Monday Motivation YouTube video- Nov. 21st

“How to handle groggy days at the gym”


14 thoughts on “Monday Motivation YouTube video- Nov. 21st

  1. I love that you make these videos! You’re so ahead of the game Shay-lon! Lol i really do believe that though – that it’s important to be good at video bc it’s just another way to communicate & it’s faster too :)) very motivating ❤ –Jess

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    1. Jess,
      You should make videos 🙂 I don’t always edit my videos, like I should.. because it takes time and becomes annoying! lmao. I am horrible at videos, but I do them in hopes it reaches more people. I will be uploading another video today with me demonstrating an exercise 🙂

      You should really consider video blogging as well as your writing! double the work! and we all love double the work! XD
      Thank you Jess.

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      1. I am seriously considering that! Honestly I am hesitant bc I mean I don’t even have my photo on my blog & it’s pretty private now lol so video would be a huge leap! You will be first to know if i do!

        And yeah, it def reaches more ppl so you are just using another avenue/medium to reach your goals. So awesome! Do you record from your laptop webcam? Or is it a camera? Thx! ❤

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      2. Jess,
        Are you really? YAY! Haha. I feel like a VIP! since I will be the first one to know, and when you become a HUGE YouTube sensation, I want a free autograph, pictures, a collab video and some other neat things! haha.

        You are not PRIVATE! you had 38 people like your 6th blog post, LOL you are out in the open popular now 🙂
        I only have 40 subscribers, some YouTubers have thousands, and stuff.. so I am not a huge deal yet, but maybe one day I will do better. I use my phone camera, I haven’t invested in an actual camera ever, haha. my laptop webcam seems grainy at times.

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      3. Lollll you’re so crazy😂 and ok yeah I don’t have a camera either so that’s maybe how I would do it, Idk! But I think its so cool that you’ve been making these videos even if circumstances (not having a camera, vid editing skill lol whatever else you need idk) were not perfect! You just started pursuing it anyway. I admire that :)) you’re so inspiring shay-lon!

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      4. Haha, I started months ago Jess, and still suck at it!! I am not inspiring, I am a deadbeat YouTuber ! lmfao. jk! no, but maybe down the road once I get certified, I can invest in better quality gadgets, until then, people will have to deal with my bad videos lmfao

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      5. You’re good at it!! And you’re a million times better than all the people who haven’t taken the steps to do it :)) loll it’s a good plan to invest later when you can afford it and just do what you can now with what you’ve got! There’s some kinda inspirational rah rah quote that I read somewhere at some point and it just popped out now lol

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