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Welcome to my blog page, 

I sure do hope you stay. It is my sanctuary, a place I intend to visit often, in order to teach, help motivate and inspire those who are embarking on a fitness & health journey, but don’t want to embark it alone. I am by no means the “only” way of doing things, I teach what I know and research what I don’t. I have a degree in exercise science and a background in basketball, softball and track.  I don’t have all the answers, but I have answers to a lot of questions, my personality is goofy, many times it will show but so will my passion, because I am very passionate about health & fitness.  My life hit a rough patch once upon a time ago with my weight, it is a long story but all of you will have the chance to hear about it, because it will be referenced throughout my writing. The body is one thing, but the mind is a whole other and I intend to talk about both; because both are very important to have balance in life. I currently reside in Ohio, but I do believe one day I will move and find someplace more my speed. I am 24 years old, and have two siblings of different age spans, I am the oldest of the three but this does not mean I am the wisest, lol. I am blogging because I was given this opportunity when my professor brought to my attention after speaking to me about my goals in my field, he seen something in me that I didn’t realize I had and I am happy he did, because one of my goals entailed reaching out to various people around the world to speak on fitness/health & my other goal entailed getting certified in personal training.  I am here now, so feel free to make yourself at home and I look forward to speaking with you. 

Shay-lon xoxo

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