World Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health awareness day

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day.

Coming from someone who suffers from a form of anxiety (social anxiety), a form of depression, BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), and OCD. I know first hand what it’s like to be in a dark place that is hard to get out of, or to not have the willpower to want to continue living because you feel worthless, useless, not fitting, and lost & it seems easier to give up and throw in the towel than to fight with your thoughts. Mental health is a REAL thing. It’s not fun to be the person that people think is weird because they don’t understand you or what you are going through. It’s a stigma that needs to be broken, it doesn’t matter your childhood, how in shape you are, your ethnicity or status quo among your peers, IT DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE. 

Mental health needs attention, it needs our help with breaking the cycle of judging a person based on their diagnosis. If you suffer from Mental Health, I want you to know: YOU ARE LOVED, WE DO CARE, and people are willing to help if you let them.  It’s not easy but don’t give up on yourself, because there are people like myself who won’t give up on you.



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15 thoughts on “World Mental Health Awareness Day”

  1. #BreakTheStigma

    Yes i read about this today. There are many forms of depression to very deep to day to day.

    I do believe our inner talk needs help, love, care to help us out if it, affirmations, gratitude, baby steps, journaling, facing life, fears , worries, meditating , positve thoughts, self talk and reading.

    A few years ago i said to my mum that i got on with life because i had to, i could not freeze. I said to her once when i read about depression, i said to her i think i was depressed and didnt know it as i just got on with life.. crazy..

    It is a real thing and some have it really bad i do wish everyone peace and the ability to come out of it soon.

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    1. Thank you Bella for the kind words and for educating yourself by simply reading more about it. The problem with society, is we have taught people that have mental disorders to always seek out specialist to be prescribed medications or to admit themselves in wards because maybe treatment is the right answer, or perhaps to separate ourselves from the rest of the world by converting to an anti-social way of living to avoid judgement. It’s sad and yet, we need to do better as an universe — because as someone who suffers from mental disorders, I don’t want to be looked at as a monster or someone who needs meds to live a life– I don’t take medications and never have and thats because I haven’t been diagnosis professionally but I don’t want medicine, I found other ways to cope like you have mentioned; such as meditations and learning more about myself through this journal challenge I post about. I have my moments of set backs just like anyone else but I refuse to dope myself up in order to appease the standards of society.

      Also, I am glad you got past it as well Bella and came out a more bright and joyful person, you found your own way of getting through something and it worked.

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  2. This is a lovely post.

    More often than not, I push away my depression and anxiety because of the stigma. I think that it’s my fault that I am this way but it isn’t. But when I bring it up, even to people closest to me, I feel like I am burdening them and I end up repressing my emotions (which exacerbates everything).

    Thank you for this reminder that it is okay to be the way that I am and that I can get to a place where I can eventually accept myself.

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    1. YESS! I know exactly how you feel. People tell us we need to talk to people, we should seek help & this is all true, sure, but when we do, sometimes it makes it more difficult because of the lack of understanding the person has or the thought that we are only adding a burden to someone else’s life. It’s not easy to talk about disorders , especially if we don’t understand our own 100 percent. It’s even harder when someone closest to us throws us a mediocre answer like “talk to a specialist” , because most of us are aware that is a solution but sometimes it isn’t about needing a Dr to prescribe meds or put us in ward, it is about having to learn to cope and making sure that the ones we surround ourselves with that we love and care for, are aware of what our disorder will inhibit at times or how we want to be treated (which is not any differently than any other human) and not be treated like a monster or someone with a disability that can’t fend for themselves, we just need a little bit of patience, a lot of support and many times we need someone who is willing to listen without judgement or prescribing advice, if this makes sense.

      Thank you for the kind words, thank you for leaving a comment 🙂


  3. Such an important message! Mental illness is real and common. You are NOT alone in this battle.

    We loved your initiative in shedding light on the importance of not discriminating against a diagnosis just because you don’t understand it. Thank you for sharing! #BreakTheStigma


  4. Such a wonderfully put post with a very strong and important message!

    Took me years to realise how bad things had gotten with my mind… kinda wish I had noticed and accepted it in a better way.. but its better late than never. ❤



    1. Thank you so much! I am happy and proud you have finally found a way to accept it. It doesn’t make it easier when other people make it harder, if that makes sense, but I am honored that my post was appreciated, thankyou!


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  5. Coming from someone who dealt with depression, low self esteem and a Eating disorder . How do you comfort someone needing the help? I want to inspire , motivate and help young girls or guys dealing with mental health learn and value their self worth ? What are some ways I’m able to do that?


    1. Well, considering you have experienced these things first hand and know how long it has taken you to develop yourself (maybe still developing and learning yourself and finding better coping methods) Then you would be a great help, inspiration and motivator — it just will take some researching different methods (whether getting a degree in college for the profession, finding or forming your own community that deals with this, or becoming an advocate for mental health awareness by joining organizations or starting your own reform, etc,) so many different ways, just have to really decide what route you want to take. Hopefully, this was helpful, thanks for sharing 😀

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