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Welcome to my blog page,

I am a 28 year old retired college athlete, graduated with a major in exercise science in 2010.  I am from Ohio and this past summer made a leap to Columbus, Ohio to embark on a new journey for my career.  I have been an ACSM Certified personal trainer for 7 years. My whole life revolves around fitness/health/mental health and now spiritual well-being as well as a side of me being me when I am not being athletic (which usually entails video games, watching movies,  beating people in monopoly and being a #foodie). I am the oldest of 3, I have two younger brothers (12 and 25) — we can joke and say I am the wise one but I know for sure the other two are the smarter ones and I am the strength when someone needs to move furniture or move their new electronics. LOL. 

I am a competitive powerlifter —

I have multiple blog publications that have been shared on Muscle & Strength-

I don’t have a long list of cool things to share, but I will mention that I am a great friend,  a loving sister and daughter, my work ethic is exceptional, and I struggle with mental health (specifically social anxiety) but I have my moments where depression might sneak up on me — but haven’t been diagnosed with either, I am just listening to body and mind and trying to do my best to be my best BUT being okay when I am not my best, because nobody is perfect.  That is this blog, imperfect me, writing about fun things that hopefully make you feel good about being imperfect you!

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