Guest Post: 5 Pros & Cons To Juicing

Hey Fit Community, 

I have another guest blogger, many of you probably already follow him but if you don’t, I hope this particular post will give you a reason to. I started speaking with Christian after about 4-5 months when I first started blogging, he was very social and shown a liking for me and my blog. I think what hit things off, is I was looking for someone to connect with in  the fitness community and while I ended up following others before him, he seemed to be the one that reached out the most to me at the time. We would continue to support each others blog content and talk about our goals within this community and after a long while, we developed a platonic relationship that soon led to us giving each other advice and pointers. I sometimes would blow off his advice and tips because I was not trying to blow up or become this instant famous blogger and YouTuber but after awhile I realized my potential and realized he was giving me a kick in the ass because he seen my potential too and wanted me to excel & I will forever be grateful for that because if he had not been the one to do it, I would have fell off this blog wagon and probably would have never created a YouTube channel nor knew how to access a following on social media. On some of my most overwhelming days, most stressful days, most agitating days, he made sure I was okay and made sure to tell me to not give up, to not walk away and to keep going and I just want to say Thank you Christian for that, thank you for being a great friend to me and thank you for seeing what I could not! It is my honor to have you as a guest blogger. 

His Blog Post: 


by Christian Evans of



  • Instant Energy!!!



  • when I first started juicing I followed a lot of recipes.  Eventually I learned what tasted good & not so good for me.  I let my creative juices (pun intended) flow and started developing my own. See how creative you can be.  



  • It’s like an instant natural high.  Such a great feeling to have.  



  • There will be lots of people that are skeptical on juicing.  This is a great convo starter that could lead to the exchanging of ideas.  




  • When you’re intaking fresh juices daily you tend to make healthier choices overall in your life, as well as diet.  You’re granted with a clearer mindset the more you juice.  




  • Nothing worst than having to clean up your mess.  It’s draining.  There’s no shortcut.  You just have to face it and clean it up.  It’s all to prepare yourself for the next time you do have to juice.  



  • The thought of not knowing what fruits goes with what veggies is all trial an error.  When you make a bad combo is one of the worst things because it’s produce you paid for and you just have to drink it.  Try asking questions to other people that juice to get some tasty recipes.  Here’s some recipes for you.  


  • Here’s all of my juicing recipes 

Just thought I’d share this with you 



  • Making a bad combo is something we all go through.  The thing is you csnt pitch it.  This is money you spent on produce.  Even though it may taste bad you never throw it out.  Just drink it.  Even though it’s nasty.  No juice left behind.  



  • The human mouth has more germs in it than a dog.  People will still kiss one another then sometime a dog without second guessing it.  People will have the nerve to look at your Mason jar (sometimes bottle) of juice and have that “Ewww” face.  It’s like why question this wonderful, nutritious serving of fresh juice yet you exchange saliva with someone else.  It’s mind baffling.  Some people will try to throw shade at your juice but let them taste a little then see how they react then.  



  • Once you get into a rhythm of drinking the juice, you begin to feel better.  Your mood changes for the better.   If you ever get off track and stop drinking for a few days (in my case a few hours) you start to notice it.  It’s really a natural high you’re constantly chasing. 



There you have it.  5 pros and cons to juicing.  I love juicing.  It is part of my daily intake.  It is a way of life for me.  Please let me know how juicing has impacted your life.  If you’ve yet to start juicing and still have more questions, feel free to contact me. 


Thanks to Miss Shay Lon for granting me this opportunity to guest blog.


(small bio):

I lost close to 200 pounds within a ten month period so I want to help you be successful at losing weight. Come read how at


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34 thoughts on “Guest Post: 5 Pros & Cons To Juicing”

    1. Christian,
      You’re welcome! I am happy you enjoyed the introduction. It was definitely coming from a positive place in my heart and mind and I wanted to let others know the role you played in my blog and YouTube and choices/successes. I know I have great potential and sometimes it takes someone like yourself to kick my ass in order to do something about it! Thank you!


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      1. Hahah no, I am too busy trying to recover with a healthy mind and body – I have been sickly these past couple of days and didn’t make it to the gym today. I have to work on my health and not to mention lesson some of this extra stress going on! 🙂 lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, he has been more of a buddy to me than most and sometimes I find myself talking to him more than my bestfriend! hahah 🙂 okay probably not more than my bestfriend, my bestfriend would probably be disappointed but probably as much as my bestfriend! 😀

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  1. Awesome post !!! I actually do not have a juicer, but it something I have considered investing in. I don’t know about there, but cost value? and is there wastage for instance juicing carrots? – just a thought…sorry if it sounds silly. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Lynne,
      I have never juiced anything in my life and I have never been on a juicing diet to even know how well it works or the downfalls, but I will have Christian come over and answer your question for you since I don’t think he gets the notifications about it like myself since it is written on my blog 😀 good question ma’am.

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    1. Thank you!
      I have never done juicing, but the man who did this guest post has been doing it for a while and enjoys it as well. I have to commend you because going 100 days, even 30 days is tough for myself and others, I don’t think I could make myself as disciplined to do it, but love knowing that it works for you and you enjoy it.


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  2. Yaaasss!! Just ordered my first juicer that is on its way in the mail! 😊 I am so excited to start this super interesting trend and healthy/beneficial lifestyle. I would love to know how often you juice and also prep for the week! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh this is very exciting! I am excited for you and hope all goes well with it. I don’t personally juice but Christian does, which I think I shared his URL, if not, I can give that to you. I do however meal prep and stuff like that. Glad someone enjoyed this post because I know juicing is semi popular but I myself have not tried it, so keep us posted on your blog on how it goes for you.


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