21 thoughts on “My Squat challenge – 230 reps, + A challenge for you to do!

  1. Alright, lady. I’ll sign up. I’m kind of off weighted squats at the moment anyway to fix my form (I squat with my knees instead of using my hammies). Email on the way!

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    • I received your email and replied 🙂 happy you hopped on board! I had that same problem in the beginning when I first started taking my exercise science classes, but with the help of my Prof. she always told me to squat using my heels instead of toes and that helped me a lot 😉

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  2. Here’s a good one for you… My 13 year-old daughter is a swimmer and a diver on her middle school team. She’s a fish of a swimmer but has trouble with explosiveness on the springboard. For simple exercises to give her a little more air I suggested she mimick pushing off the board on dry land, simply jumping to hit the ceiling in the living room. Anything to engage this big muscles so they spring… maybe burpees?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

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  3. I kinda always have issues with high impact stuff. I think running for years when I was younger has messed with my knees. Squats and lunges sometimes hurt them too. Any suggestions? DOes that mean I am doing them wront?

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    • Well, lunges are difficult on my knees too at times, i have the worse balance on top of that. LOL. — many times with squats, people are not doing them correctly (proper footing, proper posture) and if they don’t realize it, it could cause injury and pain (not the good kind of pain). Also, many people believe you have to touch the floor doing a squat, but this isn’t true, some people don’t have a good ROM (range of motion) and so they can only go down so low, which is perfectly fine. I had a client of mine last year only do her squats at about a 45 degree angle until she could go down further with practice and with proper stretching before and after the workout (she was much older than you and I) even though 45 degrees isn’t very far, we worked on going lower (no lower than 90 degrees) and use modifications when necessary.

      If you know that you are doing the squat and lunge perfectly, then it could be multiple reasons that you are getting pain. Many injuries of the knees and hips can occur and mess with your form of a squat and lunge. Many times if you are using the right form/technique, then it isn’t pain from doing them wrong, it is pain from either lack of good stretching /warm up, pain from prior injuries that weren’t taken care of properly or pain from not having done the exercise BUT in some cases it could be pain that a Dr would need to identify as well.


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