A Little Lemon Can Go a Long Way

Let’s Talk Lemons.

My mom has been talking me into drinking my water with added lemon juice or a fresh lemon – but it hasn’t worked out well because I don’t particularly love the taste of lemon water. It isn’t that i don’t like lemons, but for some reason my taste buds don’t like lemon in my water  (but if forced to, I would drink it). Who else feels this same way? 

I suppose it doesn’t matter what I like, because it doesn’t make it any less beneficial, as a matter of fact, a little lemon can go a long way in your drinking water. 

  • Boost the immune system
  • good source of potassium (which helps with depression and anxiety for some)
  • Aids in digestion
  • said to help the skin as well (blemish free)
  • helps with weight loss – aids your metabolism
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Used as a detox method
  • regulate blood sugar
  • Relieves heartburn 
  • Studies have said that it can relieve kidney stones
  • liver cleanser

Tell me, do you add lemon water to your daily nutrition? 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxoo

Brown Rice Vs White Rice (Food/Nutrition)

brown rice

I have a feeling.. This is going to be a heated discussion! No, but seriously, I think this will be a great discussion for all of you to engage in. 

For beginners, let me start by saying that I prefer white rice over brown rice and I eat more white than I do brown rice. Weird? probably considering people tell me all the time why I shouldn’t eat white rice and instead should consume brown rice- but I am rebel without a cause and choose to go about my everyday eating white rice. Does this mean , I am bias? no, I just like one more than the other but I will eat either of them to be honest depending on the dish. I don’t want anyone getting any bright ideas and think that I will try to pull you over to the dark side; but I just might do it! LOL muahahahahah (evil laugh) 

  1. Do you prefer white rice or brown rice? – or is there another kind of rice you prefer more than the two options
  2. name a recipe you enjoy eating/cooking that either has white rice or brown rice (or you may share the URL to your blog page with it)
  3. If you don’t eat rice, what kind of things do you eat in place of it? 

Brown Rice: (Keep in mind that each brand has their own nutritional value for brown rice)

  • Rich in selenium (known to reduce the risk of common diseases)
  • High in magnesium
  • healthy fats
  • Helps with bowel regularity – because of the amount of fiber
  • considered “whole grain” – hasn’t lost its wholeness through the refinement process
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Excellent food choice for those with diabetes – helps stabilize blood sugar levels
  • High in manganese 
  • Fills your stomach faster

White Rice:(Keep in mind that each brand has their own nutritional value for white rice)

  • Truth of the matter is, white rice is fine in moderation. While it might not have as many health benefits as brown rice, it doesn’t mean it is all bad for you. White rice is considered easier to digest because it doesn’t contain as high of phytic acid as brown rice. 
  • White rice still has some decent amount of potassium
  • no cholesterol
  • typically higher calories 
  • high in the glycemic index (not a good thing)

So perhaps I lost the battle to bring you over to the dark side and perhaps I need to watch my moderation (which I do) and make sure to eat more brown than white when necessary BUT this doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some white rice.. I still can and so can you. If you have anything you would like to add to this, feel free. Keep in mind some of the better kinds of rice are the sprouted rice because you get more of the actual minerals that you miss out on when they are sprouted. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, like, share, and follow.


Your Fitness Blogger,


Shay-lon xxoo

Energy Drinks|Are They Bad For You?

Hey bloggers,

This post will be quite simple and to the point. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so to tell you how many energy drinks to consume would be wrong and to tell make those of you who drink them quit would also be wrong. This post is simply to give you some information that maybe you know or didn’t know about consuming energy drinks , mostly cons of course because there are not a lot of pros when it comes to energy drinks and fitness/health. 


How many of you consume an energy drink daily? what kinds do you like? why do you consume them? do you prefer them over drinking a can of pop? Do any of you consume them before your workout? – let me know in the comment section! 


