren’t training your family, do you feel like it is hard to get other people on your fitness bandwagon and to take their health as serious as you do (friends, family, peers, etc). Something to think about.  Thank you for reading!

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


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