Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!


Hey Bloggers, 

I picked up a few shifts at work this evening, so I will not have time to do my everyday fitness and health post, but instead decided to talk about PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! I know many of you, including myself love pizza nights and have our own favorite toppings we just can’t get enough of. I am hoping this sparks some fun commentary and use this as another way to get to know my audience. I hope all of you have fun with this and I cannot wait to see what some of you shared! 


I love Margherita Pizza (it can be made in various ways) but the common toppings are: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Tomatoes, basil, and added garlic. Sadly nowhere I reside makes it.  So whenever I go to bigger city’s and I dine out for pizza, I order it. 


Funny story, as a kid, I used to only like cheese pizza, but whenever my family would order pizza with other toppings on it, I would take all the toppings off the pizza and eat it, then I would eat the toppings separately. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat the toppings at all and sometimes I would even take the cheese off and eat it separately. Talk about weird.


Typically I enjoy a thicker crust for my pizza, just the fluff and stuff 🙂 


I don’t like pineapples on pizza, sardines, onions, green peppers, chicken, ham, mushrooms, jalapenos (all of these I do not enjoy on my pizza).


If I am ordering from a place that does not have my Margherita pizza available then I either order just cheese, or pep, or add black olives and if I am in the mood banana peppers. 


Can’t wait to hear all of your pizza likes and dislikes! Also, if you make your own pizza, let me know!!! would love to hear! 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

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43 thoughts on “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

  1. I used to manage a gourmet Pizza place back, many years ago. To say I have a love for pizza is an understatement. I love everything except anchovies, olives, tomatoes (sliced) and mushrooms (though I can live with the shrooms.

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    1. Omg, I forgot to mention, I don’t like anchovies either! Yuck! mmmm you are missing out on the black olives! 😛 so delicious but neither of us particularly like mushrooms on our pizza, interesting.

      Do you prefer a thicker crust or a thin crust?

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      1. I’ll take your word for it on the black olives… And as long as it has a crust, I’m good. 😆

        If I had to pick… No, I like the standard and deep dish the same. Thin crust comes in last, I suppose.

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      1. Hm, good question. On my pizza? bacon or beef sometimes. Depends on my mood, I am not a huge pepperoni fan but I will eat it.
        I like chicken by itself or grilled or baked, or fried, etc. Just on pizza, eh.. so-so

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      2. Yes, I need my protein like the next guy in line, haha. Chicken is life because it can be cooked in so many different ways, it amazes me when I am on pinterest and see recipes for chicken and everyone has it cooked using different techniques. Also, the fact it goes along with most side dishes.

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  2. I like to grill the crust and then put on simple toppings like BBQ chicken and mozzarella with BBQ sauce. There’s a place near me that makes a chicken bacon caesar. SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I don’t like peppers or onions on pizza but I think just about anything else goes. Now I want pizza. I don’t like the crust too thick or well-done if it’s not on the BBQ. Wow I wrote a lot. I take my pizza very seriously


    1. Haha! Everyone seems to write a lot when it comes to talking about pizza! this is great though! We all have something fun in common, our pizza needs! 😛

      I have never heard of anyone I know grilling the crust, that is so odd to me, yet seems decent, because I love grilling. Something I will need to give a try sometime, add it to my bucket list of things to do once. Happy we both agree that peppers and onions are a NO go for us! Yuck!

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      1. Oh you have not lived until you grill your crust. Best advice is to heat your grill good and hot, oil it well, and lay out your crust. Watch it closely because it cooks fast. Lift off the grill, re-oil and lay the uncooked side down. Throw on your toppings and prepare to hear choirs in the background 🙂

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      2. Haa! ooo choirs will be singing in the background, sounds like a great time! This will be a fun idea for the next time I am grilling, thank you for sharing this tidbit, definitely written this down. Who knew you could grill pizza.

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  3. What the hell? They don’t have any margarita pizzas where you live?! It’s like the #1 pizza over here while I prefer mine with some extra fillings on it :D. Artichokes, peppers, goat cheese, spinach, red onions. Yeah baby! Just no meat, I feel like a fat cow after eating a meaty pizza :P. Fish on the other hand can be geeeeewd!

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    1. No, none. That is why I anticipate leaving in the spring or summer. Haha, well that and other reasons. I have not had my fill on margarita pizza in forever and I feel as though I get stuck with boring shit. Hopefully this weekend when I am in the city for my travels I can find a pizza parlor who has it!
      Ooo you add quite more to give it some luvin dovin! Hahah! I wouldn’t spinach being added to it, yummm! I don’t think it would taste the same if I had meat on mine, it would be SUPER weird.

      P.S I heard tuna on pizza is good stuff, but I don’t think I am brave enough to try it.


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      1. Lol, hey, I’d leave this place too if I couldn’t get any brownies anywhere ;). Yeah, the more filling, the better XD. Hahaha, tuna pizza is one of my favourites! You never had a tuna melt sandwich? It basically tastes the same!

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      2. Oh my! you like tuna on pizza? the thought of it, makes me grossed out! haha. I like tuna sandwiches (given someone knows how to make tuna that taste good) but I don’t think I would be satisfied with it on my pizza. Sounds like a pizza disaster but many, many people have told me to try it. None of our pizza chains would offer tuna as a topping, so if I did try it, I would need to make the pizza myself or buy a pizza and add tuna on top 😛

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      3. HAhaha! Girl, you live in a weird place ;). It’s Margarita and Tuna here in the top 3, together with a 4 seasons one. But that sounds like a lot of hassle for something you’re probably not going to like xD

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      4. Tell me about it! I am starting to feel like I live under a rock, lol. Seriously. This is why I need a big city life where everything is alive and going on and culture is diverse. A 4 seasons pizza? what in the world? that sounds like a hotel ;P weird. so weird. Very true, this is why I stick with the boring shit until I can manage to find a pizza parlor that has variety.

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    1. Oh My, just the word Lasagne is good! haha. Probably one of my favorite Italian dishes. oooo someone who enjoys mushrooms on their pizza, for a while I was getting comments that said they agree with me, no mushrooms on pizza! LOL. You gave mushrooms hope, lol

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      1. Haha, oh so the canned mushrooms get no love, I see how it is! 😛

        What do you use for the dough for your homemade pizzas? I have tried buying store bought premade pizza dough, but it always taste gross to me. LOL. I don’t know why.

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      2. Yeah, I’m quite prejudiced that way 😉
        Basically making the dough is really easy, I only take flour, water, yeast, salt and a little bit of sugar. But it does need practice! I think it took me a couple of years to get it right everytime 🙂 But it’s totally worth it!!! The bought stuff is just gross 😦

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      3. Okay, I am glad U am not the only one who thinks the bought stuff is gross, because I figured, maybe I am weird, because all pizza is supposed to be good. 😛
        Well those aren’t difficult ingredients to find, I think the next time I make one, I will use your recipe, and see what happens , thank you.


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      4. You’re definitely not weird, Shay-lon! That stuff really sucks! And it’s full of things not needed in a good dough. Have fun doing it, that’s the most important thing anyway 🙂 The secret ingredient is time by the way: you really need to knead the dough for about 5min – that’s a good work-out by the way 😉 – after which it should rest in a warm place for at least an hour. Then you knead it again but not as long as before, just knock it back a few times. And let it rest for another half hour or so. The more time it gets the better! Oh and the dough should feel like the velvety skin of a peach and not stick on your hands 😉 xxx

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