Day Five IIFYM


Tomorrow I am going to be at work all day so I won’t be able to post my macro results but I plan on bringing more supplies with me and tracking it on my phone app, wish me luck! ha. I took my last final for the week and I bombed it, but still passed the class. Not the happiest moment of my life but hey at least I still passed the class with a near decent grade (math isn’t my strong suit). Today my results are short and to the point because my day consisted of very little exercise and very little to eat. 

Calories consumed: 552/1658

Calories burned: 48

Net calories: 504

Carbs: 87 grams/137 grams

Protein: 16 grams/ 155 grams

Fat: 16 grams/54 grams

sodium: 1460 mg/1440 mg

Cholesterol: 5 mg/180 mg

Sugars: 7 grams/24 grams

Fiber: 5 grams/ 23-31 grams


  • Italian bread 
  • hellmans light mayo
  • roma tomatoes
  • mozz cheese slice
no lunch again today. This is not something I do on purpose, I was cleaning and reorganizing my room at the time for lunch and wasn’t hungry, then I had to take a test and by the time I was finished, it was time for dinner.
  • 2 tortillas
  • cheddar shredded cheese
  • uncle bens instant white rice
  • low sodium black beans
  • salsa
  • smoked sausage
So as you can see today was simple and to the point, I didn’t go over on anything outside of that sodium again, lol this sodium has been killing my smiles lately, I am going to have get more strict on this .. but I wasn’t too far off today like I have been. My water intake was at 16 fl. oz and I am drinking another 16 oz before bed possibly. This IIFYM regimen has been a learning experience for me and I am enjoying it so far.  Well hope everyone has a good weekend, xoxo
Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

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My official last day of class.

last day

I wanted to share with all of you that today was officially my last day of class before I graduate in May in exercise science. I am very excited and happy all-in-one, this has been a very nerve wrecking semester due to the amount of classes I had and the fact it was a life or death situation (pass or fail) lol. I came a long way and I feel like I climbed a mountain that I didn’t think I could make over. I have so many people to thank for helping me along the way but most of all I thank the man above and I thank myself for sticking in there when I thought about giving up, when I was sad or pissed off, when I was going through a break up, when I was working long hours and having to do homework on the job, when I lost a family member, when I was helping my family move, when I was trying to still have a social life so my friends didn’t feel left out and for working my ass off so that I could be the first person in my household to graduate from college.  There are many things that this semester has taught me and many things that gave me a new perspective on the fitness industry and a new perspective on myself.  I never thought this day would come that I could pat myself on the back and actually smile for me, not for someone else but for me. Finally , I made it!

Just some things that I want to share, during my personal training experience, I had a client lose 5 pounds and go down two pant sizes, I had another client increase his leg press 1RM by 15 pounds, and I had another client who took the information I gave them and uses it at home so that they can continue doing well. My two exercise science professors really helped me too, because they guided me in the right direction, worked on helping me make my weaknesses into strengths, believed in my potential and helped make my decision clear as to what I want to do in the fitness industry. I want to do everything, lol, kidding but I do want to do a lot. As of right now, I have some goals that I hope to accomplish within this year so that I can move out of my lousy town and make a life for myself.  

I will be busy these next couple of weeks and I may or may not post a whole lot because I will be trying to get things around for graduation and my future plans, I will keep people posted on my eating as much as possible, and once things get done I’ll go back to posting on a more consistent basis. This summer, I am going to start my YouTube channel hopefully and look into publishing a book. I will also be looking into getting my certification, so that I can start working in my field doing what I enjoy. Wish me luck! & I hope all of you are as proud of me as I am of myself. Thank you reading, today I don’t have any particular topic to talk about because I am too busy drowning myself in the last of my homework and organizing my brain so I have things planned out accordingly.


Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

How does one know what to do after college? 

Day 4 of IIFYM


Alright, warning, some of you may be disappointed in me today.. I am prepared for it. On the bright side, some of you may not be so disappointed and will forgive me. Here goes nothing.

Calories consumed: 1618/1658

Calories burned: -735

Net calories: 883

Carbs: 140 grams/ 137 grams

Protein: 62 grams/155 grams

Fat: 93 grams/ 54 grams

Sodium: 3101 mg/1440 mg

Cholesterol: 102 mg/180 mg

sugars: 26 grams/24 grams

Fiber: 7 grams/23-31 grams

So yes, my carbs were over, my sodium was over, and my sugars were over (the worst combination) but I am not mad about this because I had a great workout and I treated myself to a new recipe that I have been craving and that is why my stuff is over. I apologize ahead of time if this upset anyone, I will do better and I am still learning so it will take me time before I perfect the IIFYM. At this point, I am just happy I am able to blog about it and share this with all of you because this will help keep me accountable and show people that I too make the same mistakes & I am in the fitness industry. 