Some of us like our coffee, some of us love our pop and some of us will smash an energy drink more than 2 twice in a day, we all have our go to beverages, many of them for keeping us awake and giving us some kind of “needed energy” to make it through our day. Nonetheless, is it working out for us okay? I don’t particularly drink energy drinks (never have been one to rely on beverages for energy or to stay awake) so I am not sure if they actually work , or if it is an individual basis, BUT I do know some things people should keep in mind when consuming these beverages. 

  • Caffeine and other stimulants that are added to energy drinks can boost heart rate and blood pressure  – this could lead to death if consuming too many. 
  • Some companies have added alcohol in their energy drinks, studies have shown that it can lead to possibly dependence on alcohol (especially younger people who consume more energy drinks throughout the day)
  • The drinks can disrupt the balance of salts in our bodies, which can lead to ‘arrhythmia’
  • Some studies have said that consuming energy drinks can lead to more drug use of pain killers (stimulants) – this something they are doing more research on. 
  • Excessive levels of caffeine can impair cognition. 
  • Niacin is a main ingredient in many energy drinks & is known to cause dizziness and rapid heart rate.
  • Can be addicting – like many other things in life (which is not good for the health overall)
  • Drinking too many energy drinks can cause insomnia – making it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Some people can jitters & anxiety from drinking energy drinks

So these are a list of things you may want to keep in mind when choosing to drink an energy drink and how many you decide to consume. There are tons of studies that have been going on in order to determine other ways energy drinks effect the body and mind. It would be a good idea to do some extra research on your own time as well and open your mind to other alternatives so that you don’t consume too many in a day. Thank you for reading, please share, like, comment and follow my blog!


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxo


Have A Cup Of Tea Instead..

Hello Bloggers,


I hope you enjoy tea, because if so, I am going to share with you the different kind of teas that have various benefits to our health – some of which you may not have heard of or did not know could do some wonderful things to our systems.

Green Tea:

The first tea that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “healthy”, want to know why?

  • Antioxidants are said to interfere with growth of certain types of cancers
  • Improves cholesterol, and prevents clogging of the arteries
  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Reduces the risk of neurological disorders
  • Contains fluoride, which is said to prevent tooth decay

Black Tea:

  • Said to possibly reduce the risk of stroke
  • Helps body maintain normal blood pressure/increases blood flow in the capillaries
  • Expands the airways (making it easier for those with asthma)

White Tea:

  • More potent anticancer properties than processed teas
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Can thin the blood, improving artery function
  • Protects the circulatory system
  • Contains fluoride; keeps the teeth strong and healthy & kills teeth bacteria (that causes plaque, tooth decay)
  • Helps to strength the immune system & prevents bacterial infection

Oolong Tea:

  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Has been used as a weight loss supplement
  • People with diabetes: it can help keep blood sugar levels in line

Chaga Tea:

  • Possibly helps to boost and strength immune system
  • Possibly helps to prevent and lower the risk of some cancers
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Boost energy levels and supports increased stamina
  • Can help aid in digestion and prevent stomach diseases

Pu-erh Tea:

  • Helps to lower cholesterol levels/boost blood flow/improve circulation
  • Aids in digestion of food
  • The antioxidants can help remove toxins from bloodstream 
  • Proven to show improved function of the spleen

Chamomile tea:

  • Antioxidants may help with complications from diabetes
  • known to stunt growth of cancer cells
  • Helps to stop gastrointestinal inflammation: prevents gas & reduces stomach cramps 
  • Has been used as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome
  • Can help people fall asleep

Hibiscus Tea:

  • Some studies have shown it to reduce blood pressure
  • Possibly helps in lowering cholesterol 

Rooibos Tea:

  • Has some cancer fighting properties
  • helps to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Aids in regeneration of liver tissue
  • Helps to relieve cramps and gastrointestinal distress

I have been drinking tons of this chamomile tea, for different reasons but mostly because it taste so good 😀 What kind of teas do you drink? any favorites, any that you don’t like? leave your answers in the comment section! 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxoo

Do My Eating Habits Match My Exercise Habits?


