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Oct. 30th Workout

Monday Chest Day!

Chest, biceps & Traps



  • Barbell bench press: 4 x 10, 75 lb
  • EZ bar curls: 4 x 10, 40 lb
  • barbell shrugs: 4 x 10, 185 lb


  • Smith machine incline press: 3 x 10, 95 lb
  • Alternating DB curls: 3 x 10, 50 lb
  • DB shrugs: 3 x 10, 100 lb


  • DB chest press: 4 x 10, 60 lb
  • alternating hammer curls: 4 x 10, 50 lb
  • Standing DB upright row: 3 x 10, 40 lb


  • Incline DB press: 4 x 10, 60 lb
  • Standing one arm cable curl: 3 x 10, 30 lb, 20 lb
  • Upright cable row: 3 x 10, 40 lb

HIIT Training: (5 rounds)

  1. Half jack + squat: 30 seconds (10 sec rest)
  2. Half jack + squat: 30 seconds (60 sec rest)

Oct. 30th Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday Bloggers!

Saturday, Oct. 28th Workout (late post)

Hey bloggers, 

You will have to forgive me because I forgot to post Saturday’s workout I did (yeah, no didn’t spend Saturday lazily, lol) 


Leg Day Gains!



  • barbell squat: 5 x 15 – 75 lb, 4 x 10 – 95 lb, 3 x 6 – 135 lb, and 1 x 5- 155 lb
  • Linear leg press (calf raises): 5 x 15 – 90 lb, 4 x 10 – 140 lb, 3 x 8- 180 lb and 1 x 6 – 230 lb
  • Sumo deadlifts: 3 x 8-10, 115 lb


  • Barbell overhead squat: 3 x 8-10, 45 lb
  • Kettlebell pistol squats: 3 x 8-10, 12 lb

It was indeed a short workout because of the allotted time I had, but I got shit done and was able to still get in a decent workout – my legs are still sore! 

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Oct. 25th workout

Triceps, back and glutes




  • Close grip barbell bench press: 4 x 15-20, 55 lb
  • reverse grip barbell bentover rows: 3 x 15-20, 30 lb
  • barbell hip thrust: 3 x 15-20, 25 lb plate


  • DB floor press: 3 x 15-20, 40 lb
  • DB palms-in bentover row: 3 x 15-20, 40 lb
  • Butt lifts: 3 x 15-20


  • kneeling cable triceps extension: 3 x 15-20, 50 lb
  • mixed grip chin ups: 3 x 15
  • glute kickback: 3 x 15-20


  • dips: 3 x 15
  • inverted row: 3 x 15-20
  • pull through: 3 x 15-20, 50 lb and 40 lb

HIIT: 1 round

  1. Plank: 30 seconds
  2. push up plank: 10 seconds
  3. plank: 20 seconds:
  4. one legged plank: 10 seconds each leg
  5. one legged push up plank: 5 seconds each leg

The HIIT workout at the end was difficult, so try it! Also, if you have never tried mixed grip chin ups, I definitely felt they were more challenging, so give those a try as well. Again today’s focus was on muscular endurance, definitely leaves you with a different kind of soreness when you are finished.


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Skier’s thumb (gamekeeper’s thumb) injury prevention

So I will be honest when I tell you I have never heard of this injury before, I mean I know people can hurt their thumb, but never heard of this and not an injury I hear a lot about when it comes to sports. I don’t ski so this isn’t something I would have been aware of, but for all you who do, have you heard of this injury before, has this ever happened to you? Feel free to share your experience and story in the comment section. I had to do some digging to see what this injury consisted of, and luckily for you I found a source that was able to be helpful in explaining it more in depth, but for my fellow readers, I will use short sentences to give you an idea as to what this is. 


What is “skier’s thumb”

An injury to the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) of the thumb. The UCL is either torn, damaged or ‘avulsed’ from the insertion site. 


How does this injury happen?

Any extreme force that pulls the thumb away from the palm of the hand

  • downhill skiing
  • fall on your hand with thumb stretched out
  • when a skier falls down while holding the ski pole

So it might be more common that I had thought. 



  • painful
  • swollen
  • thumb may feel weak when pinched or grasp something
  • bruise like discolorations around the joint
  • difficult to hold or squeeze things
  • there might be a bump around the surrounding area

Treatment options:

  • Partial tears don’t need surgery usually. Thumb will need immobilized for about 4 to six weeks in a special cast. 
  • If completely torn- chances are you will need surgery, normally done as an outpatient procedure. 

Rehab will be needed in both cases to gain strength and ROM back. 


I don’t know about you guys but this doesn’t seem like a fun injury to have – so try to be careful next time you go skiing or when you take a fall. Like,comment, share, and follow!


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