The Weekend Festival Fun (YouTube Videos)

For those of you interested in having a sneak peak on what my weekend was like with my loving  — I uploaded two videos to give ya some insight. Please be respectful of everyone who is in the video, thank you. 

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Goals/Mindset Tag (YouTube Video)


Hey everyone, 

I was tagged recently in a YouTube “Goals/mindset” tag by another fellow YouTuber. 

I had seven questions to answer and then had to tag 5 other people in the YouTube community, so hopefully all of you will enjoy this video. 

If you cannot view the video and want me to send you the questions via email, or leave them in the comment section, let me know  – I don’t mind 🙂


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Protein Review|Metabolic Nutrition

This YouTube video is my review on a protein powder by Metabolic Nutrition. 

This particular protein powder caters to those on keto, weight lifting, looking to gain weight and maintenance. The flavor is chocolate milkshake. Find out what my honest thought of this particular product is. 

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My 6 weeks by 6 weeks shred/cut program – Fitness Collab (YouTube)

Hey everyone,  I have started a shred/cut program with a fellow YouTuber from a program she found on

It is only a 6 week program but to lengthen it, we will be doing it twice. Fun! 

Anyways this video is basically letting you know my goals for it, my macros, my workout from today and what to expect these next 6 weeks .. 


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Your Fitness Blogger,


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Take Care Of Yourself (YouTube Vlog) – my YouTube vlog

Today’s vlog was about taking care of yourself – in all aspects. We tend to sometimes neglect certain things and work on other things thinking one can make up for the other, but in all honesty, balance is key. While listening to my video, be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you go about distressing, what tactics, hobbies or people help you to refocus your attention on positive outlooks. 

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo