Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 23/ TopicTuesday Youtube video

Hey FitFam!!

Guess what? The video up top is actually me filming my client/friend at the gym today! The video goes along with #TopicTuesday for my Youtube channel, please have a watch, you might decide you like it and want to watch my other videos, or you may decide you hate it and never want to watch my videos again! (hopefully not the second one). Nonetheless, the topic was: Treadmill Tuesday Gains, I made it up and because I made it up, I decided that I would talk about my client and his workout and give some input on using the treadmill. I didn’t make it a “how to” video because I figured the majority of people know how to use a treadmill, if you do not, let me know and I will make a “How to” video for you. Sadly you will not see my face in this video, only hear my voice! lol. 


John’s Workout



  •  Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed

Workout Session:

  • Treadmill- 45 minutes, 4.0 speed, no incline- 2.0 incline

Cool down:

  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, 2.5 speed, no incline

John has not been at the gym for 4-5 days (everything is repeated and explained in the description of the youtube video) so I had to basically start him over kind of, to avoid injury, and quick exhaustion. He had also been sick, so I wanted to take it a bit easy on him so that hopefully he would feel better. As you can tell in the video he had decreased his speed to 3.5- 3.9 and this is because of many things, he obviously struggles on the treadmill with endurance and that is one reason why I want to continue working on him with it because it is important to increase his cardiovascular and endurance with cardio because at some point we will need to overload to avoid plateaus in his training. He has been doing well on the bike, but I had to discuss with him, that you may be doing well on the bike and excelling at it, but the bike works different muscles than the treadmill while still working on cardiovascular but if I continue to allow you to do better at the bike but you continue to struggle on the treadmill, then I am not really helping you any & it won’t fully benefit you. Not to mention, before working him on Cross-trainers for longer bouts of time, I need to make sure he can handle the treadmill. He isn’t ready to start running yet, but that is to be expected when I can obviously tell that he struggles with walking at 4.0 speed for 45 minutes on a treadmill. I think he has it in him to succeed and to see results, but he has to push himself; I can’t force him to, but he has to want it and he has to step outside his comfort level and try because if not, he will be struggling to meet his weightloss goals.

My workout


  •  Same warmup as John, we did our warmup together. 

Workout Session: (Leg day) and I think I caught another cold. UGH!!!!!! 

  • Leg press machine: 90lb,( 1 set, 12 reps.) 110lb, (1 set, 12 reps).  130lb,( 1 set, 12 reps)  150lb, (1 set, 12 reps.) 170lb, (1 set, 12 reps).  190lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  210lb (1 set, 12 reps).  230lb (1 Set, 12 reps). 250lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  270lb (1 Set, 12 reps).  310lb (1 Set, 6 Reps) 
  • Seated crunch machine- 70lb, 50 reps.
  • Linear leg press machine: 370lb (2 Sets, 10 reps), 390lb (2 sets, 6 reps).

Cool down:

  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed

My workout today was fairly straight forward, nothing phenomenal, I did PR on the Linear leg press and the Leg press machine workout, which I am happy about! I suppose Thursday I may make the leg day workout a bit more exciting for all of you depending on how I am feeling. My stuffy nose really irritated me during my workouts when I was breathing and so I kind of didn’t over exert myself too much.  If anyone hasn’t noticed, I have my days where I am doing harder, more higher intensity workouts and sweating & then I have my workouts where I typically take it easy, just depends on the mood, the day and my training/nutrition. My body has been fluctuating with strength lately because I haven’t really been eating the last couple of days very much- not to mention sometimes the lack of sleep during the night. So bare with me, I intend to kill my workouts some days and relax other days when I am at the gym. Hope all of you enjoy my video, please subscribe, follow, share, and leave comments. 


I enjoy reading other people’s workouts, so always feel welcome to drop them down in the comment section! 


Your fitness blogger,


Shay-lon xoxo


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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

2 thoughts on “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 23/ TopicTuesday Youtube video”

  1. Hi, hope your well? I hope you don’t mind me commenting?
    With regards to john’s program you mentioned you want to
    “continue working on him with it (treadmill) because it is important to increase his cardiovascular and endurance with cardio”
    If you are aiming to increase his cardiovascular fitness / aerobic conditioning I would pick the ‘cardio’ machine he is able to work longest and hardest on. For example, if he struggles on the treadmill like you mention and has no desire to run anyway (I’m not sure of his goals) you may have more success using another apparatus? As you know cardio machines work the heart and lungs. Unless my clients are training specifically for an activity / event I don’t mind how they raise their H/R as long as they can keep it elevated for the desired time at the correct intensity for the desired response.

    You said that he’s “doing well on the bike and excelling at it, but the bike works different muscles than the treadmill” again if it’s cardio conditioning you are looking for surely he’d get a better response on something he ‘excels’ at?
    If your concerned with working specific muscles groups these could be targeted through resistance training.
    You also said he is “struggling to meet his weight loss goals” if he is slightly over weight it makes sense to let him work harder on the bike? Eventually his weight will come down which will make it much easier on his joints etc on the treadmill?

    I guess what Im trying to say is if you want your client to get ‘good’ at the treadmill obviously he has to use one however, If you are currently looking at improving aerobic capacity and he is not training for anything specific why not let him use the cardio machine he excels at?

    how about trying a circuit based program? This is great cardio and in my opinion more interesting than the monotony of bike and treadmill training.

    This is by no means a criticism, I just think this information may help with your future programming, we are all on a learning curve. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Hey! haven’t heard from you in a while and I appreciate you stopping by to help me out, and share your thoughts. I definitely think of you as a guide and I respect your feedback. Right now, John’s goal is to lose weight, but I just had a discussion with him last night about his work ethic, because I noticed some things, nonetheless, I have done some circuits with him, nothing to vigorous that he can’t do with me, but something basic and he did enjoy it. Hopefully I can mix it up a bit sometimes. I think I understand what you are saying though.. which is: Allow him to continue using the bike because he does well on it, eventually he will need to be on the treadmill to get “good” at it, but if he works on bringing his weight down and increasing his aerobic capacity then he might do better on the treadmill and help his joints. To be honest, I am not all the way sure of his goals anymore, I don’t think he is even sure but I will pretend it is still losing weight. LOL. and go from there until he figures things out. But I appreciate your feedback, thank you for your help! good to hear from you as well 😀

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