Happy National Poetry Day

Growing up, I loved writing, and when it came to poetry, I took after a couple of my family members and excelled in it. At that time, I figured poetry had to rhyme and have reason behind it, so that’s how I started but figured out soon after, it didn’t have to rhyme but to have reason makes it stronger and sometimes people can identify with something that is realistic. I never did go the extra mile and try to get my poetry published like some of my family members have, but I did obviously continue writing (here I am now) and even though it isn’t sharing poetry, I still kept the love for writing with me all these years. In the past I had some favorite poets for different reasons, some still my favorites, such as: Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes. In school we read Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry as well, and we had to analyze the meaning behind his words used in his poems — it was not easy to do because his writing was much more complicated to me and sometimes hard to understand fully. I suppose now if I were to read over his work and think about the meaning, I’d still have problems possibly because I find his writing a lot to take in. The beautiful thing about poetry is it can be a style that fits the writer, it allows for creativity, it gives you sense of talking through words, it opens doors for emotional appeal, it gives a sense of adventure within the the writing and it can be about anything. 

For those of you who consider yourself poets, what is the appeal to poetry that hooked you? what are some of your favorite poets & does your poetry resemble their work? And if you wish, you may leave a link to a piece of your work and I will in turn read it and leave a comment 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Day

  1. I went through a brief and furious poetry phase a couple years ago. For your reading pleasure I submit:


    Knowing the answer,
    She avoided the question,
    Yet truth persisted.


    Shackled by our past,
    See no, speak no, hear no tears,
    Truth truly sets free.

    The Fantastic Voyage

    Small man in a boat,
    Standing tall so close to home,
    Waves crash fore and aft.

    The Dark – not a haiku

    Silently in creeps the dark,
    A soft snow fall in the heart,
    Things that matter are so easily forgotten,
    Just wait five minutes,
    Silently in creeps the dark,
    Familiar but unwelcome guest,
    Makes itself at home,
    Like it owns the place,
    Who does the wounded healer call?
    Who does the wounded healer call?
    Silently in creeps the dark.


  2. I have trouble considering myself a poet, despite the fact that I write poems. I am obsessed with Japanese poetry in all its forms, but tend to write Haiku and Senryu most of the time.

    Summer Evenings – a Haiku

    The smell of honeysuckle
    carried by the breeze

    9 to 5 – A senryu

    Smothered by silence
    of oppression

    Anxiety (neither Haiku or Senryu)

    Silent thoughts constantly screaming
    Round and round with the certainty of despair
    Reality stretches into one endless moment
    Brittle sanity waiting to shatter
    Paralysed by fear
    Forever waiting to take
    the next

    I love painting pictures with as few words as possible 🙂

    When I am reading non japanese poets I love Dylan Thomas and WB Yeats along with Micheal Rosen and Roger McGough 🙂


    1. I will need to look into those poets, never heard of them and I enjoyed your poem: Anxiety, it definitely speaks volumes to me. I have never read japanese poetry, I didn’t realize it was a category of its own.How did you first get introduced to poetry?

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      1. My mum introduced me to poetry, she kept buying me poetry books because she decided I should like it… it worked 😊
        Japanese poetry it interesting, it is extremely minimal and quite hard to translate to English. There are lots of different forms, but most people have only heard of Haiku 🙂


      2. People think haiku are easy because they have a set syllable count so a lot of people write them.
        The problem is they have a lot of other rules and subtleties that many people miss. I don’t write them that well compared to traditional Japanese ones but I am improving 🙂


      3. Ahh okay, yes I always assumed they were the shorter types of poems and easier due to not having to rhyme or have a specific course of action but I didn’t realize there is much more than what meets the eye when it comes to this particular style of writing. I do believe I followed that link you sent me, so I will be reading up on your new works of art.

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