  • 2 oz of Italian bread
  • half of an smoked sausage
  • liquid egg whites
  • frozen cut broccoli 
  • shredded cheese
  • salsa
  • vanilla flavored almond milk
I didn’t eat lunch today, not because I was skipping but because I had class and didn’t pack anything for lunch and by the time I got back in town, it was time for dinner. 
  • Texas Toast (4 slices)
  • Pepperoni
  • Mozz. cheese slices (4 slices)
  • prego pizza sauce
I made a new recipe today (pizza grilled cheese) which is why my macros is off today, but like I said I am not upset about it, I knew beforehand it would miss and I had planned on it, especially after such a large breakfast (that I didn’t finish). I need to work more on my sodium intake, for whatever reason, I need to start becoming more health conscious of this, because it is bothering me more and more everyday when I go over the recommended. New goal of mine is to look at the sodium content when purchasing my groceries, this is very important to me. Well, other than that, I could have done better or made better options but I really wanted to try my hand at this new recipe and it turned out very well. I probably could of ate one and been decent for the night but I ate two sandwiches. Tomorrow is a new day!
Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

Day 3 of IIFYM


Hello! So, this is another late night post about my IIFYM results for day 3. Sorry about this once again, this might be a constant thing if I keep on this path on waiting last minute, I normally do this in case I sneak in a snack before midnight. I should be in bed because I have my last day of class tomorrow and I have a busy workout day ahead. Wish me luck, because tomorrow my professor is going to come up with an exercise challenge for me and 2 other colleagues of mine versus our 3 clients.. so this should be a good time (mentally and physically challenging). I am not prepared for it, but I’ll come in with a ready set go mindset.  Okay, so anyways, I might add that to tomorrows post to let ya know how well I did and what not, for now we will talk about today’s results.


Calories Consumed: 882/1658

calories burned:-600

Net Calories: 282


Carbs: 106 grams/137 grams

Protein: 35 grams/155 grams

Fats: 37 grams/54 grams

Sodium: 2017 mg/1440 mg

Cholesterol: 63 mg/ 180 mg

Sugars: 11 grams/ 24 grams

Fiber: 7 grams/ 23-31 grams 


I didn’t eat breakfast this morning, oops. This doesn’t normally happen, but I worked third shift last night and got home early this morning and wasn’t very hungry for breakfast.



  • Tortilla chips
  • Salsa
  • shredded cheese


  • 2 slices of little Caesars pepperoni pizza (regular crust) 

I had 2 16.9 fl oz bottles of water today.

I also threw away the rest of the box of pizza so I had to desire to eat anymore and because I don’t like their pizza the next day. I know a waste of 5 dollars.. ugh. 


My exercise today was all upper body exercises, no lower body. I did lat pulldowns, low rows, triceps, & ab crunches all at the gym today. Spent about a hour and 15 minutes at the gym, my upper body was still sore from two days ago, lol. Not sure why but right now it feels alright.. & hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. I have noticed some changes in my biceps and I am happy with that thus far & my classmates said my back is showing pure muscles & I never even noticed. Hmm..

Well that is all for now, I will talk to all of you tomorrow perhaps, goodnight. 



Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon

Dining out too stressful? Read this :)


Recently, I had someone ask me to talk about “dining out” and feeling like it is such a hassle when they do their IIFYM and when they just want to “diet” or want to simply eat “healthier options”, this person says, they realize when you dine inside, the options are much better than pulling through a drive-thru and normally some places will have the calories listed with the meal, but they always feel guilty when they dine out because they always feel like the “healthier” options really aren’t that much healthier than cooking at home & they just want to sometimes tell the cooks to cook something a certain way, lol..(yes it bugs them this much).


Well, I can somewhat understand this person’s issue with dining out and feeling like the options are  never healthy enough because when you get so used to having to cook at home and meal planning, you have a routine of what foods fit your IIFYM or whatever “diet” plan you are currently on.  The frustration is simply the obsession of the diet you are on in my opinion and with being on a strict diet, you never know how to handle your cravings, desires, and normally go off on the “deep end” because of the peer pressure of wanting to eat like everyone else around you. In my situation for example, while yes my nutrition matters to me but with IIFYM the food is the least of my worries, the worries come from being able to simply calculate the macros in my head to determine if the meal fits & if I can’t do the math fast enough or have no clue then I dive for it, in hopes I made the brightest decision based on what the ingredients are, how big the plate is, what I ate earlier, and how much of it I will eat.  I think when places put the calories down, it helps me decide so much easier because even though I can hit calories and not hit macros, I at least can make a semi educated guess and I feel more at ease.