Happy Monday Everyone!

Not too long ago I was asked on social media what my eating habits were like compared to my workout habits. As most of you already know, I workout on a normal week, 6 days a week with Sunday’s being my official rest days. Days like today where my womanly issues come between me and the gym keep me from going until my body feels much better (which should be tomorrow). I personally believe that it takes more than going to the gym everyday to have a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle, it is true that one should take advantage of a healthier diet as well. I have chosen to do a video explaining what my nutritional life is like because it changes sometimes and since writing my last post on it, it has changed for the better I like to think. I will mention that not everyone has the same goals in mind and not everyone understands what “clean eating” means, because it means differently for tons of people, so my way of doing things will differ from all of yours possibly and that is alright! I don’t want people thinking that there is only one way of doing things, because I believe in doing what works for you and following your own lead in life and using others as a guide. Most of the “trendy” diets I have followed in the past didn’t work for me for the long term and made me more depressed that I could not handle it or stick with it for the long term (which should be the goal of anyone doing something for themselves, it should be something you want to do and can sustain for a lifetime) unless you are a specific athlete where your diet is changing constantly. I think more and more people are finding new ways to inspire people to eat healthier but the problem is, not everyone understands what it means to eat healthier and I am here to be completely honest with all of you about this: I DON’T ALWAYS EAT HEALTHY AND I PROBABLY NEVER WILL. I don’t always make the BEST decisions when it comes to food and that is something I am okay with because at the end of the day, I know the consequences and if I don’t like them, then I change my habits (which you will see that some of them I did). 


I hope if anything, this video enlightens you and gives you perspective and an idea of what my day to day eating habits are and possibly learn why I do what I do and how it works for me. Eating healthy never has to be hard, it can be as easy as you need it to be, just a trial and error and a way to explore different foods. I say variety is the spice of life – I am still learning to venture out and give myself new recipes, trying new  veggies/fruits, and exploring the different ways of cooking such foods as well. I won’t ever be perfect but sometimes I come close to what my body needs and sometimes I end up all the way in left field. “The hardest part about eating is trying to find ways to eat what you want without eating too much of it”. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx

Meal Planning 101- Something to make life easier

Be Excited, fitfam, fitness enthusiast and cooks! 

Meal planning is the topic & a fun topic at that.. you will soon see.

I have had people ask me rather lately how to go about meal planning and why they should consider it, considering so many people do this nowadays and I am not sure if it is a “fad” or just a way of life, but for me, it is a lifestyle choice that I made about 6 months ago or so.. and it has turned out to be amazing for me. Now I know some people have done this and it didn’t work out, and that is okay- everybody has their own thing that works for them and their family. I know people who don’t like the fact how time consuming it is, think it is tedious, and very stressful at times, and some find it be repetitive and don’t see the cost effectiveness of it. I am sure all of you have your reasons as to why you like it or don’t like it, and no worries, I look forward to having you share that with me in the comment section — so feel free to do so. 

I could write a REALLY long “how to” about meal planning and make you read through everything and fall asleep half way, or I could do one better and tell you how I meal plan for myself – this way it is real life & still gets to the point without all the extra. Now for starters, meal planning can be done in so many different ways with a variety of foods; people can make it extensive and lengthy or short and sweet and people can make it more expensive or budget friendly. I have seen videos where people meal plan with the help of their spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend and kids — so if you don’t want to do it alone, this is where family comes in. Now meal planning goes this way, if you like to cook and have fun in the kitchen; this is something that won’t be dreadful, but if don’t like cooking and don’t know how, it might start off frustrating but it doesn’t have to be ( I will help give you some ideas for that). As I go along explaining things, I may hit or miss some topics, so please if something isn’t mentioned and you want me to hit on it, please leave it the comments and I will; and if you are someone who wants to share your own tips/advice, feel free in my comment section as well. Time to get started.

