The preacher curl

The preacher curl, an exercise I don’t do often but one that I should do because it is a great bicep exercise workout, especially if you are really looking to isolate the muscle. My gym offers a space to do the curl like in the video above ( I assume most gyms do) but if not, there are ways to get it done with a little bit of creativity. I tend to biceps on my upper body day as an accessory workout with my bench press & used as a form of supersets (which this exercise would be good for). Typically when doing the preacher curl you want to be sure to be slow and contracted. Watch the above video for a demonstration. 

How to (step by step)

  1. You will need an EZ bar — Like the above bar in the video. You will have your hand placement on the close inner bar handle (best to have someone hand it to you, but if not, use the front bar rest attached to the preacher bench) Palms forward and slightly tilted inwards
  2. chest against the preacher bench, and arms pressed against the preacher bench– hold the EZ curl bar at shoulder length. 
  3. While breathing in, slowly lower the bar until biceps are fully stretched 
  4. While exhaling, use your biceps to curl the weight until biceps are fully contracted. 

The preacher curl is what helps to build the ‘peak’ in your biceps, it works the shorter head of the bicep muscle. Again a great exercise if executed properly and with slow contracted movements; making sure to squeeze on your way up & fully stretch on the way down & pay attention to make sure you are breathing. 

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