Dining out should be a fun experience not one that people dread unless that is just your personality and it doesn’t phase you to sit down and eat with friends and family. I think when dining starts to bug you to the point where you get anxiety over what you eat, then you need to either reevaluate the diet you are on, rethink your exercise regimen, or perhaps speak with the cooks themselves and get an understanding of how the food will be cooked and if you can, ask them to cook it a certain way that helps you feel better about the meal. I would even go as far to say bringing your food scale with you but I know that can be a hassle or come off a bit weird (but hey, it’s an idea). There are reasons why some people have to be strict (bodybuilding, lose weight, don’t exercise, cutting. etc) and those people usually have been doing this enough where they have an idea of what places to eat and what places to stay away from, they know exactly how much to eat, they have friends/family that have the same eating habits, they surround themselves with like-people, and/or bring their scale with them. With this being said, I will help give you some pointers in case you have the same issues as the person who had me write this blog. I already mentioned some ideas but I’ll put them in bullet form so it is easier to read.

  • Do some online research of the restaurant beforehand
  • look at what the meal is and ask what the ingredients are 
  • bring a food scale if necessary
  • sit with like-minded people or people who support your “diet”
  • choose a place with variety (i.e don’t just choose a burger joint or pizza joint)
  • If it shows the calories of the meal, take advantage of this and make an educated guess on how the meal fits in your “diet” 
  • eat until full not until bloated
  • If you are doing IIFYM, worry less about the food and worry more about teaching yourself to make sure whatever you eat fits the macros (get comfortable with IIFYM before you venture off)
  • Try to choose meals that are simple (i.e steak and broccoli with a side of a baked potatoe instead of a pasta dish you can’t pronounce or some meal that could have over 100 different ingredients)
  • Exercise more often if you are so worried because at least you can balance yourself out if you make an error in choice of foods
  • Get to know the cooks, this might help if the restaurant allows for you to make changes to the meal
  • make mistakes & learn from them, don’t stress over making your first mistake. I want you to make more mistakes so you can constantly learn
  • continue to cook at home, don’t allow dining out to be your main source of food
  • Dine for a good time not in fear
  • Hold yourself accountable for the good and bad choices 

Hopefully this list gives you some peace of mind and I am able to help those of you who may fall within in this same problem and needed some extra advice. As long as you learn from your mistakes when you dine out, you will progress and know how to handle those situations better. Feel free to contact me with questions:)

Thank you for reading!



Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon

Day two of IIFYM tracking




This is day 2 of keeping track of IIFYM & today was actually a great day for the most part.. won’t say it was perfect but it went decently well with my macros; I am making small bits of progress. Not to mention, today’s exercise regimen was high intensity for the most part. 


Calories I consumed: 1004/1658

Carbs consumed: 134 grams/137 grams

Proteins consumed: 43 grams/155 grams

Fats consumed: 37 grams/ 54 grams

Sodium consumed: 2820 mg/1440 mg

Cholesterol consumed: 63 mg/ 180 mg

Sugars consumed: 29 grams/24 grams

Fiber Consumed: 9 grams/23-31 grams 


Calories burned: –1031

Net Calories: -27


Exercises I did:

  • Did 30 minutes between TRX squats (reps of 20) and leg press reps of 12. Went back and forth between the two and got sweaty real quick, my legs were drooling with water. Felt really good but I will feel it later. I did 100 pounds on the leg press. I could have done 130 if I wanted to but didn’t feel the need to go that high for today. I am not sure the highest I can do, because haven’t tested it, but I probably could go higher if necessary. 
  • I did sprints up and down a basketball court. I pretty much did 4 sprints then walked half the court 3 laps and then started back up. I would say I did this for another 20-30 minutes today. It went very well, I enjoy sprinting. I made sure to stay hydrated with water and Aminos. 
  • I keep track of my steps, but my steps would have to be off today since I didn’t have my phone on me all day today.. especially when I was running, but I would say I walked 200 calories worth today at the very least. My phone only caught 61 calories with a .76 miles. 

What I had for Breakfast:

  • Bakery Italian bread (2oz) with Tuna with 2Tsp of RedHot hot sauce.
  • Almond milk with Hershey Lite chocolate syrup (this is why my sugar ran over) grr. lol


  • Tortilla chips
  • Shredded Mexican style cheese
  • Restaurant style salsa (Tostitos)

Water consumption:

  • 1 16.9oz and before bed tonight I will probably have another 16.9 oz bottled water if not two. 

Overall I know that without the syrup I would have been under on sugar and that is okay because I wanted a change up for this morning and I don’t regret it. The sodium, Chol, and sugar are not part of IIFYM, those are goals that my App has set up for me. I am sure IIFYM might have way for you to track those as well but I just used my app for those three things. If anyone wants to add any comments, please feel free. I don’t mind, because I am holding myself accountable with your help. Thank you. 



Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo