What is your “go-to” breakfast?


Well today I am going to have a short, fun question for all of you to answer.   I want to know what is your go-to breakfast food(s), whether it be you cook a big breakfast or a small one.  It doesn’t have to be one meal, it can be your top 3 breakfast meal, whatever you like. I figured I would make this Friday an unique experience, and get people talking, not to mention give me more ideas for my mornings! for those of you who do not eat breakfast (whether you sleep in, don’t like breakfast food or don’t have an appetite at that time) share with me why you are NOT a breakfast person. 

My go to breakfast consist of eggs and turkey bacon. Depending on the morning and how hungry I am, I will add toast or make me some fluffy pancakes on the side. I try to aim to eat breakfast every morning, especially if I have class that morning or work in the morning.  I was always told breakfast was the most important meal, and I believe that because it is the start of our day.  Can’t wait to hear all of yours.

P.S I don’t want people to share their lunch and dinner ideas on this post because I will make a separate post for those, just a fyi.  

P.S.S I will not be blogging Saturday- possibly Tuesday. I may blog on Tuesday depending on when I get home, I will be out of the state and will be spending time with someone, so I am again making my time with them my main focus. I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you later in the week! I will try to remember to take pictures and share them with you all. 

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

23 thoughts on “What is your “go-to” breakfast?”

    1. mmmm love croissants, almost addicting! I will not deny the fact if no one watches me I could eat about 6 croissants with no regrets! haha

      Do add the oats, fruits and milk with syrup together? I haven’t heard of that odd mixture, something I might have to try!

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      1. Haha! Yes, croissants are just wonderful! (sigh)
        Yes, I mix it altogether, it tastes great, you can change the fruit to everything you like, and it´s even healthy!! 😉 In winter, I have to admit, I make chocolate porridge instead (with real chocolate of course) because I need something warm to get me started 😉

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      2. Hmm, interesting! I am not a HUGE chocolate fan, I could go a long time without having a taste for chocolate, even on my worse days. LOL. I guess, never been too much of a sweets person. In the winter time, I enjoy porridge as well, very good!

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