Men’s bodybuilding

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t written in 3 days now, so I wanted to make sure I got a couple of post in for today.  I have been fairly busy in my real life, so I had to take a couple of days off from blogging. Hopefully no one missed me too much. LOL. Today’s topic of discussion is going to be about “men’s bodybuilding” and basically I am doing this this topic because this year was my first year at the Arnold classic in Columbus,OH and as some of you may know, it is huge for bodybuilding competitions and anything fitness oriented. While I did enjoy my time, I was amazed with all the competitions, these men literally had no oz of fat on their bodies (same with the women) and I knew there was a such thing as “lean, and “big muscles” but I had never actually seen it in real life (nor payed much attention to it) until that very moment. It seemed out of this world and didn’t seem possible how one could be that HUGE and have little to no fat.  Everything about the competitions made me question it because it blew my mind.  I never understood how this all worked and what everything meant in the competitions but I decided to do some research on the matter to give myself a better understanding of men’s bodybuilding and give me some insight on how it works, how they manage their bodies and what all it signifies.  I don’t think I am a professional in the matter obviously but I thought I would share my opinion on some things and maybe someone who competes will explain or share their insight (preferably men on this matter, because I will have a separate post about women’s competitions).  I also will share some things that maybe some of you may or may now know about the matter. 

  • Bodybuilders have to determine how many weeks they will need to train for 
So this means basically that they will have evaluate their physique and determine what part of their body needs the most work, how long they need to diet for and how much weight they need to lose per week (preparing for a contest)- from what I understand most bodybuilders will want to lose between .5-1.5 pounds a week if not more sometimes and while this seems possibly semi easy, I can imagine it having a mental strain on someone who isn’t used to it and doesn’t know better. I feel as though this part of bodybuilding could be dangerous if someone doesn’t understand how to properly go about this.  Although there is no proper way when you want to lose weight and compete, some will go the extra mile and do things out of desperation because it is the easier route. This in my opinion is how come so many end up taking steroids or enhancers, because some want to have quicker results; not everyone is patient. Something to think about.
  • Most if not all bodybuilders will at some point have to sacrifice their social lives so that they can focus on training and dieting. 

This doesn’t have to mean they never see their family or friends but it means they will possibly have a different lifestyle and goals to meet and if their peers do not support their dreams of being this bodybuilder; sometimes friendships are lost- My opinion is, everyone has their own path in life, so no one should stop making their dreams come true to make someone else happy; if that someone else isn’t willing to support/motivate that person to keep working toward their goals/dreams then maybe that person doesn’t deserve to reap the benefits of your friendship.  As far as family goes, never forget where you came from. I think it is easy to get caught up in the hype once your name becomes known to people worldwide, you sometimes forget about the people who were there, I have seen people blow up into something amazing and totally act as if the people who stood by them no longer mattered & I have seen some who have blown up and never left the ones they cared for and loved.  

  • To become a bodybuilder is both mentally and physically draining. 

It can take a toll on your mindset and make incredible changes to your physique. I have heard of all the diets some of these men do and it drains them or makes them restless, they are in and out of the gym and sticking to a strict diet so that they are competition ready.  It isn’t easy to be lean, and make your body “competition perfect”.  Prepping can be stressful, especially if you also have other obligations. – My opinion is you will either love it and do this for the rest of your life, or you will be miserable and never do it again.  

  • Some competition organizations allow you to take supplements and others will not.  

Do your research (go to their site) and look into what all can be taken to qualify.  In some cases, even certain meds can not be taken depending on the circumstances. This is a good thing they regulate what supplements are allowed because it helps to hinder bodybuilders from being able to cheat.  I am not saying we don’t have bodybuilders who take things that are not legal, but if they have requirements to meet then it makes the chances a bit lower (I would think) but anything can happen and no matter what, you will always have ways to get things you want without people knowing; nothing is 100 percent. 

So basically this is what I kinda learned from researching, some things were a bit more in-depth and I didn’t decide to mention it because I don’t know a whole lot about it. I think it would be nice to get some input from bodybuilders who have competed and have you share tips, advice, information, the good and bad and give the audience something to think about for those who are interested in competing or want to know more just because.  Men’s bodybuilding is a serious sport that can cause long term positive and/or negative effects mentally and physically. For those who don’t understand the dieting portion of it, I would recommend finding guides, reading up on it, and talking to other people who have competed. There is plenty of information available, and you don’t have to follow or listen to one source, you have to find which way works for you and do it.  Bodybuilding in general is mind and body, taking leaps of faith, growth and transforming yourself on a daily basis.  I think this sport is becoming very popular but I see where things can be manipulated and where it can have people fooled.  Overall I think the journey could be worth it, depending on how you go about it and how dedicated you are and stay. I use to think I wanted to do it, but I realized it probably wasn’t for me, would be too much for me to handle and I feel like I am not mentally ready to take on something such as this yet in my life, maybe down the road and maybe not. I commend those who have done this and do well and excel and teach and continue to prosper. I did mention I would talk about women’s bodybuilding and I will eventually but keep all this same information in mind because they have some of the same things to go through just differently because our bodies are different. Hope you have enjoyed the read. 
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

