Journey To Health Collab|Week Four

“What Helps You The Most about the YouTube Community”? 

Fitness Collaboration|Six Weeks To Shreds Week 11

Week 11 🙂

This is last week’s fitness collaboration for my six weeks to shreds program!

Quest Nutrition Review|Cereal Protein Bars|Chocolate Flavor

Hello Readers,

I ordered some Quest Nutrition Protein Powder and got 3 FREE cereal bars from them and I am going to be doing a review on ALL THREE of them, so yesterday I did my first review on the chocolate flavored one. 

Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

P.S I finally figured out how to show my videos on my blog! Yay 🙂


YouTube Fitness Collab: Six Weeks To Shreds

This was last week’s video with my fitness collaboration partner – nofilternina, as we discuss our results since the beginning of the program. 


Bonus Video – YouTube is not TOP priority for me

In this video, I explain some changes and discuss how YouTube is not TOP priority in my life because I have other obligations and expectations that I want to fulfill in my life at the moment that are more important. I created this video in hopes it would explain what to expect from me and how I plan on going about things from this day forward so no one feels abandoned. 

Journey To Health: Week Two

This week we answer the question: What has been our biggest accomplishment in our personal journey?

Fitness Collaboration (Six Weeks To Shreds) YouTube video

This video talks about what we wear to the gym 🙂


Okay everyone,

This is another Collaboration video I did with a fellow YouTuber: NoFilterNina, and we have been doing the “Six Weeks to shreds” program together and posting a rad video each week with some fun topics dealing with the program and fitness. I know I have been behind on posting our collab videos, but will try to do a better job of that because I don’t want any of you to miss out on some fun footage! 

Subscribe to my channel and continue to follow along, we have another video we will be doing this week! 

Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube)

So for those of you who don’t already know, I was asked to join another YouTube collaboration with a group of YouTubers and last week was my first week. Basically each week we have to answer a question that was set for us – this first week was just introducing myself. Hopefully all of you will enjoy this, as I am looking forward to what this collaboration has in store for me and the other YouTubers. In the description box of my video, there is a list of people who will be part of this collaboration, feel free to check out their channels as well. 

I will be posting this weeks video on my blog as well, stay tuned & keep in mind, I am still doing my fitness collaboration with the other YouTuber and will post our most recent one we did last week – along with a bonus video upload. 


300 YouTube Subscriber Milestone

Alright everyone, I wanted to happily announce that I have hit 300 YouTube subscribers on my channel. I want to thank all my bloggers and friends for hanging in there with me and being able to support me through good and bad videos, lol. I explain in this video not only my thank yous, but also my reasons why I create a YouTube my goals with my social media. 


YouTube Fitness Collaboration- Measurements and Realistic Goals

The video is from Thursday, but will talk about mine and another YouTuber’s goals for this phase two of the next 6 weeks, our long term goals, our measurements, and how we anticipate on getting where we need to be. 

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