  1. Why am I meal planning? 
  • To cook more often
  • To spend less money at the grocery store
  • because of my schedule
  • to give me a reason to start eating healthier
  • to bring the family together
  • because you enjoy organization
  • to have you pack for lunch instead of eating out
  • to motivate you to lose weight
  • to help get you prepped for your next competition
  • You are an athlete 
  • You want to learn how to cook 
  • you like to experiment in the kitchen
Whatever your reason is, that comes first, because this will determine how you want to go about meal planning and whether you plan on making it a long term investment or a short term experience. I for one, made this a long term investment because I love to cook, I am an athlete (on and off), I spend less money (in my opinion), it motivates me to eat healthier and provides me a means to pack my lunches for work vs having to eat out, and it has provided me ways to try a variety of foods in the process – made me a better cook too (although I was already pretty amazing at it).
     2. What Am I meal planning?
  • Breakfast
  • lunch 
  • dinner
  • snacks
  • work only meals
  • pre and post gym meals
  • breakfast/lunch and dinner
What are you wanting to mealplan in? If it is everything, then you will have your hands full, BUT it can be done and can be just as fun but will require patience, If it is one meal vs all of them, then it will be easier but still provide some time and some patience .. depending on the length of time you want to meal plan for..
    3. How long do you want to set the meal plan for?
  • A week long meal plan
  • month long meal plan
  • 2-3 days worth of meal plans
  • a couple of weeks
The length of time you want to meal plan for with each meal you make will determine how much money, how much food, how many servings, and how much time you want to put aside for it. For someone who wants do a monthly meal plan – it will take more food, more time, and more space in the fridge/freezer, and it will determine how long you plan on eating the same meal. Some people like myself, meal plan for 2-3 days ahead, and sometimes I will do a weekly one. The longest I have done is 2 weeks worth and that was not so bad, but it tested how much I really liked my meal.. to have to eat the same thing for 2 weeks straight, luckily I still like it. For some people, they cannot eat the same food after eating it the day before, so they will meal plan for just the day and take it a day at a time.. so if it works for you, it works for you.
  4. Buying the right containers for the meal prep
  • Sizes
  • how many you need to invest in 
  • quality of the containers – how durable they are
  • are they microwavable, freezable
  • can they be thrown in the dishwasher or have be thrown away after use
  • are they portable enough where they can fit your everyday bag or backpack, etc
I personally think this is a big deal because containers can make and break your food, some are not good quality and will prohibit your food from lasting as long, not to mention, you want decent sizes because you want to make sure it will fit everything you are cooking (but keep this in mind as well, you won’t want to shove so much food in a container where it doesn’t fit with a proper lid),  You don’t need to spend so much money on containers but just keep in mind how you should go about choosing them,
  5.  Who are you meal planning for?
  • Yourself
  • Family members  (kids, spouse, family dog)
  • roommates
  • your coworkers
who knows, but you know, and depending on who you are meal planning for can determine how much food you want to cook, how much time you will have to invest in each meal and take into consideration that not everyone will want to eat the same foods as you. I meal plan for myself and it works out fine (honestly the less food I have to share, the easier it is on me) LOL. 
Now that we hit the basics, I think we can skip ahead to “what is meal planning”? Meal planning is basically being able to come up with a menu item that you want to cook that will last you a certain amount of time.  
How Does Shay Meal Plan, Let’s ask her… 
