What Is A “Side Stitch”?

Hey Bloggers, I am back again for another blog post.. 

& this time this one will be more informational. I am not sure how many of you have heard of the term “side stitch” but previous to last week I had not known what it was either. The only reason I found out about this was because I was doing some research into some pains I had been feeling during my runs on and off the treadmill. 


The kind of pains I was feeling were sharp pains, almost like a cramping feeling in my obliques, and I would run through them just to finish my run but they would hurt so bad, sometimes I had to slow down in order to lessen them or would stop completely and they would go away. I thought it was the oddest thing and while these pains were nothing new to me, because I have had these pains happen for the last year or so, I finally decided to look into them.  Now I am not a medical doctor, so my answer does not mean it is your answer because there are obviously other reasons why I could have been experiencing this pain, but to my knowledge and after doing some digging, I found that I have a possible “side stitch”. 


What is a “side stitch” you ask? 

  • Also referred to as a side ache, or side cramp is an intense stabbing pain under the lower edge of the rib-cage that occurs while exercising. It is also well-known as an transient abdominal pain (ETAP)

after looking at some signs and symptoms , I gathered this could be my issue, so then I started to look into ways to keep it from happening and many different sites had ideas and I figured I would share some with you , if you know that you might have this. Now I would like to add, that I don’t get these when I lift weights of any type, only when I am running does it happen. 

Hopefully all three of these links will offer some ways to deal with your side stitch. I have given them a try and today during cardio, I had no pain. Yay!


Share your thoughts in the comment section, let me know, do you have side stitches? Thanks for reading. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxooo


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Hello! I have just recently graduated with my exercise science degree May 2016, yay! I am more than happy; and decided that since my passion is for fitness/health, I would write about it and share my journey with others because in my opinion health is everything (both mental and physical). I am 24 years old, and reside in the states. I enjoy being active anyway possible and want to get my cert in personal trainer and also be a wellness coach. I love to eat and don't believe in eliminating, but rather moderation. I hope that my blog post will inspire, motivate and encourage you all to want to be the healthiest person you can be! It all begins with "I can" and "I will" :) -Shay-lon P.S feel free to follow me on social media and or email me, l don't mind answering questions or simply networking. Would love to hear from you all.

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      1. But that is totally okay, nothing wrong with that, learning is being active in the mind, as long as we continue to learn , we continue to grow 😀
        I always like your meditation blogs because while I stopped and want to get back into it, I need to find what works well for me and my mind in order to stick with it. ya know.

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