Bring the gym to your home

Not everyone likes going to the gym to get their fitness for the day, I don’t blame them, because even though I attend a gym, not every gym treats their customers well, maintains a clean gym facility and the people that attend them don’t always make newcomers feel comfortable. It is hard to choose a gym, and even though I provided people with a “how to” in choosing a gym, some people just feel more comfortable within their own four walls. 


Personally, I have worked out at home with workout videos, believe it or not, I was doing “Taebo” with Billy Blanks for a while because my mom gave me the home videos for when I wanted to lose weight. I enjoyed it for a little while, it was a challenge because I was out of shape and got down on myself when I didn’t get something right or couldn’t keep up. I then decided to search for workouts that could be done at the house for when I decided I wasn’t in the mood to leave the house to workout. I used Pinterest at the time and found workouts I could do at the house, they were good workouts but I didn’t take them seriously because I never put my all into them.  I had to soon resort to making sure I attended the gym on a regular basis in order to take things seriously, and push myself. This was my story, but I know people who do home workouts and swear by them, and that is their story.  I say if it works, then do it. 


This post isn’t about whether home workouts are good or bad, that isn’t something someone can tell you, that is something that is specific to each individual, some of you may enjoy workout videos, home exercises, and some of you may not find them to be enjoyable and much prefer to attend a gym or class, either one is okay.  This post is about sharing with you the positives that can come from working out at home and I will share some ideas on how to go about working out at home if you are interested,


The benefits to staying home:

  • It is Free, you don’t have to pay to stay at your house to workout
  • Minimal equipment, you don’t need to purchase a ton of equipment in order to workout at home
  • Choices- you can workout outside or indoors
  • No dress code, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in without judgement
  • No one is laughing at your mistakes- no one will make light of your mistakes, make them with no judgement
  • Save time- no drive time to and back from a gym
  • Your trainer is the video, you don’t have to worry about trainers switching up on you, taking vacations, etc. 
  • Privacy
  • Some would argue “greater consistency” because they can’t make excuses for why they don’t workout (the weather, traffic, time)
  • Guaranteed clean environment because you live there, you can make it as clean as you would like
  • Progress at your pace, not having to compare your results with others from a class 

Home videos:

  • Billy Blanks Taebo
  • Youtube videos (choose wisely)
  • P90X
  • insanity
  • Zumba
  • 21 day Fix
  • Prenatal physique
  • PIYo Yoga
  • Focus T25
  • 30 Day shred Jillian Michaels
  • Shaun T Cize
  • Body Beast
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Richard Simmons (he makes me laugh)
  • Getting ideas from Pinterest

If you know someone or if you have had any luck with any of these workouts, please share with my readers, they would love to hear about it. Also, if you are like myself and cannot get motivated enough to workout at home, would love to hear why. If anyone has other forms of working out they use when at home, please feel free to share. Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed the read, share, like, follow and comment. 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Bring the gym to your home”

  1. Shay-lon, I am so pleased you have done this post, and listed some home video’s to try (which I definitely will be looking into and see what I can get hold of via the internet.) I am used to working out at home, and have done so for years, more so convenience than anything. I used to go out to Zumba classes three times a week in the evenings which I loved, doing zumba at home alone, is fine, but the vibe is just not there. Weights, yoga and so forth I have no problem doing from home. Here where I am, to go to the gym, you need to have the latest gym stuff, it is more a fashion parade than anything, don’t get me wrong, I like looking good, but really sometimes it is a bit over the top
    Have a lovely weekend, happy working out and I hope you get some more good news soon. xxx

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    1. Lynne,
      I am almost sure most of the videos should be easy to find, especially on Amazon, some of which were fairly popular on Amazon. I got some of the list from people who have said the videos worked for them. I commend you for being able to find the motivation to workout at home, I find that I struggled with it, it takes a certain type of discipline to do so in my opinion. I have heard of Zumba classes being very popular among people whom exercise, have yet to hear any bad things about it. I can understand why “the vibe” would die off while doing it at home, the atmosphere is different.
      I will agree with you about the “fashion parade”, it is a bit over the top at times, people are more concerned about their cute gym apparel than the actual workout. I find that I can’t take people seriously when that is their main concept to working out: “looking good at the gym”, while I don’t look “bummy”, I also don’t feel the need to look like a runway model sporting new gear to have a good workout.
      Have a wonderful Saturday! xxxx


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