  1. I use pinterest when my brain fails to come up with recipes (this helps people who don’t know how to cook, people you like adventure, people who like experimenting and those that need new ideas in the kitchen) not to mention, if you are a cook, then you can post your recipes on the site and share it among others
  2. After deciding what I am going to cook, I decide what day of the week I want to start the meal plan and how long I want it to last. I am kind of weird, I prefer to start on Sunday or Monday and make it last for 2-3 days, sometimes a week and then start the cycle all over again
  3. After cooking the meal, I transfer it to a container and leave 1-2 containers in the fridge and the rest in the freezer to keep it from going bad – also because you never know if I decide to not eat one day or go out with friends instead, that way I am not wasting food I cooked
What I failed to mention in those steps, is I determine if the meal I am cooking is cost effective, if it has a variety of food groups, if the servings make sense to me (will I have more veggies or more carbs, etc), and whether or not I could eat the meal for the specific time frame without getting bored and venturing off to something that I want to avoid or eat less of. Chances are if you meal plan the right way, you shouldn’t have to venture off the beaten path unless it is for a reason outside of being bored from eating the same meal over and over again – due to you choosing how long you will make that meal last. You are in total control when you meal plan, so the excuses you use, well are just excuses because you can determine whether to meal plan day to day or weekly. 
  • I meal plan for dinner ( I don’t do it for any other meals of the day)
  • I choose meals that are protein based and add my veggies to it and my own carbs. (ex. I make my meals around the main dish, if I make baked chicken, then I choose the veggie and carb for the meal) it is easier that way.. instead of finding a recipe for each food group. Although I have found veggie based recipes and used them when I don’t want to take the easy way out or if I want something new. 
  • If the meal I meal plan isn’t filling, then I either find a reasonable snack (although I don’t keep snacks at my house, when I want them, I shop for it at that time) or I don’t get any! lol. or I reevaluate the size of container I used and determine if I need to use a bigger one for next time or a smaller one if I didn’t finish the meal; that way I don’t go to bed hungry or waste it, I know people sometimes say just drink more water, but sometimes we don’t want to and if you skipped a meal from earlier, it just means you need another serving or a snack- that is okay. Don’t be afraid to eat.
  • I meal plan according to my goals (weight loss, bulking, maintenance, competition prep, etc) this I find very helpful. 
So honestly, this was still a lot of content to read, but hopefully it was helpful for some of you new to this, and will answer some questions. I really do mean it, when I say don’t be afraid to eat, you are allowed to get seconds and I am not going to judge you, because I have gotten seconds of something before (yesterday to be exact at my Christmas work event), I know we want to stay within certain serving sizes and not overeat, but you can eat seconds when you are hungry & not feel bad for it. I never feel bad for it, lol. — shit truth be told, I had third and fourths at the party! do I regret it? no, did I gain 10-20 lb , no. Am I ashamed? hell no, I have to eat to keep up my gains & I know what I am doing when I do it.. I hold myself accountable – not to mention I keep track of my macros and if I decide to be a bad girl and eat more, then I did it, if I stay within my macros like a princess, then it is what it is. —— this was just a tidbit of my opinion, 
Thanks for reading and I am thankful for your patience as well, since I haven’t posted my workouts these past couple of days, I have been studying – but once things start to slow down a bit after the holidays, things should be back to “normal”. Feel free to share, comment, follow. 
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xxxxx

Pop (aka Soda) why it isn’t any good

Coca Cola, Cold Drink, Soft Drink, Coke

I will assume we have all come to terms with the fact that drinking pop (soda) is no good for you. Whether it be ‘dark’ or ‘light’ pop, diet or non diet, caffeine or no caffeine, pop just isn’t any good for you – but we still like it. For many people, it is their downfall in their health, it is something that might drink on a daily basis, or something they have with every meal & for others, they might think by drinking a diet pop or sprite instead of coke, they are much better off, but that starts to not matter if you don’t know how to control your intake of it (moderation). Everyone’s “moderation” will be different, because some people can cut it out as a whole and others will have to learn to cut down the amount consumed. For example if you are someone who drinks it daily and consumes about 5-10 on a daily basis, maybe your “moderation” is drink 2 daily instead of 5-10 or drink 5 per week.. who knows, but still it means cutting down. 


Another thing people need to understand is that cutting down pop for someone who loves it, and drinks it often is just as hard as taking a cigarette from a smoker or coffee from an avid coffee drinker, it takes time and discipline and a willingness. So before we go around telling people who drink this to “stop drinking it” or “you shouldn’t be drinking”, we need to remember this isn’t going to be an easy task for them. Typically when i have had past clients be honest and mention they drink pop often, I didn’t mention that it was “bad for them” or “they shouldn’t be drinking it”, because this is something they already knew and I didn’t tell them to “quit drinking pop” or to “give pop up and work on drinking more water”, because again they might not want to stop drinking it (people don’t like being told what to do), instead I changed my perspective and found a way that worked in order for them to see the health benefits from drinking less of it, or shared ideas to help them try different liquids in their diet – this didn’t mean they didn’t continue to drink it, this only meant I gave them options and helped them to see benefits that come from drinking less or none.. but if they chose to keep drinking it, then.. they knew the consequences of their results. 


The above information was just a disclosure, so that no one thought of this blog post as “JUST SAY NO” Act against pop, this is not what this is, this is an informative post to bring light on the negatives pop can have on the body and the mind honestly. Also, to add to this, I used to drink pop often, Sprite was my choice of pop ( I don’t really like dark pop) but I can tolerate it, I prefer lighter pop, now I don’t drink pop at all (rarely) .. it wasn’t too difficult for me, but it got harder every so often when I was craving it – but I found something better for me that I like just as well & don’t give thought to pop much at all these days. Now to the good stuff.. 


Pop – Why it isn’t any good for you

  1. It dehydrates the body, which means you end up more thirsty even after drinking it – which is some of the reason why people will drink more after they have had a glass because it doesn’t quench your thirst.. it just continues to make you more thirsty
  2. High sugar content – this is explanatory, this can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance, and extra weight gain from the sugar becoming fat
  3. Contains caffeine – studies have shown too much caffeine consumption can lead to other health issues
  4. Lack of nutrients
  5. Bad for the teeth – dentist say it can lead to plaque build up and gum disease
  6. Contains high frutose cough syrup- studies have said that it is has been associated with increased risk of heart disease and other health concerns
  7. Obesity- Drinking pop does not mean you will be obese but if you don’t have self control over the amount you drink and live a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to obesity 
  8. Contains phosphoric Acid- This interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis, cavities, and bone softening
  9. The artificial sweeteners in diet pop are no better than the real sugars in non diet pop – Many of the artificial sweeteners have proven to do more harm than help – some of them being linked to different health problems. 
  10. Mentally- I have noticed the energy you may get from the pop last about maybe a hour.. and then you are back to being “gloomy”, lazy and probably have little momentum (feel sluggish). For those that drink it for energy or to wake up, the sugar will wear off and when it does, consuming more will do the same and it will become a cycle – someone told me they had to switch pop because Mountain Dew no longer gave them the kick they needed since their body was getting used to it. (This wasn’t during a study, this is just a reference to tell how this sugar works) 

Please feel to share, comment, like and follow. If you or anyone else you know loves pop, feel free to share what kind you drink, why you drink it and if you have noticed any negative signs from drinking too much of it. Thank you for reading. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx

Coming Up With a New Nutrition Plan before the Upcoming Year

Eat, Food, Vitamins, Vegetables


So, I know it is the weekend and I normally do not post on the weekends, but tada I am here! I decided to post a little something I have been thinking about and wanted to share with everyone and see if anyone else is having the same thoughts as me, or wants to share their own experience, etc.


I have decided that before the upcoming year, I want to change my eating habits (once again) not because of anything bad for say, but because I want something new and different. I don’t mean I want to go on a diet or anything, I just want to manage my eating a lot more strict, but not so strict where I can’t stick with it. I have been doing IIFYM, and I enjoy it and will stick with it for the time being, because it works for me. I don’t know what I am trying to do exactly yet, I just have a few goals in mind that I am challenging myself to do to see how it works out along the way. My reasoning for something new is because I just want more variety & consistency – I don’t want to go so long and then give up, or stray down the wrong path. I want something to keep me disciplined.. so I have downloaded the calorie tracker on my phone and I am going to invest into a food scale as well, and I am going to embark on this journey with a new mindset, new goals, and a new attitude.


