Gym Workout – Feb. 13 & Feb. 14th

Sorry FitFam,


I slacked yesterday with my blogging and forgot to blog my workout, to be completely honest, I was busy with peers and had mega things to do, so didn’t get around to it, but I will today, to make up for yesterday, I will blog yesterday’s workout and today’s workout and I also will have another YouTube video posted for today as well. 


Yesterday’s workout:

  • Smith machine squats: 3 x 10,8,6. 105 lb, 125 lb, 145 lb
  • Romanian Deadlift: 3 x 10, 105 lb
  • Zercher squat: 4 x 10, 15 lb, 35 lb, 65 lb, 85 lb
  • Smith machine curtsy lunge: 3 x 8 per leg. 35 lb
  • Smith machine calve raise: 4 x 10, 105 lb
  • smith machine single-leg deadlift: 4 x 15 ea. leg. 35 lb
  • smith machine step ups: 3 x 10 ea. leg. 35 lb, 55 lb
  • smith machine kneeling squat: 4 x 10, 55 lb
  • Push ups: 15 reps

Today’s workout:


  • Renegade row push up: 3 x 10, 40 lb
  • Roman sit ups: 4 x 10


  • Face pull: 4 x 12.  30 lb, 42.5 lb
  • cable overhead triceps extension: 4 x 12, 30 lb


  • cable curls: 4 x 12, 25 lb
  • cable upright row: 4 x 12, 20 lb
  • Bench tucks: 4 x 20

Circuit training (strength): 5 rounds

  • lateral raises: 1 x 6, 20 lb
  • front raises: 1 x 6, 20 lb
  • bentover flyes: 1 x 6, 40 lb

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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

2 thoughts on “Gym Workout – Feb. 13 & Feb. 14th”

    1. Sarah,
      Thank you, it was very intense. I write down my workouts before heading to the gym thinking everything I wrote down sounds easy or moderate but don’t realize how hard it may be until I am doing it and asking myself why did I make this the workout. lol.
      In college I was using a regular barbell, and I liked it, then when I graduated and found a gym outside my college, they had smith machines instead of barbell free weights. I was not used to smith machines either and I still prefer free weights, but I am starting to do better on the smith machine. they aren’t recommended for deadlifts but I have to use what I have available and some people don’t like them for squats because it doesn’t seem like you are lined up correctly with the bar, but I haven’t had too many issues with that. I like not having to use a spotter in order to lift (bench press, squats, etc)
      I will be honest with you, I had to google some exercises that have to do with the smith machine since I was new to it, so the majority of the list of exercises were all new to me. Hopefully once you get into the groove, you will try some of the ones I have.
      I used to struggle with my squat form as well, it took awhile for me to get used to it, because it was odd, I was driving through my toes and that was causing me injury – until my professor corrected me and told me to use my heels and since then, my form has gotten better and not many injuries. I noticed the difference too, using the heels, I definitely felt the BURN! lol.

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