Push Up Challenge – Day 5 & Day 6


I did day 5 push up challenge today because yesterday was my “rest day”.and today is day 6 and a rest day for the push up challenge, so yeah πŸ™‚ Hopefully this video will help you realize what a standard push form looks like. I tried to capture my whole body, so you could see me do it. I did 10 reps today, wasn’t hard at all.Β 


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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

8 thoughts on “Push Up Challenge – Day 5 & Day 6”

    1. Wow! you have a lot of on your plate πŸ™‚ You have joined so many challenges, that is awesome! Kudos to you for giving everything a go, don’t wear yourself too thin though πŸ™‚ maybe if you are more confident by March,you can have a go at the challenge. I will have more easier ways for those that have a hard time with the two kinds of push ups, so that everyone can do it πŸ™‚


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      1. oh 3 push up Bella style believe me wont kill me. my push ups are joke. Just a bit of practice. The way i see it – life is one big habit and a routine if i get my routine right the rest falls into place. And if I am not upto it believe me I wont do it… thanks for you support.


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