Is “Walking” exercise?

I realize this might sound ridiculous at first sight, because you are probably thinking well “duh walking is exercise” and to be honest, this is true, it is a form of exercise BUT there is a BIG BUT involved because walking varies and depending the kind of walking and the length of time, it can be less effective as a form of exercise.


For starters, I am not knocking those that walk – I walk. I am not knocking those that choose to walk on the treadmill the whole entire gym period long, or that say they walked to the fridge and back to their bedroom and that was their exercise. LOL. — seriously though ( I know people like this) My concern isn’t that you walk because there are people missing limbs that can’t walk and would love to, my concern is “is your walking effective”? think about this for a minute or two and think about what it means to be effective and you would obviously know what walking is… so think about how often you walk and how far, do you think that your walking can be considered effective?


Just like any other exercise, walking has to be “challenged” , otherwise it no longer becomes an effective method of weight loss, it will either get to a point where you plateau fairly quickly or get to a point that it bores you or it will get to a point where it is no longer as effective. Everyone has their own fitness level and their own level of what they can do and I don’t expect anyone to run marathons or 5ks ( I surely don’t) so walking is a good thing to get started, to get yourself moving and to stay productive, not to mention it allows you to explore (if you are outside) or if you go to a gym and walk, it allows you to get to know the treadmill and the functions. The key with walking is “Type, time (duration), frequency, and distance” – All of these play an important role with walking and making it effective for you. Now before I go over these fun words, I want to let everyone know who is reading this, NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME, so don’t expect your results to be the same as someone else’s and all of this information will vary person to person.. depending on your lifestyle choices.


Type and/or mode: What kind of walking are you doing? 

  • Brisk walking
  • speed walking
  • leisure walking
  • walking backwards
  • walking uphill
  • walking downhill
  • walking stairs
  • walking on grass, concrete,
  • treadmill
  • elliptical
  • resisted walking
  • slow walking
  • moon walking LOL

Time (Duration): How long are you walking for? 

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 days straight

You get the point, someone who is hiking and walking for days at a time vs someone who walks to their car from their front door.


Frequency: How often are you walking?

  • everyday
  • once a month
  • once a year
  • three times a week

again you get the point, this also will make a difference down the road when you hit a plateau.. just like the amount of time. 


Distance: How far do you walk?

  • 1 mile
  • 15 km
  • 10 steps
  • 10,000 steps

ALL of these things play an important role with fitness as a whole but since I am talking about walking specifically.. I made this post so that you can see your own flaws and have an idea as to how to “fix” it or better deal with them; whether that means you change the type of walking you do, or change the amount of time you stay on the treadmill – there is different variations, so use it at your disposal if you have to. Maybe some of you are just beginning your journey and can only walk .5 miles once a week at a slow pace – that is fine because if you keep doing that you will see results, however, it will get to the point where results stop or happen rarely and that means you will decide to try to walk 1 mile once a week or .5 miles every 2 days.. or whatever it maybe in order to progress in your workout. Then there may be others of you who are fitness advanced, and walk 10,000 steps easy in a day and decide you want to walk 20,000 steps daily and again that will progress your workout and give you results. 


Everything is a trial and error, what works for you may not work for the neighbor, so as long as you progress and overload in your walking – you have a higher chance of results and cardiovascular fitness increasing. Got it? 🙂 good. 


Feel free to leave comments, share and like. Thank you for reading.


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxooo 


P.S keep in mind eating habits play a part in this as well. 


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Hello! College graduate in exercise science and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. My blog has all kinds of fun topics, something for everyone who is anyone that involves themselves with fitness. I like to think of fitness as a confidence booster, something to make us feel good and look good & pushes us to do things that make us feel more productive, unstoppable and stronger mentally and physically. My blog focuses on building people, and helping people see their true potential, while also sharing my journey with workouts, competing with powerlifting, and sharing how to's on workouts, so you step inside the gym with more knowledge. I don't know everything but I am on a voyage to build my character, my strength and work on my weaknesses --- with awesome people in my corner who support me and my goals. I plan on being your cheerleader, friend, coach and trainer all-in-one and most of all, I want to be your listener, the person who can listen and gain more knowledge about you and learn what makes fitness important to you; what's your why! (Your why will carry you to the finish line). It's important to have purpose for something, because you will need that purpose when you start to give up on yourself or want to quit. "Don't let the fire that guides you, dim" - Shay-lon Besides the fitness stuff, I reside in Ohio, love dogs and love pizza. Typical 26 year old trying to build an empire that brings out the best in others and makes me the best person I can be in all aspects in my life. Before I die, I want a reason to live, and I was given that reason each day I am able to wake up --- I have learned to not take life for granted and to explore as much as possible because to live with zero regrets would be fantastic! "I've conquered many things, but I still have much to learn about life, because nobody can know everything. & every battle is different" - Shay-lon

32 thoughts on “Is “Walking” exercise?”

  1. Speaking of butts, your post reminded me of the meme that goes something like: “Ask your doctor if getting off your butt is for you.” When my wife and I started our recovery, it was walking all the time. Will still do it but now we’ve got all the other stuff, too.

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      1. Oh wow! I wish I could walk to work (we have to use our car) but that would be awesome. I love walking, I usually walk at parks or new trails or something like that. I personally like using walking as exercise.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. These days my walking is with the grand babies and it’s typically a lot of stop and go with shouting (get away from the road! don’t pick that up! stop hitting your brother! etc.).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Because walking is a part of life. It doesn’t really get the heart rate up, unless you’re race walking, and in that case you may as well be running. For that reason I simply choose not to count it.

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      2. Okay. Well that is fair enough. I think it is vital in exercise, but then I also realize not everyone can walk so.. that is when I have to consider the fact it is a blessing that I am able to do so.

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      1. Well,
        not necessarily to “start” walking but to walk to places near me, I can’t. I can’t walk to work or walk to the store, these are luxuries bigger cities have that my small town doesn’t.

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      2. Oh wow! Yeah, we don’t have good public transportation here, so we use our own vehicles or some people might be lucky enough to bike. I can probably walk to the store closest to me, but it would be a lot to lug around so many bags of groceries.. walking. I walk at local parks and sometimes trails.. but not as often as I would like to.

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      3. Well, our transportation isn’t that good, we wake up earlier than we should 😅 Traffic is chaos and parking… You imagine. I would recommend smaller Spanish cities for a healthy living 😊 But in US size that’s maybe a big town, not a city 😀

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      4. Oh jeez. That seems horrible too! ugh.
        Well, possibly bigger town , but a big city allows for one to live downtown or close to it possibly and be able to walk to shops and gyms, etc. I never lived in a city, so it would be a change up 🙂

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    1. Bahahah! that is funny! I know a friend who counts the steps to the fridge and back as well, makes him feel like he did something productive. LOL. I always tell him to change up his pace – just to add some variety. haha


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    1. I like walking too, I don’t see anything wrong with walking for exercise. I like to take walks outside vs on the treadmill, but it still gets the job done. Hopefully my tips just give people a new outlook on walking and exercise. Thank you.



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