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Hello everyone, I wanted to start this Monday off right with a guest post from a fellow blogger friend, whom I have grown to respect as a writer and fitness professional.  Many of you know his site very well, and probably currently follow him, between his workout videos and beautiful quotes, & that ever so clever playlist he likes to show off for his audience, I would say he was one of many bloggers who I can honestly say I love being on his page! haha. I have done a guest post for him, which was an amazing opportunity considering, I never would have thought I could offer his audience as much as he does.  I decided to have him guest post for us: Chape, who will speak on “online personal training”.

I had never heard of “online personal training” until I had the chance to speak with Chape, and to be honest, it seemed like a sham, because everything I was taught about personal training and everyone I know who works in the profession works hands on with their clients. To be honest, many people seem to shame online personal training and think it is pointless, but I didn’t want to be someone who knocked something before getting an understanding, I did my own research and kept a keen eye on Chape website to see what it was about and it made me interested. I decided since this was something that was new to me, I would have the person who knows best about it speak about it and share their insight. Now I won’t say this has discouraged me from wanting to be hands on with my clients because for now, I want to stay hands on, but it wouldn’t hurt to have this on the back burner if I ever decide to go this route. I don’t hope this will change anyone’s mind, but I do hope it helps to gain understanding and if any fitness professionals or others want to ask him questions about it, I feel this would be a good time and post to do so. I am happy he has taken the time to explain this with all of us, hope all of you enjoy: 

Hello, dears!


I´m delighted to have been invited to write in this amazing blog. So, let me thank Shay-lon first for this opportunity. She suggested the topic, online personal training, and I just loved it. I do online personal training!!!

I´ve worked as personal trainer since 2003, and with that experience I decided to move to the online world a couple of years ago. Shay-lon also has some thoughtful  questions and concerns you could share. I hope to be able to solve some of them.


I had been helping friends of friends, and friends of clients via mail and Facebook for quite some years. They were happy enough with the results to pay me month after month. To be honest, one good day I realized I was doing online training, with all those mails and chats. The results were there, clients were happy…

I needed to take it seriously. Long story short, two years ago I thought I could do it better, and reach people all over the world. So, I´ve been working on it since then.


Definitely, online personal training is a new service in the fitness industry. I think it´s a natural evolution, taking advantage of new technologies. And I think it´s here to stay and improve. We already do serious things like banking and doctor visits online.

Now, you can find online fitness magazines, workouts and diets on any social media platform, fitness apps (free or premium) at Google Store, activity trackers for your phone, wereables, etc. Am I right?

If people are willing to trust and follow these app instructions, or a diet found on internet.  Why not go a step further and consult a personal trainer, online? 

Who is going to help you with all that data collected from your apps and gadgets? What when you´ve tried countless nonsense diets and insane workouts but you still have trouble spots? Then, my friends, you´ll want a personal trainer. You may prefer a face to face class with a local trainer. What if there is none where you live at? What if you can´t afford the rates? What if you don´t like him/her? I think that online training would be a valuable service for a lot of people if they dared to try.


I enjoy online training for several reasons. I like meeting people from another countries, learning about their cultures, and habits. I work from home and I´m not tied to a fixed schedule (some weeks are harder than others). Also, I like all this virtual world and tech stuff.

I´ve noticed that online clients are more motivated and committed than face to face clients. They are looking for guide and advice and they follow strictly any indication.

For obvious reasons, I can´t correct my clients while they´re training. Instead, I share with them videos for each exercise, descriptions, and chat before and after a workout with new exercises. If they have any doubt, they ask me until we are clear. I´m truly glad and proud of this, no injuries for now.

In the other hand, my clients have to keep a very specific training and food log. Daily, I keep an eye on these records. When something is not going like I would like to, I tell it with “loud voice” to the client. An in-person trainer who has a date with you twice a week may not be monitoring you as closely.


Some people need a trainer by their side. In extreme cases, these people only workout when they have an appointment with their personal trainer. We have to accept online training may not be right for everyone.

But most people don´t need the trainer to actually be there with them. They need someone who tells them what to do with the dumbbells and what to eat, to reach their goals. We can do that online. I would recommend to all trainers and trainees give it a chance.


I hope you´ve enjoyed this brief introduction to online personal training. Please, if you have questions, the comment section is just below.



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  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity and such amazing introduction!!
    I´m not a sham, I´m a pathfinder, haha!
    Please, feel free to explain your concerns about this topic 🙂
    Have a great Monday!

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