Are You A Prostitute?

I thought some of my readers would be interested int his post, it really has a way of opening some eyes, you may not all agree with this information, but if you step outside your box and take a look at the overall picture, there is some truth to this article.

cultural atheist

Do one or more of these behaviours keep showing up in your life:

  • Dissatisfaction – no joy, negativity, counting your curses instead of your blessings; always wanting more but never having enough,
  • Dis-ease – restlessness, lack of peace and contentment, always feeling like you are coming up short or not good enough,
  • Distemper – anger, frustration, judgmental attitude towards others (even those close to you)?

If you see yourself experiencing one or more of these three behaviours it’s because you are whoring around with the gods of this world. Gods of popularity, fashion, academics, materialism, narcotics, alcohol or sex; the gods of wealth, and yes even health. These have become gods to us because we look to them to satisfy our hearts. We have pursued them with our energy, given them our life, and even sacrificed our children to them. And yet, they never come through. They always, always, let us…

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