Brown Rice Vs White Rice (Food/Nutrition)

brown rice

I have a feeling.. This is going to be a heated discussion! No, but seriously, I think this will be a great discussion for all of you to engage in. 

For beginners, let me start by saying that I prefer white rice over brown rice and I eat more white than I do brown rice. Weird? probably considering people tell me all the time why I shouldn’t eat white rice and instead should consume brown rice- but I am rebel without a cause and choose to go about my everyday eating white rice. Does this mean , I am bias? no, I just like one more than the other but I will eat either of them to be honest depending on the dish. I don’t want anyone getting any bright ideas and think that I will try to pull you over to the dark side; but I just might do it! LOL muahahahahah (evil laugh) 

  1. Do you prefer white rice or brown rice? – or is there another kind of rice you prefer more than the two options
  2. name a recipe you enjoy eating/cooking that either has white rice or brown rice (or you may share the URL to your blog page with it)
  3. If you don’t eat rice, what kind of things do you eat in place of it? 

Brown Rice: (Keep in mind that each brand has their own nutritional value for brown rice)

  • Rich in selenium (known to reduce the risk of common diseases)
  • High in magnesium
  • healthy fats
  • Helps with bowel regularity – because of the amount of fiber
  • considered “whole grain” – hasn’t lost its wholeness through the refinement process
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Excellent food choice for those with diabetes – helps stabilize blood sugar levels
  • High in manganese 
  • Fills your stomach faster

White Rice:(Keep in mind that each brand has their own nutritional value for white rice)

  • Truth of the matter is, white rice is fine in moderation. While it might not have as many health benefits as brown rice, it doesn’t mean it is all bad for you. White rice is considered easier to digest because it doesn’t contain as high of phytic acid as brown rice. 
  • White rice still has some decent amount of potassium
  • no cholesterol
  • typically higher calories 
  • high in the glycemic index (not a good thing)

So perhaps I lost the battle to bring you over to the dark side and perhaps I need to watch my moderation (which I do) and make sure to eat more brown than white when necessary BUT this doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some white rice.. I still can and so can you. If you have anything you would like to add to this, feel free. Keep in mind some of the better kinds of rice are the sprouted rice because you get more of the actual minerals that you miss out on when they are sprouted. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, like, share, and follow.


Your Fitness Blogger,


Shay-lon xxoo

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38 thoughts on “Brown Rice Vs White Rice (Food/Nutrition)

  1. I’m Indian so rice is life for me and most of the dishes I cook are rice based. I love white rice too although I don’t hate brown rice. I just prefer white rice. Any curry with rice tastes amazing to me, I love kimchi fried rice, I love bibimbap, and I love stir fried/roasted vegetables with rice. Sometimes I eat quinoa or couscous instead of rice but very rarely.

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    1. I have heard of quinoa, but never actually have eaten it. Does it taste like rice? I am assuming it is healthier as well. I don’t think I have ever had curry either but I know what it is for the most part. I love stir-fry as well! actually it sounds amazing but I am eating soup and veggies tonight -_- ugh lol

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      1. Quinoa in my opinion kind of doesn’t taste like anything in my opinion. It just soaks up the taste of whatever it’s mixed with. I usually eat it with raisins and dry nuts or sometimes I mix it with rice do it’s half rice and half quinoa. It’s pretty good actually you should try it sometime. You’ve never had any curry ever?!? You need to try some with rice it’s so delicious you may just lose consciousness for a while 😜
        Lol I’m not a big fan of soup and veggies but I eat it once in a while cos I have to 😝

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      2. Ahh okay! so it doesn’t really do anything just kind of mixes with whatever you are eating with it. Got it! you like raisins? lol. I will need to look into this curry, I am not afraid to lose consciousness to good food! new mission accepted.
        You don’t like soup or veggies? really? wow! I don’t like all veggies but I have some that I enjoy greatly. Soup is rare but sometimes I get cans of it and eat through it because it is easy to cook – never made it homemade but would love to someday.

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      3. Yeah it tastes kind of bland on its own but it’s pretty good with other stuff. Haha I don’t like raisins in general but for some reason I really like them with quinoa. Hahaha yup you should do a curry taste test video!!

