My first blender


So In case I had not mentioned, my mom bought me a blender as a gift.  I had tried talking her and my friends into giving me their blenders for free but nobody wanted to part with their blender.  I found it quite odd, because neither party used their blender enough or at all, and so I figured it was another appliance people buy that doesn’t go to use in the majority of households. I ended up talking my mom into getting me one of my choice, I didn’t know nothing about them, but I knew I wanted one to make milkshakes, smoothies, cut up veggies and crush ice, etc. I wanted my blender to do everything. Well finally my mom found time to go and get me one (mine is not the picture above).  This is week 2, and I finally worked up the nerve to use it because I was kinda scared since I didn’t know how to use one and didn’t know what to make but I kinda cheated and prepared myself by using Pinterest for ideas. Don’t judge me, everyone does it. Well, dinner sucked because I ended up burning my homemade pizza (new recipe) in the oven.  You probably would like to know how? Well because I was more entertained by social media and trying to network and paying less attention to my food cooking.  I learned a valuable lesson today: do not talk on the phone when something is cooking. 


So after deciding I wasn’t going to eat a burnt pizza, I thought to myself this would be a good time to use my blender and see how well it does. I set up the blender and kept telling myself “this thing is sexy as hell”; yes I am weird, lol. Everyone once in a while, I stopped and asked myself if I was putting everything together correctly. Finally, I decided I would use what I had at the house and added vanilla ice cream, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate syrup with a splash of almond milk and chose the correct blend option; there it went! My blender even came with its own spoon, which I thought was nifty to say the least. Anyhow once it was all blended up, I poured me a glass and took the first sip with a spoon, lol. && OH MY GOSH! it was amazing! it tasted so good, and I wanted more and more and more; in all honestly I could keep making them until the ingredients were out but didn’t (I use moderation) but I did have 2 half glasses. So not only did I try a blender for the first time, but now I can understand why no one wanted to give me their blender; it makes some really good milkshakes! All in all, I hope someone else enjoys my recipe I created, but I would also love to hear from all of you what ingredients you like to use for your shakes and smoothies or things you use your blender for.  Thank you for reading.


Your fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


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Hello! College graduate in exercise science and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. My blog has all kinds of fun topics, something for everyone who is anyone that involves themselves with fitness. I like to think of fitness as a confidence booster, something to make us feel good and look good & pushes us to do things that make us feel more productive, unstoppable and stronger mentally and physically. My blog focuses on building people, and helping people see their true potential, while also sharing my journey with workouts, competing with powerlifting, and sharing how to's on workouts, so you step inside the gym with more knowledge. I don't know everything but I am on a voyage to build my character, my strength and work on my weaknesses --- with awesome people in my corner who support me and my goals. I plan on being your cheerleader, friend, coach and trainer all-in-one and most of all, I want to be your listener, the person who can listen and gain more knowledge about you and learn what makes fitness important to you; what's your why! (Your why will carry you to the finish line). It's important to have purpose for something, because you will need that purpose when you start to give up on yourself or want to quit. "Don't let the fire that guides you, dim" - Shay-lon Besides the fitness stuff, I reside in Ohio, love dogs and love pizza. Typical 26 year old trying to build an empire that brings out the best in others and makes me the best person I can be in all aspects in my life. Before I die, I want a reason to live, and I was given that reason each day I am able to wake up --- I have learned to not take life for granted and to explore as much as possible because to live with zero regrets would be fantastic! "I've conquered many things, but I still have much to learn about life, because nobody can know everything. & every battle is different" - Shay-lon

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    1. ooo yes you do Chape! they come very handy! I am sorry. I have been sickly for 3 days and bed ridden the last 2 days. I didn’t get back with or post any new blog post because I was weak and not feeling well.

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