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Alright so I am sure all of you know someone or have yourself done a detox/cleanse. Although our bodies naturally detox itself, it isn’t a bad idea to improve the process as long as we know what we are doing.  The important factor about cleansing in my opinion is knowing when to cleanse, how to cleanse and if everyone should cleanse. If you are someone who cleanses/detoxes regularly, I would love to hear from you what type of cleanses you have done, how often do you cleanses and your overall opinion about detoxes/cleanses.  I know for myself, I didn’t know much about cleansing until March when I attended the Arnold Classic and my friend explained to me what it was and recommended a product for me.  I didn’t actually start until May and for awhile my detox pill did nothing for me, I noticed no changes; I decided to up the dose and still didn’t notice much of a difference.  My pill is 14 days straight then a month off, and redo but I haven’t been doing a great job keeping up with it, I have skipped around (which could be why I had no results), although I am thinking about trying a different detox method. For starters we need to know what it means to ‘detox’?

A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

why should one cleanse/detox

  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Enhance immune system functioning
  • lose weight
  • slow premature aging
  • improve quality of life
  • increase energy
  • Improve skin quality
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Restore balance to the body’s systems

Cons of detox/cleanse

  • A sudden change in your diet can cause gas, diarrhea and bloating as your body adjust
  • Not always recommended for teens and pregnant women
  • Not intended for long term weight loss
  • may be allergic to the herbs 
  • some may not have proper nutrients and/or nutrient deficiency 
  • poor nutrition can lead to muscle loss, fatigue and irritability

Types of cleanses/detox

  • A colon cleanse
  • A liver cleanse (not recommended because most of the products cause more harm)
  • A master cleanse (lemon water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper with detox tea) for 10 days and nothing else.  Before trying this cleanse, get the fact and know what it entails.
  • The 10 day green smoothie cleanse
  • A juice cleanse
  • Tea cleanse

Now there are many more cleanses available, some of which may work better than others or are more safe than others, these are just a few of the more popular ones.  I think as long as you do them safely and understand that none of them are meant for long term weight loss, they can be of much help to our bodies.  Everyone should keep in mind that cleanses and detoxes have rules to follow and should be followed so that no one ends up in a bad situation, don’t sacrifice your health to lose weight.  If you are someone who does detoxes or cleanses, I would love to hear from you. Tell me what kind, how often and your opinion. 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx


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Hello! College graduate in exercise science and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. My blog has all kinds of fun topics, something for everyone who is anyone that involves themselves with fitness. I like to think of fitness as a confidence booster, something to make us feel good and look good & pushes us to do things that make us feel more productive, unstoppable and stronger mentally and physically. My blog focuses on building people, and helping people see their true potential, while also sharing my journey with workouts, competing with powerlifting, and sharing how to's on workouts, so you step inside the gym with more knowledge. I don't know everything but I am on a voyage to build my character, my strength and work on my weaknesses --- with awesome people in my corner who support me and my goals. I plan on being your cheerleader, friend, coach and trainer all-in-one and most of all, I want to be your listener, the person who can listen and gain more knowledge about you and learn what makes fitness important to you; what's your why! (Your why will carry you to the finish line). It's important to have purpose for something, because you will need that purpose when you start to give up on yourself or want to quit. "Don't let the fire that guides you, dim" - Shay-lon Besides the fitness stuff, I reside in Ohio, love dogs and love pizza. Typical 26 year old trying to build an empire that brings out the best in others and makes me the best person I can be in all aspects in my life. Before I die, I want a reason to live, and I was given that reason each day I am able to wake up --- I have learned to not take life for granted and to explore as much as possible because to live with zero regrets would be fantastic! "I've conquered many things, but I still have much to learn about life, because nobody can know everything. & every battle is different" - Shay-lon

16 thoughts on “Detoxes and cleanses”

  1. Hey Shay-Lon… So I’ve done the master cleanser, 8 days green smoothie and cleanse. For detox drinks I’ve done the flat tummy and Jillian Michael’s detox. All were success. In different areas. For bloating Jillian Micheal, for bowels movement flat tummy tea. Green smoothie was the most fun and flexible but I got tired of those freaking smoothies lol. Lost 11lbs by day 5 and I had either nuts or piece of fruit daily. I felt my best after the green smoothie cleanse.
    Master cleanse I believe was the most harsh but by day 5 I was down 10lbs and bowel movements every or twice a day.

    Cheapest : Flat tummy $5 & Jillian $10 ( Easy Ingredient to find)
    Expensive: Master Cleanse $15 & Green Smoothies $30 (Not so easy to find)

    Like you mentioned it may not be for everyone, not sustainable weight loss, nutrients way below daily suggested intake

    Flip side is some of us need a detox to rid our body of toxins, redirect bowel movement and weight loss starter

    I do suggest this yearly and for someone to speak to a nutrition or their Physician first to see what may be the best detox for them. I apologize for writing such as long comment 😦

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    1. Yay, someone who has done them all! This is awesome, no, I appreciate you taking time to write all of this down because I had never done neither of the cleanses and had little information. This was very helpful and insightful. Not to mention, since I was looking to changing my cleanse/detox , I was hoping someone would share some information so I know which route to take. I am quite surprised that you suggest yearly cleanse, for some people, they do it monthly and I was unsure if that was healthy or unhealthy. This all makes sense and I think I will speak with my Dr, to see what she would recommend if any. I will continue to do my research, but you helped me to understand them and to bring light to which ones work best in different ways. Please, if you have anymore information, do not hold back.. all the information is needed and wanted here 🙂 Thank you!!!


