Alternating Hammer Curls (YouTube video of me)

This is a video of me demonstrating Alternating Hammer curls using dumbbells. 

Typically I like to use 30 lb dumbbells in each hand but for the sake of the video, went down in weights. It is important to pay attention to the form and to really contract those biceps during the lift. 

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Seated Barbell Press (YouTube Video of me)

Today was a lousy day at the seated barbell press, I did 4 x 10, for 35 lb. My standing press is a lot more and I normally am doing about 45 on a good day for my seated, but today was not going to happen – in the end it went fine though and I felt the shoulders being activated. 

My 2 Minute Burpee Challenge – YouTube Video

I was challenged the other day to do burpees for 2 minutes and record it and so today I did do it to the best of my ability and to be honest it wasn’t easy. I ended up doing 3 rounds (off camera) because today was my circuit training day.. but yeah sore and fatigued! 

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Seated Russian Twist (My YouTube Video) using 45 lb weight plate

This video is of me demonstrating the seated russian twist using a 45 lb weight plate.

I would highly suggest to beginners to start this exercise without the use of weight until you get the form and technique down and strengthen your core. This is a great workout for the core muscles and you will definitely feel it. You can use lighter weights and do higher reps, when I was first beginning, I used 25 lb and was doing 50-100 reps and then decided to go up in weight, so there are various ways to increase the intensity of the workout. Hope all of you enjoy!

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Push Up Challenge – Final Day (Day 30)

Thank you to all of you who have been very supportive of my during this challenge and cheering me on here and on my social media accounts & YouTube channel, ya’ll are awesome and  I appreciate it very much. 

This Month I will not be doing any challenges myself since I am doing this 12 week program but in the future, I will have more, so keep an eye out and still subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my social media accounts because I will posting videos and pictures more regularly. Thank you!

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