Does anyone else feel the way I feel about this time, where they just want to embark on a new journey fitness/health wise, even if things seem to be going “okay”, you just want something new and fresh, something more challenging, maybe more strict, possibly more time consuming, but you want this because you have an end goal in mind and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet it? I have my exercise regimen the way I want it before deciding to join CrossFit again, but I want my nutrition to meet the same standards, and so I am going to find something that gives me the pleasure and satisfaction I need in order to make me happy – By strict I don’t mean cutting my calories to like 500, I am not talking about extremes, just something more or less different but the same.. (confusing, I know)


I think once I come up with something I want to do (an overall plan) it will be grand, life changing, long term and very rewarding in the end. This post was to just my mind jogging and thoughts moving around, thanks for reading.


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxx


Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet Potato, Red Purple, Pile Up, Fruit

That is right! I don’t like sweet potatoes, never have and probably never will. Why? because they are gross. I don’t see how people can enjoy them so much, even most of my family love it, except for my two siblings. Another thing is, I see everyone all over social media who is into “eating healthy” and fitness sharing pictures of sweet potato dishes – I am over here like.. seriously.. -_- 

Part of me is jealous, because I wish I could stand to eat them, but then part of me is like.. hahahahahahhahaahhaha have your sweet potatoes; I will continue to eat my russet (even if isn’t the “best” choice). Anyways after seeing so many pictures, dishes, recipes dealing with sweet potatoes, I decided I would make a blog post about it (in a good way) and share with you the benefits of adding sweet potatoes in your diet and then maybe you can decide why it is such a popular choice for health experts. 


Why, Oh why, The Sweet Potato?

  1. They are inexpensive
  2. available all year long in most places
  3. High in vitamin B6
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Vitamin D
  6. Have Iron and promote a healthy immune system
  7. Good source of magnesium
  8. Potassium
  9. Do not cause blood sugar spikes
  10. Anti-inflammatory nutrients
  11. Antioxidant nutrients
  12. promote healthy skin and hair
  13. good for stress because of the magnesium
  14. good source of dietary fiber
  15. Have said in studies to help prevent cancer – and protect against the effects of aging

Also, Yams and sweet potatoes are two different things that look a lot alike and many people do not know this, YAMS are rarely sold in most stores in the U.S and as said before sweet potatoes are widely available. 

So for these reasons, I wish I could eat sweet potatoes and enjoy it, hell I wish I liked YAMS too, but I don’t. Do any of you not like sweet potatoes? do any of you love them? share your thoughts on sweet potatoes in the common section and don’t forget to share this post on social media so people you know can be informed about this lovely food!


Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xxx

“Go to” Lunch ideas


Hey fellow bloggers and readers, 

I have a short blog today, mostly because I need some ideas & I want some recipes again. Normally these post get many people on board, so hopefully this one goes well too.

I need some “lunch” ideas, more or less what do all of you eat for lunch? Do any of you not eat lunch at all? do you think of lunch as snacking or do you actually eat a meal? I was at the store a couple of days ago with some friends and we were doing some shopping together, and we both came to a realization that we don’t know how to shop for lunch food. Yes?! I know weird, right? well we know we can eat sandwiches, and we can eat soups, but we wanted something different, and while yes I do use Pinterest quite often, we failed to even look this time around. I told him I would ask all of you for lunch ideas and the next time we both go grocery shopping we would use your recipes, and ideas so we could avoid this problem from happening again. 

One would think lunch is the easier meal to figure out, but for myself and my friend, we find it the more difficult meal to decide on. Help us out and share your lunch ideas!

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo