ACL Tear (Injury)

When it comes to injuries… I am sure most if not all of you have heard of an ACL tear. If you are not completely sure of what an ACL tear is, then you have come to right place because I plan on explaining it. 


First comes First.. What is an ACL tear? 

  • A torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee. 

How does one tear their ACL?

  • Most prominent in sporting activities
  • It can occur when your foot is planted on the ground and force strikes it while your leg is straight or slightly bent
  • It can occur when changing direction rapidly
  • or when landing from a jump

Oh yeah, you remember now.. athletes who have torn their ACL end up gone for the majority of the season, right?

  • Yes, this is quite correct. Considering it will usually end in surgery and takes a while for recovery.

Common Sports in which we see ACL Tears?

  • Basketball, football, soccer & tennis 

Common signs that you might have an ACL Tear? 

  • Swelling, possible popping sound, unable to bend knee, weak leg muscles 
  • Although everyone is different will sometimes show different signs (more or less)

What is recovery time during an ACL tear?

  • They say typically 6-9 months .. but again this could be estimated up or down

For more information about a torn ACL, please check this website out:


Let me know in the comments if any of you have experiences a Torn ACL, and what it was like for you. As always share, like and follow. For more injuries to be aware of, click: here


Oh and specialist (Doctors, Physical therapist, etc) please feel free to leave any comments or helpful tips. 


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11 thoughts on “ACL Tear (Injury)

  1. I had surgery in Jan 2016 for an ACL year, inflammation under the knee cap and torn meniscus. Let’s just say it was not a pretty recovery. This was on my right knee. Now I possibly injured my other knee but I injured it years ago so it may just be aggravating an old injury. Hoping it’s not something more serious. Awesome informational post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing this! wow! Because of your ACL tear, do you think there is a chance you could tear it again after having it happen? I have heard of people getting their ACL torn and it happens again .. I don’t know if is bad luck or just a higher chance since now it has already happened. How long was your recovery?

      Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it 🙂


      1. I actually do not know. I was told that it was repaired but was never warned about it happening again. I would have to ask my orthopedic dr and see what he says. I’m deadlifting again to prepare to compete but it is taking a little while longer to bring my weight back up to where it was. I was on crutches for what seemed like forever. I wasn’t fully released back to fully deadlifting until 9 months after the surgery. I had to build up my confidence though to start deadlifting again as I had fears of reinjuring it.

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      2. Yes, I can understand that. I am happy that you are able to compete though, this is good, and hopefully you keep working on that deadlift and confidence, that will be important.


  2. Never torn my ACL. However every other week I have watch a family get the news that their daughter torn her ACL. It so common that the family are not that sad. Sometimes the second tear during senior there is some disappointment.

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    1. Is it normal for that to happen, to tear your ACL and it happen again? like that seems very unsatisfying ..
      I am so happy I have yet to have that injury, from what people have told me, recovery isn’t so pretty either.


    1. Do you feel that this particular injury can be avoided in most sports? especially the more common sports that it occurs in, such as basketball, football, soccer and tennis? or do you think it just comes with the fact they are physical sports.


  3. ACL like most things, you can significant reduce you chances. I think we spent so much time researching the causes and long term effects. Over analyzing the fact that proper training is the key.

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