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      1. I say yearly because detoxes our bodies detoxify for us daily doing it for the year to me makes me believe I helping my body along the detoxify process. The most harsh of all those detoxes to me was the master cleanse if you do it correctly they want you to use
        Smooth move ( a laxitive tea)
        Sea Salt Flush ( THIS IS A BEAST)
        Cayenne , garde b honey and lemon are easy to get down ( I like it warm , sort of like a tea)
        Some say using a laxative in abundance loosens your bowl movement too much or makes it harder to happen. I agree after the master clenase it made it harder for me to use the restroom once I did the smooth move and sea salt. If you read up on sea salt they only suggest it 1 time a month and the master cleanse has you use it daily. Please do talk to your doc, most docs aren’t fans of detoxes because many scientific study don’t show what a detox claims to do as true. I believe if a doc does agree to a detox they would want to monitor you or if you go to a holistic practitioner they would definitely recommends a detox over medicine. Once you talk your doc, I would definitely want to read on which 1 you choose to do and how it goes. Doing the know food takes discipline because there were plenty of times I felt hungry and I had to talk my self out of it.

        Have you ever done a sea salt flush?

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      2. Oh wow, I heard the master cleanse is very harsh and hard. I have heard of people giving up because it was extremely hard for them to do. I know the end results seem to be great, but It would be difficult since I am used to eating food. If my Dr suggest to not do a detox/cleanse, I will most likely still do it depending on their reasons, because I am taking a pill right now that is supposed to cleanse and detox me but I don’t feel like it is doing its part. (14 days on) one month off, and again. I have never done a sea salt flush; never heard of it. What is it?


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      3. Maybe the pills work at a slower pace and if it still allows you to eat then that is super 🙂 . A sea salt flush will change your life lol ok i’m being a bit dramatic but this stuff works like clock work. Its where you purchase non-iodized salt ( cost about $3 or less at your local health grocer) You have 2 heaping tsp of of salt and 32 oz od water . Lay back down on you right side for 1 hour. It will clean you out and I mean OUT. Some things came out I know I hadn’t seen before so it does the job for bowel movement very well. Yeah you may want to try it but just be careful if you do feel like eating get a handful of nuts or the 10 day green smoothie book gives you suggestions on what kind of snacks to have during your cleanse if you must eat.

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      4. Honestly, I am not sure if the pills should be taken whe I am eating. LOL. I needed to look it up more and find out. the directions say nothing about it. Should I do this salt cleanse daily? yearly? monthly? does it make you lose weight too, or help with bloating?
        I will look into that book for information.

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      5. How are the pills going so far? The sea salt is suggested Monthly. It helps with water weight but be careful because the salt influxes the scale about 2 days later but the sea salt is actually meant to digestion more than weight loss.

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      6. Well, I just reread the directions and all this time I was supposed to be taking 2 capsules in the evening for 14 days and I had the option to take 3 capsules before bedtime for 10 days as well. I have been taking one capsule which could be why I had no results. Haha. A mistake that could have been avoided if I had reread the directions. I pretty much messed up and skipped like 5-7 days worth of pills. I need to write them in my planner so I can keep up with how many pills I have taken and the amount of days. I will start being more accountable.
        Yes! something that helps with water weight, this is good, very good. with the change in the scale, is that good or bad thing? Also, how much salt should I add to the 32 oz container of water? I wanted to try it either today or tomorrow and do you think it would be okay to do it if I have taken cleanse pills?


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      7. Its 2 teaspoons of NON-IODIZED sea salt
        32oz of water.
        The influx on the scale normalizes after 3 days. So if you drink the mix say tomorrow and weight your self the next 3 days you will weight 3 to 5lbs more because of all the sodium in the sea salt but you would go back to normal in a few days. I would not mix the pills and sea salt. They may react to each other badly. I was thinking of trying the garcinia pills that I’ve read and heard about

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      8. Okay, sorry I have not gotten back with you. I am going to hopefully start the salt cleanse tonight. LOL before bed. I keep telling myself too then I end up eating or taking my cleanse pill [ I need to remind myself to do it] lol

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      9. Haven’t yet done it, I have been behind! LOL. Actually it has been 2 days since I have blogged, I needed to do that and tonight I work , so didn’t do the flush tonight. I am hoping Saturday or Sunday I can do it. *Fingers crossed.


  2. Hi, I recently joined JJ Smith’s VIP group and she really focuses on detoxing and cleansing the body. I’ve done the green smoothies, Apple cider vinegar, and foot detox baths. I love the foot detox baths. I usually go to my local spa and get them. They are about $30. I always feel so much better when I’m done. I like using the apple cider vinegar detox drink as well. I cleanses the liver and has so many other health benefits. Plus, it’s all natural! A salt water flush is always good as well…just make sure you are near a bathroom as it only takes about 30 minutes to start working. I hope this helps you! Have a good weekend!
    ~ Camille

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    1. Oh wow! I have not yet heard of the apple cider vinegar cleanse, but I will look into this one as well 😀 thank you for that! this was lovely information. I am still on my journey in trying the sea salt cleanse, I hear it can be a mess, lol, Good information, thank you


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  3. Hi I’m detoxing at the moment with Vivienne Talsmat Ive just written posted review of her detox smoothie on my blog I’m feeling fantastic my mind is clear and having a big boost of energy I’ve never had a good experience of detoxing And Ive lost weight / inches -I haven’t managed to lose weight for years

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    1. Hello!
      Thank you for letting me know, I shall take a look at your blog post review on it. I am happy you have seen great results, many people have to go through multiple cleanses before they find one that works for them. Good stuff.


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