        I don’t like soup. I don’t mind veggies as long as it doesn’t include carrots. I hate carrots. I don’t like tinned soup I usually make my own when I eat soup which is like when I’m sick or something. Homemade tastes a lot better in my opinion but some people prefer the tinned ones so I don’t know

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      4. Yeah I love cheese sandwiches! Although I guess cheese sandwich and tomato soup is kind of an American thing. I actually tried it cos of my American friend and I really liked it.

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  2. Since half of my family is from the Islands, (Trinidad to be specific), rice is accompanied with almost every meal. I don’t know if this is specific to my family or Trinidad, but we always seem to eat white rice. I don’t necessarily have a preference in terms of taste, but that’s just what I consume most of the time.

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    1. Yay! another white rice eater! 😀 haha guess I am not alone after all, I was afraid people were going to shun me for eating it because everyone talks about eating brown rice. I have never had Island food, but hear it is very good indeed 😀

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    1. I would say you are one of the only ones who left comments saying you liked brown rice, there may be others hiding someplace but most of my readers said they loved white rice like myself . LOL. which actually comes as a surprise to me & made me think about somethings. Anyhow yes, most white food isn’t as nutrient dense and lacks value , but I still like them and in moderation, I say why not! 😀

      Also the cooking part, some people have found that brown rice cooks longer, but it all depends on how they prefer to cook their rice and the kind of rice they purchase, I know someone who said it took them 30 minutes to cook their brown rice, so it could be possible it might take longer in some cases – ya never know.


  3. I’ve read that rice (and grains in general) while nutrient dense are harder to digest and actually make our stomachs work harder. Again just what I’ve read looking at paleo diets. Personally I grew up on white rice so struggle to drop that to be honest. interested in your thoughts on this though.

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    1. Yes this is true ! rice is harder to digest, no matter the kind really. The sprouted rice is said to be easier and full with more minerals that we can gain from eating it vs regular rice. Yay another white rice eater 😀 lmao

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  4. I do genuinely prefer brown rice (most probably due to my parents promoting the idea that ‘brown’ carbohydrates are healthier since little) but being half Asian white rice has been a staple part of my life, therefore I’m okay with both but would still choose brown rice over white most of the time. An interesting discussion you provoked Shay-lon!

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    1. Nyse,
      No, you went over to the light! haha you are supposed to join the dark side! and yes being half Asian means you eat the best kind of rice -white! lmfao. no but you are like the one other person who has said you prefer brown rice , you and someone else. Although it is a good thing you like brown rice, because it is a better option when it comes to good healthy choices, but if you ever want to play on the dark ride, the white rice side always allows visitors! lmfao.

      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Basmati is just a more fragrant kind of rice. I like eating brown rice because it has the hull intact and higher fibre and stuff. And I eat so much processed crap that when I find a simple grain that isn’t processed to hell I’m going to shovel as much down my throat as I can.

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      2. Oh you eat processed foods more often? Do you ever feel bad for eating processed foods? I don’t mind brown rice in certain dishes, I just can’t get over the taste of it by itself – lol. I will look into basmatic, never heard of it, but wouldn’t mind trying it out 😀

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  5. Okay, well I did not even know brown rice existed until I got out on my own, did my own shopping and went down ‘the healthy route’ in life. I guess for me, it is like do you prefer white bread or brown bread?
    Personally I will eat either. To be honest I find white rice less tasty than brown rice. There is a taste of nuttiness, and rusticness (is that even a word?) that I like with brown rice.
    The same goes for white bread. I will totally eat it. Now get this…sorry not on the rice thing…but on the bread thing. I LOVE white bread rolls and prefer them to brown bread rolls…why? It is all in the mind. It is a mind thing….but yeah, brown is healthier in rice and bread. Sorry for the diversion 🙂
    Now Wild Rice OMW. !!! Awesome 🙂 Now how is that for a total mumble jumble of whatever ! 🙂

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    1. Bahaha that was actually another post idea, white bread vs wheat bread! lmao. thanks for bring that topic up 😀 I love white bread rolls too and won’t eat the wheat ones UNLESS I have to.. and even then, I have to force myself.
      Seems like many people in the comment section like the wild rice, but I don’t blame them , it is good stuff for sure 😀 I love your randomness in this comment, plenty fun and great response.


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