24 thoughts on “Men’s bodybuilding”

    1. Thank you,
      I had more to add to it, but wanted to be unbiased, I still have plenty to learn and I have some opinions I didn’t share because I didn’t want anyone to take offense to anything; and I wanted to leave the door open for discussion 🙂

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  1. Hi, Shay-lon.
    In my Spanish experience, all competitors (and a lot of amateurs) use steroids. There is no doping test before a bodybuilding or fitness competition. That means something. Every year we all see some competitor with gynecomastia, swollen abs, or huge jaws, side effects of using. At the dinner party after competition, we all talk about our preps, what went well, what went wrong… And of course, how did the winner make it 🙂 I still remember some funny stories about J.Cutler crossing the mexican border 😀 Have you seen Kevin Levrone on roids- no roids – on roids again last years?
    I don´t want to focus the topic on pharma, but it is what it is.
    Big hug, David

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    1. Chape,
      I would have thought so, but I didn’t want to make accusations and offend anyone. Although I had my reservations because some things just seemed unnatural looking. Normally I am pretty blunt but since I knew very little compared to others on this topic, I was hoping to learn a few things and have others share their opinions. Thank you for sharing this tid bit of information!
      Hahahaaha! I need to look up his on and off roids pictures, this would be interesting to see. No, but pharma does play a big role in the industry and it is good to know that. I know for women’s competitions they usually talk the newer competitors into taking roids as well as other things because no one wants to lose.
      I thought I would be more open minded by saying not all of them take steroids LOL 😛 that is what happens when I try to not to categorize everyone in the same box, I find out.. they all are in the same box. LOL

      Good information Chape!

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      1. Probably, bodybuilders are the most honest athletes. I don´t want to offend or give a false impression. So, I used roids too. And I didn´t want to compete, I just wanted to get bigger, you know? 🙂
        Using or not is on everyone morals, but I think we are not promoting a healthy lifestyle if we keep these phisiques in mind, skipping “the secret”. You can be very, very patient, but sooner or later you´ll realize you won´t those bodies with rice and chicken (or protein powder, for the case). I love honesty, and sometimes it´s not the best policy for business. Anyway, I feel worst if I bit my tongue about this 🙂
        As you say, it´s about winning (sadly, because last competitor looks amazing anyway), and contracts, and big bucks. But I think people get it wrong if they thing roids do all the work. There is a lot of training, dieting and studying. It´s not so easy. They show all that hard work at competitions.
        I have a little bit of hope for you 🙂 I know a competitor who never used… and won some galician competitions. He´s a friend of mine and I know that´s true. I don´t categorize, but my experience is this. Sorry if I´ve broken some dreams :/

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      2. Hahaha! Well hey, look at this way, my hope wasn’t all the way washed out. I figured steroids had something to do with the many bodies I seen at the Arnold. I just kept this slither of hope that maybe I was wrong and everyone just does it the “old fashioned” way. lol. Wow, Chape, you used roids? for how long? did they do what you thought they would do?
        Oh yes, here we go again with the big bucks; remember how we discussed the fitness industry is after the $$$$ lol. I knew there was a lot of training and dieting, I had a friend who was a female amuetur bodybuilder, and she gave me so much information about her dieting plan and training regimen, it was a LOT!!!!
        Your friend never used? that is a bit of hope, which means it can be done! which in my opinion means there could be rules that weed out the use of roids; since one does not have to take them in order to have a defined body. Although I can understand why some would take them, fast results and they only have so much time to prepare and be stage ready. Ya know? Anywho, this is good information. I enjoy learning more about this. Definitely made me more aware of the competition industry and now I can sleep better at night knowing it is okay that I don’t have their body because I don’t take roids LOLOL.

        Hugs, Shay-lon

        P.S what a confession Chape, telling of your use of steroids, that took some courage and I appreciate you opening up to me about it & sharing it. I think people will respect you more for it.

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      3. They did much more than expected 🙂 I used the usual suspects for beginners, nandrolone, winstrol (this is spanish stanozoLOL) and some othes. Boldenone changed my lats forever…
        You mix different meds according to your goals, and money (some meds cost a fortune but you can find a cheaper option). Then you take them for 6, 8 or 12 weeks. (With 6 weeks I´m done…my poor butt…)
        I wouldn´t change any rule or add any test on bodybuilding. I would surrender the false war against dopping. Ten years ago, we were discussing about genetic dopping. where are the tests for that? Name one sport with no dopping scandal, please?
        P.S. I´m not promoting their use, but sharing my honest experience. Do what I tell, not what I did. And I tell you, don´t use roids 🙂
        Hugs, Chape

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      4. Wow, I am going to look those up. Not because I will buy them. LOL. I didn’t realize they mix them together, I figure it was just one type of steroid and you were good to go. It is interesting that you mixed them together according to goals. Very interesting. I guess they would counteract because they are all steroids. I would imagine the cost would be highly expensive for roids, unless you purchase from the “black market” and even then, you could end up with the wrong thing and paid way too much for it if someone doesn’t know what they are doing. That is quite a long time, I imagine you take them for maybe a couple of days, I didn’t realize it had be taken for weeks. This blows my mind.

