Motivation Monday Youtube Video. Oct 31st

“Don’t be Fragile”


Motivation Monday Quotes: Happy Halloween Edition! Oct. 31st

David Snape Show Halloween Special

This was my interview I did for David Snape’s podcast radio show. I would highly recommend that you all listen to the whole thing, but if you want to skip to my interview, then feel free, it starts around 1:30:00 at some point! haha thank you David

David Snape and Friends - The place to show off your hidden talents

On this Halloween special, we play some of the spookiest tunes around as well as telling your favourite Halloween memories as well as my recent experience.

Plus post of the week: Love by Sashanka Abburu

New Artist Showcase: Amy Milner, Xander and the peace pirates and Wet

Also interviews with Stewart Simonson and Shay-Lon Moss

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500+ Followers. Made My Milestone.


Hey everyone, I am happy to announce I have made my milestone of 500 followers! this is great and I feel pretty awesome, but I want to thank all of you for continuing to show support for my blog! None of you go unrecognized and many of you are amazing with amazing talents in writing. I enjoy being able to network with most of you on a daily basis! if you follow me and want to subscribe to my blog, feel free to do so because I want to keep everyone updated on new things to come as they arrive.  Again, I am very grateful for this and I hope to continue giving you guys a reason to stay on my page. Thank you so much!

My next goal: 600 followers, that is going to be a tough number to get to, but I look forward to the adventure! Also, feel free to follow me on social media as well, I love talking and will talk your head off if you let me! haha. 

Hugs xxx 

Your Fitness blogger,


The 3 Day Quote Challenge (Halloween Edition) Oct. 31st – day one

3 Day Quote Challenge

Thank you PoojaG for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge, especially on Halloween, I have been nominated before but not on a holiday, so this is very cool indeed! If anyone wants some fun last minute Halloween costume ideas, visit her page and take a look, very cute and she also has some good quotes she used for her 3 day quote challenge as well. 

Rules to be followed:

  • 3 quotes each day
  • 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!)
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Inform the nominees

My quotes for today are:

  1. “If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween” – Douglas Coupland
  2. “Message boards are like going to a Halloween Masquerade party, everyone has a screen name”- John Mackey
  3. “On Halloween, kids get to assume, for one night the outward forms of their inner most dread, and they’re also allowed to take candy from strangers, the scariest thing of all”- Kate Christensen

My nominees for today are:




For more challenges on this blog, click here

I hope you have enjoyed the quotes, like, follow, share! 

My GymWorkout Oct. 31st


Hey FitFam,

First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone for being patient with me this weekend, I had a lot of positive comments on my post about “my personal body battle”, I wasn’t able to respond to all of you because I spend the weekend away from my blog, but I appreciate all of the support and hope that many of you will see it as an inspiration, feel free to share it on your social media, I don’t mind. Secondly, John did not go to the gym the last 3 days as instructed because he said he was busy, I didn’t see him today at the gym, but I am hoping he went earlier. Tomorrow we plan on seeing each other at the gym, so hopefully that will happen. Happy Halloween! I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday thus far, I am going to do my regular Motivation Monday quotes post & Motivation Monday Youtube video today, so be on the lookout for that. I have the link to my interview over podcast that is now published and I will share it with you all in another post, so also be on the lookout for that as well. Other than that, my weekend was fun, I went to a haunted house and got scared as usual, it was a real haunted town hall and it was fun. I spent Sunday watching the new episode of  “The Walking Dead”, if anyone else watched it, let me know what you think of that particular episode, it definitely made me feel like I was watching a different channel, lol. I didn’t attend my softball game but it was cancelled, so it was okay. Overall, the weekend wasn’t bad. Feel free to share your weekend endeavors with me! Now to the Monday workout: (Upper body day)



I didn’t do a proper warm up. oops. 


Workout Session:

  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown- 100lb, 5 sets, 10 reps. 
  • Cable upright row single arm- 15lb, 5 sets, 8 reps (each arm)
  • Narrow grip lat pulldown- 100lb, 5 sets, 10 reps
  • Cable upright row single arm- 15lb, 5 sets, 8 reps
  • cable curls- 30lb, 5 sets, 6 reps
  • upright cable row- 30lb, 5 sets, 6 reps
  • bentover barbell row- 65lb, 3 sets, 10 reps
  • bentover barbell row- 85lbs, 3 sets, 8 reps
  • vertical crunches using the dip machine- 2 sets, 12 reps

Cool down:

  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed

Feel free to share your Monday workout! 

