My Interview

I had a blogger interview on Twitter to share on her website, and I wanted to let everyone it has been posted, she did a wonderful job with the questions and introducing me to her audience. I am hoping that it will bring more people to my sites and have more people interested in wanting to work with me on blogs, and network together. I am always open for interviews/guest posting, even with my busy schedule, I always make time for it. I am very pleased and honored that Alex interviewed me, it was my first interview and I was really excited when I seen it posted. 

If you are interested in wanting to see my interview, the link is:

Please feel free to take a look and follow her blog as well. Thank you!


13 thoughts on “My Interview

    1. Yes,
      I have always loved watching “The Lion King”, I used to watch it on VHS 100 times over at my grandma’s house. I am shocked the movie still plays now with how many times I have watched it. LOL. I even bought the DVD/bluray when it came out for my youngest brother, but the truth is, I really just wanted to have a reason to watch it.
      I have heard rumors they want to make it into a live action movie (instead of animated), not sure how they would go about that, but would be interesting to see.

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