Single-Leg Deadlift (Exercise)

If You Can Do It With Two, Try One.

How many of you enjoy doing deadlifts? Hopefully the majority of you and if you don’t, that is okay too, I don’t expect everyone to have the same favorite exercises. I take notice of what kind of viewers flock to my blog/or comment on my post and while I do have beginner exercisers/fitness people – I also have many more advanced athletes as well. I like to think I cater to both but when and if I don’t, I throw in some more advanced exercises that many of them would enjoy and that my beginners can work up to. 


Personally, I enjoy deadlifts, but enjoy single leg deadlifts even more, why? because they are more advanced, test your balance and challenge you (not to mention adds variety to your workout). For most people, I would start off using no weight or very little weight, but for those of you who are more intermediate to advanced, you can use heavier weights and really make this workout a challenge. In this video you will notice she is using two dumbbells, but I have done this workout using only one dumbbell in one of my hands, and I have also used a weight plate for when a dumbbell isn’t available and kettlebells work great too!


How to perform the single-leg deadlift:

  1. Hold the kettlebell, dumbbell or weight plate using one hand, stand on one leg on the same side you are holding the equipment
  2. while the knee is slightly bent, perform a “stiff-legged” deadlift by bending at the hip, extending the free leg behind you for balance
  3. continue lowering the kettlebell/dumbbell/weight plate until you are parallel to the ground then return to the upright position

You may switch feet after doing the amount of repetitions recommended. 


What Muscles Am I helping?

  • hamstrings
  • the lower back functions as a stabilizer 
  • glute muscles
  • adductor magnus

The great thing about this exercise is you don’t much equipment, if any at all depending on your fitness level and it can be done anywhere (the gym, outside, inside the house). I have had people tell me they aren’t feeling anything in the muscles when performing this exercise, but if you perform it correctly, trust me you will feel it, especially if you are doing 10-15 reps of it. I would highly recommend that people give this exercise a try and let me know what you think! you can add it to your workout routine, challenge yourself to do it without losing your balance and if you are a beginner, you can hold a chair to help with your balance until you become independent enough to the point without having to use it. Leave comments, share and like this blog post, for more exercises, click here


Thanks for reading. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxoo


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Hello! College graduate in exercise science and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. My blog has all kinds of fun topics, something for everyone who is anyone that involves themselves with fitness. I like to think of fitness as a confidence booster, something to make us feel good and look good & pushes us to do things that make us feel more productive, unstoppable and stronger mentally and physically. My blog focuses on building people, and helping people see their true potential, while also sharing my journey with workouts, competing with powerlifting, and sharing how to's on workouts, so you step inside the gym with more knowledge. I don't know everything but I am on a voyage to build my character, my strength and work on my weaknesses --- with awesome people in my corner who support me and my goals. I plan on being your cheerleader, friend, coach and trainer all-in-one and most of all, I want to be your listener, the person who can listen and gain more knowledge about you and learn what makes fitness important to you; what's your why! (Your why will carry you to the finish line). It's important to have purpose for something, because you will need that purpose when you start to give up on yourself or want to quit. "Don't let the fire that guides you, dim" - Shay-lon Besides the fitness stuff, I reside in Ohio, love dogs and love pizza. Typical 26 year old trying to build an empire that brings out the best in others and makes me the best person I can be in all aspects in my life. Before I die, I want a reason to live, and I was given that reason each day I am able to wake up --- I have learned to not take life for granted and to explore as much as possible because to live with zero regrets would be fantastic! "I've conquered many things, but I still have much to learn about life, because nobody can know everything. & every battle is different" - Shay-lon

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    1. Yes, I have weaker side as well and thank you for being patient for response back, sorry been MIA, have been on and off the interweb. Anyways, they are a lovely exercise to do when someone wants to find weaknesses and build strength as well.


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