My Personal Battle

Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice

Sometimes you have to stop & think does it really matter what others think of you if you are okay with how you look…

Weight issues 1Weight issues 2Weight issues 3Women body image

Kids body image

“it is solely my responsibility to look as perfect as her, to be as good looking as her, to be just like her.. because being myself sucks”. I was young I didn’t know anything about health & fitness to the same extent as I do now.  I was active as a child, outside was my playground & my friends all looked like me; free, smiling and weird.  I never stopped to ask myself If I was happy being who I am because they were happy for me.  Middle school was innocent til 7th grade came around & everyone paid more attention to their outer appearance, but I was stuck with who I was. Girls were getting ready to wear make…

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Being a Champion is what happens when the world isn’t looking


Maybe we don’t own trophies to prove it, but we all are champions. Many of you probably think I am crazy for saying so, because what is a champion, if they haven’t won anything, right? This is true,  I mean normally a champion wins something, but when I talk about the word champion, I don’t mean winning a Gold medal or first place trophy, I mean we all do something that makes us a champion. Some of us may not always be champions, sure we make mistakes, we fuck up, we land flat on our faces sometimes and complain about it. It isn’t the fuck up that we should be judged for, it’s what we do after the fuck up that makes most of us champions, it is what we do when doors are closed and no one is watching, it is the smile you put on someone’s face without trying, it is the dollar you gave without asking them why, it is the drive you make in order to see a loved one, it is the gift you bought while you were struggling, it is the courage you had when the world was against you, it is the change you made to save your marriage, it’s the story you told to spread awareness, it is the life you saved without mentioning, it is the fight you gave during your battle of cancer, it is the tears you cried watching a loved one die, it is the promise you kept when everything fell apart, is the friendship you gave someone, the last dollar in your pocket you spent on someone else, the last goodbye, etc. 


See, athletes are used to being champions in front of a large crowd,  I would know, I was an athlete all my life, we are used to being applauded for our wins, our triumphs, our records, our pristine smile in front of cameras. The world calls you a good person, the world thinks of you being a good role model, being a good child, a good sibling, a good parent all BECAUSE you do a good job at your event or sport. God forbid you are a horrible at your event and/or sport, now the world will think of you as a loser, you suck, we don’t care about you, now your smile is meaningless, your parenting skills go unseen and you no longer have their attention. The sad fact is we all want to be validated for something good we have done, we look for someone to tell us “good job”, “you are awesome”, “that was amazing”, “I want to be just like you when I grow up”, etc. because we put on this face in front of people and make people believe that what we do in the light is what we do in the dark.  O.J Simpson is a good example of this, he was an amazing athlete during his time and people loved and adored him, all of a sudden his wife is murdered and he faces trial and no one wants to believe he killed her because he was a “good” person on camera, during games, at practice, at the park with his son, so how could he kill his wife? He was made out to be this teddy bear and lovable person, but what he did behind closed doors, the camera couldn’t see.  He knew what he did behind closed doors and he knew what the public seen of him, he chose to make bad decisions (in my opinion) behind closed doors, therefore he is a fraud; he only made good decisions when he got something out of it. This is no different than talking badly about a friend of yours then going to hang out with this same person after talking bad about him/her; you’re fraud because your actions done in the light don’t match what is done in the dark. 


I am not saying we don’t make mistakes, because we do and we all have a past. The difference is some people change in order to do better, and some people stay complacent. The world only sees what we show, what we don’t show is what makes someone a champion if it is the right thing to do. You don’t need lights, camera, action to be a champion, you don’t need a trophy, a medal, a certificate, or tons of friends, all you need is a good heart and good intentions. “What you do in the dark will come to light when you least expect it” -Shay-lon Moss


My Gym Workout Oct. 27th


Hey FitFam,

Today was leg day at the gym, and I know many of you love your leg day exercises, Today my leg day exercise was semi intense, but nothing out of sorts for me. I didn’t do as much as I wanted to for my leg day but accomplished some cardio exercise at the end of the workout that I felt was much needed. I am going to need to start writing down workouts for myself so I don’t have to spend 5 minutes thinking about what my routine will be. I get so off track when I have to think about what to do next, I rather know once I get there and not spend time deciding all the time, Something I will work from here on out, possibly starting Monday, Since I am unsure if I will make it to the gym tomorrow morning with my busy schedule and having to work all day. I do know one thing though, I will not be doing any blogging Fri-Sunday because I like to give myself some days off from blogging so I can recoup and start back up on Monday. This is why some of you don’t hear from me for 3 days. If I do decide to blog on Friday, it won’t be anything too time consuming because I work all day and have other obligations (Fridays are hectic for me) so my apologizes. If you email me, or leave comments, I will most of the time try to reply during the weekend but sometimes I just wait until Monday, just as a heads up. Alright so you guys want me to stop talking and sharing the workouts, right.. 


  • My warm up was on the leg press machine as my first 10 reps with no weight.
Workout Session:
Circuit exercise (1st round)
  • Linear Leg press: no weight, 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Russian Twist (25lb weight plate) 3 sets, 30 reps 
Circuit exercise (2nd round)
  • Linear leg press: 90lb, 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Russian Twist (25lb weight plate): 3 sets, 30 reps 

Circuit Exercise ( 3rd round)

  • Linear leg press:180lb, 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Russian Twist (25lb weight plate): 3 sets, 30 reps
Circuit exercise ( 4th round)
  • Linear leg press:370 lb, 3 sets, 5 reps 
  • Russian Twist (25lb weight plate): 3 sets, 30 reps
Linear leg press: 370lb, 1 set, 7 reps
Between rounds I took a 2-3 minute active rest break. I went back and forth between leg press and Russian Twist ( after one set of leg press, I would do 1 set of Russian Twist) instead of doing 3 full sets of leg press then 3 full sets of Russian Twist. I like the whole going back and forth more. I didn’t time any of the circuits. 
The last Linear leg press 1 set, 7 reps was to see if I am ready to add more weight to the 370 and I am, so I will go up about 5-10 lb next time to see how well I do. 
  • Hip adduction machine: 110 lb, 3 sets, 20 reps ( I am ready to move up on weight for this as well, 110 is too easy for me) so next time, I will go up 10-15lb.
  • Treadmill- Ran. 6.0 speed, 2.8 miles, 19 minutes, no incline.
Cool down:
  • I did 5 minutes, no incline, the treadmill controlled the speed this time. 
Overall, I am not upset about my workout, I needed to finally run and work on my cardio a bit more, the run felt good, I didn’t stop during the run other than to tie my shoe. I haven’t ran in a long while, so I needed that, especially now that I know where my cardiovascular sits, I want to keep working on it again, so it is back to where I want it. Taking time away from cardio, really can hurt your results if you haven’t done it in a while  (especially running). I had worked on my running long before and was doing great with breathing and had no issues, this time, I recognized some differences since I haven’t ran in a while. I might add running to my routine for the week, don’t know how many days yet, but you will see more running added to my workouts. 
Hopefully all of you enjoyed my workout as much as I have today. Feel free to take some ideas for yourself and post your workout in the comments.
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

What are your 5 Favorite Movies?


Hey everyone! 

I haven’t done a “fun” topic in a while, so I decided to do one today in place of a fitness topic. I think every once in a while I need to stop overwhelming you with fitness information, stories, videos and give you all a break. I know many of you enjoy my fitness topics, I enjoy them as well, but I like to get people talking, and sometimes talking about something fun versus serious. Every once in a GREAT while I take a different path and give my audience a fun topic to discuss. 


Today: I want to know what are your 5 favorite movies, I know many of you will have a hard time in choosing favorite movies (it is difficult for me too) but I am interested in learning more about my followers/supporters. I hope all of you enjoy the topic question.


Leave your answers in the comment section, share and reblog so others can participate in this activity question as well, get bloggers involved, I want to hear all of your answers. 


My favorite 5 movies:

  1. The Lion King
  2. The Great Gasby (with Dicaprio)
  3. The Nightmare before Christmas (I love Tim Burton Movies)
  4. The Wolf of Wall street
  5. The Purge (All of them)

I probably could name a movie that could tie with “Wolf of wall street”  like the movie “300” and “Clash of the Titans”, “The Hobbit”, “Lord of The Rings”, “The Imitation game” (All of them) .. so #3 can be a give or take depending on the mood I am in.