So am I an Athlete Yet?

So this post had me thinking about some things, I mean I guess it is assumed anyone who workouts and does fitness is an athlete, right?I am not so sure anymore. When reading her post it out some thought in my mind about this term. Seems more people these days call themselves “athlete” but for what reason? and what does it take me to be considered an athlete. I believe some people use it for the title.. but maybe I am wrong. This gave me a blog post idea to write about in response to this bloggers post! thank you for this post 🙂

The Hangry Runner

I read a post on a Facebook page that I follow and the poster made an interesting statement: they said that all athletes are runners but not all runners are athletes.  Their reasoning was based on an obstacle course that they had recently participated in.  Along with the other competitors, there was an elite-level ultra runner.  This poster beat the elite which they interpreted as being in superior physical condition.

So naturally I got thinking about that.  There are quite a few assumptions that this person was making, not the least of which was that the elite was trying to win or at least push themselves to the max.  For all we know, they were just there to try something different.

There is also the assumption that the elite runner were in prime condition.  They could have been nursing an injury or an illness.  Or maybe they lack upper body…

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17 thoughts on “So am I an Athlete Yet?”

  1. I don’t consider me an athlete, but that’s just me. I’m just a guy who likes to go out for a bike ride every day. I just happen to do that about twice as fast as the normal person would. NBD… but that’s just me.

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      1. An athlete is someone who gets paid and devotes their life to their sport so they can compete with the cream of the crop. That is most definitely not me. I’m just above average and in REALLY good shape.

        Keep in mind, this is just how I feel about it. My opinion is only worth something to me, and even then, not all that much. 😎

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      2. “cream of the crop”, never heard of that phrase, odd but funny at the same time. – anyways, back on track.. yes, I thought the same thing, but then after reading someone else’s thoughts and someone’s thoughts and another person’s I am starting to see so many meanings and it is beautiful. Hey, I think I am an athlete these days, lol not being paid but hopefully be sponsored then paid 😛 if everything works out, I can be a cool kid.

        No, but this good getting everyone’s opinions on what being an athlete truly is, she obviously made a GREAT topic and I am highly jealous! lmao

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      3. Ah, but there is the rub! I am a cool kid though I don’t consider myself an athlete. I’m a cool kid, not because someone else says so, but because I do. I allow anybody to be wrong in their assessment of my coolness too, because what someone else thinks of me is really none of my business. There’s a lot of freedom in that concept.

        Cream of the crop refers to milk and cream. The cream rises to the top… the top of the crop, in other words. 😎

        I don’t disparage an average Joe or Jane for believing they’re an athlete either. Whatever floats your boat, it’s all good in my book.

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      4. What someone else thinks of me, is none of my business- that is a good motto, probably could be made into a meme, lol. just saying.
        And, oh, learning something new about cream and milk for the day, hey! lol.
        Yes, I say that too “whatever floats your boat” 🙂 I know that saying very well. I probably overuse it actually. haha.


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  2. Very interesting! I had a trainer recently who referred to me as an athlete while I was in the middle of a meltdown regarding a certain stability exercise I couldn’t perfect. I was beyond frustrated and wouldn’t move on until I got it hammered out correctly. He cited my frustration as evidence of being an athlete…but I scoffed. I would pull my past experiences in group sports into that as evidence before my frustration. But I did see his point. Maybe a looser definition of athlete should encompass all of us who are actively engaged in exercise with the intent of bettering ourselves…be that a desire to lift more weight, run a faster mile, or decrease body fat. Maybe being an athlete is just the mindset we bring to the game.

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    1. Wow! this was awesome and thank you for commenting. I like how you worded your thoughts on what it might mean to be an athlete. I think I could agree with all of that as well. I have always been told that people could tell I was an athlete because of the fact I am so competitive in many things, almost everything. lol. Which also would make sense now that I think about it. I mean to some being an athlete is someone who makes money doing a sport or activity (which is true) but if we look beyond that, your definition of it would make sense too 🙂


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  3. There are a lot of notions. Many people do not consider themselves an athlete. Yes genetic is a factor but not as much we believe. Our parent have a bigger influence of the enjoyment of sport. The middle or second child usually ends up better than the first child. It means that they model the behavior and they are aways playing catchup. All it means it is a choice. Quite frankly not making the choice you really sell yourself short.

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    1. I never knew the second child is usually better than the first, well this explains my ordeal , lol. –honestly this makes sense to me when I think of me and my brother both being basketball players and who turned out to be better in the sport, although I was better at other sports than him. This was good input Russell, didn’t expect you comment on this, haha. Didn’t think you still pay attention to these weird blog post on my Facebook that keep showing up out of nowhere., haha.

      So in a nutshell, we can choose whether we are athletes or not, would you consider yourself an athlete Russell?


      1. I think people figure since they were not born with an athlete talent, then they choose not to consider themselves an athlete. I think we are all born athletes. Let Nike motto “If you have a body you are an athlete”. Only thing that stops us from reaching physical potential is oneself.

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      2. Do you think there is a difference between a paid “athlete” aka sponsored , and a non paid athlete? just curious. – I plan on making a blog post about it but still thinking about it.


      3. Professional mean you get paid. Sponsored often means the company help you cover expenses, in exchange for displaying their brand. Once the athlete gets paid they are a “professional” athlete.

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      4. Oh okay 🙂 this makes sense, I was just wondering the differences, because I also see people saying they are a sponsored athlete ..but didn’t quite understand it. But this makes sense.


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