        Hmm, I didn’t think basketball had much to do with the dropping scale, is this false and I have been blinded and as well as volleyball and softball. So you wouldnt change rules or test because you think it could damage the future for bodybuilding? the sport would lose major money, major fans and perhaps become old news; no longer of interest. I didn’t know we have a war against dropping; or once had one. I am assuming you think that dropping is okay, but my problem with dropping is when it becomes unhealthy and people go beyond the scope of normal dropping and make an obsession out of it. I.e for example such as models.
        Haha, yes Chape, I will not use roids. I was going to look into it; just see if it was worth it. But, I am glad I like my way better. Especially since I want to set a relatively “good” example for others.

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      5. No, no, you mix them to counteract side effects or boost others 🙂 The expensive stuff is the “black market”, but it´s really hard to get a prescription. Fun fact, pro teams have their own doctors 🙂
        I wouldn´t change the rules because it´s an honest sport, which allows anything that improves your appearance. If you banish roids, you´re promoting cheating. Competitors would use them time before the test and problem solved.
        This is an Olimpic year, you´ll know enough about dopping at the end of the summer 😀 Dopping involves much more than roids. It´s an amazing new universe! But it´s cheating.
        I´m glad you´ve decided not use roids. Wise choice 🙂

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      6. Ahh okay, that makes sense. I mean I have known people to get steroids from a Dr, because of having to need it after trauma. Which is why it is difficult to get them prescribed because it would have to be necessary and proven that your trauma would need it. I don’t think those are the same roids as competitors use (I wouldn’t think). I didn’t realize it was a honest sport, the more and more I am on Instragram following lifters and bodybuilders, the more I am feeling let down by this industry. lol. Banning would promote cheating? that is a hard one to wrap my mind around. Is it because by banning the use of steroids that would make people more inclined to cheat? If so, then understandable. At the same time it would make it fair; because then people will not feel pressured to use roids just to win a competition but on the other side of that, people will become impatient and decide to use them. It becomes a give and take situation. I hope I will know more about “dopping”, I plan on learning all about from you. haha.

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      7. Not for traumas, but they are used with some other purposes 🙂 Winstrol is for anorexics. It synthesizes protein. Imagine the results with a high protein diet 🙂 Another friend is receiving a fertility treatment, and she takes more testo that I´ve ever seen before…
        I think people would use them off-season (at least) if roids would be bannish. So, I use roids at some point(s) of the year, but I come clean to compite…Maybe… 🙂
        And those who don´t compite, like myself, are free to use them, anyway. Then non-competitors will look better than competitors…a nonsense! LOL!
        We want everything for yesterday. We live in a fast world where only winners are remembered, and not all of them 🙂

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      8. Aaha thank you for correcting me (tells ya how much I know about steroids-none) other than what meets the eye. I normally know my medicines pretty well but obviously need more studying up on things like steroids.
        Haha so technically it wouldn’t keep people like yourself from using them! good point! Hahahaha that made me laugh, “non competitors will look better than competitors”: the thought of that makes me laugh.
        I like that saying chape, I am going to use it (I will use your name) “we live in a fast world where only winners are remembered and not all of them” That is gold!

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  2. Great post it was really nice to read. Coming from my own experience is as a bodybuilder one where I did complete my experience was both good and bad eye-opening. Back into thousand seven I competed in the orange county muscle classics and I love the whole prep up the building the muscle the gaining the size it just felt like I was cheating so much a total different type of feeling it was in my opinion the best drug in the world. I’m looking to compete again soon because I can’t get enough of it and your blog either keep up the good work.

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      1. You should definitely check it out and explore all your options talk to the other female bodybuilders. From my experience I loved it they brought so much discipline to my life.

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  3. I have competed naturally and I have never done a show that was lifetime drug free. 1 year and up to 7 years. Most just do polygraph testing with a few doing a urine test. Like to see one that is lifetime but I don’t think there is a big market for it plus the promoters limit how many competitors they can get.

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    1. Oh that is awesome, I appreciate your sharing your own experience. Talking with some of the female bodybuilders, I have had them swear they have done it natural for a lifetime or their duration, which is awesome, but I realize it isn’t always possible or true. I don’t think people realize that bodybuilding as a whole is a sport that differs from your everyday sports like basketball, baseball, football – you have to constantly reach this height of perfection in order to gain something.. and yes, while other sports they want to gain something as well.. bodybuilding in my opinion is somewhat more difficult because you are striving for so much more than the extra 10 points in a game, you have to take your body to lengths that the majority of the population aren’t willing to do or can do.


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