I am for hire

Since December 2015, Fitnessgrad9555 has taken off, it has unleashed the capabilities that no other fitness professional knew would happen, it embarked on a challenge in being able to stand out among the fitness/health websites, blogs, and social media platforms. I have  always aimed to go above and beyond for my audience in order to motivate, teach and inspire.  I started off with little to nothing to write about, I didn’t know how to get my feet wet and I struggled finding my voice in my writing. I knew so much about my field, but didn’t know how to communicate it with people like myself, and beginners. It took me months of hard work, planning, and continuous networking, and almost giving up in order to bring forth more people to my blog page.  Now, I want to go the extra mile and put the same effort into helping a business, small company, news channel, online resource, another blogger, magazines, etc to further fulfill my dreams of being a freelance writer as well as a personal trainer. 

I am available to work with you on:

  • Article/freelance writing
  • Guest post
  • Blog collaborations
  • Reviews
  • Pep talks/ motivational speaking
  • blog post
  • sponsored post
  • video post
  • exercise demonstrations

In the meantime, as my follower base continues to grow, I will be available for social media promotion as well- will keep in touch. 

Sponsored posts: You can submit your concept with a link to your site for consideration and I will write a post on my experience or opinion.

In order to find me, here are my social media connections.

Blog URL: https://fitness9555.wordpress.com/


Twitter: @ShayM_Fitness

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaylon.moss

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ShayFitnessWonderWoman/

Email: Shay.moss19@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman/?hl=en